Our Miracles 

Our Miracles 

God sends money just in time.

The Lord worked amazing miracles to get Redemption Radio back on the air in Honduras. Just when we thought we had received all the donations we would receive, from all the people who might give, and just when all the momentum seemed to halt—just when we didn’t see what else to do or where else to turn, we still had only half the money for the transmitter—just then I received an email. It said: “I will write a check for $25,000.00 to Spanish Herald.” My mind raced. The Lord had done it! He had worked a miracle for us! 

Of course, we know He works miracles all the time. But why would He work miracles for little people like us? Well, He does work miracles for little people—for those who are doing a small work for Him in a hidden corner of our obscure planet. He does care for each one of us. We can only say, “Praise His name!” I think part of our Creator’s greatness is His condescendence and tender care for the most insignificant of us.

Even after the transmitter had been paid for, problems with customs prevented us from bringing it home for several months. Yet we saw the Lord’s hand helping us in this situation, also. For some unexplained reason, we didn’t have to pay the huge amount we expected to get the transmitter out of storage. Even the customs agent expressed his amazement that the fee was so low. Our Lord works in wonderful ways!

At last, Redemption Radio went on the air again. The engineer had to make two trips to get everything going, but with his help, the first rebroadcasting of our program came through strong and clear. But later, something started to happen. The volume decreased and the signal wasn’t clear anymore. As we talked back and forth with the engineer, we pinpointed the audio processor as the source of the trouble. The engineer told us something we could do to repair it, but it proved to be only a temporary fix. We needed a good audio processor to replace the old one. 

The engineer sent us his recommendation: a $2,000 machine. I hadn’t expected it to be so expensive, so I asked for a quotation from another store. Their cheapest option was $4,000. That made the original offer seem like a great deal! I checked the money we had available for the purchase. We had just sold an electrical transformer we didn’t need anymore, but even so, the account barely reached $1,000. I tried to negotiate a better price, but the seller could only come down to $1,813. We were still hundreds of dollars short.

Hoping against hope, I sent an email to the accountant for the Spanish Herald. “By any chance have you received any special donations for the radio station?” He said “no.” Meanwhile, I messaged the seller and asked if they could hold the offer for us in case the Lord sent the money. That evening, I received another email from the accountant. He said: “I just went to the post office and there was a check from Mission Projects International for $900.” Oh, praise our Lord again! A few days later the equipment was ready for pickup.

Yes, we have something to tell about what the Lord has done for us. The Lord works in so many ways, and we are so thankful. Thank you all for being part of these miracles. May He find us all faithful to the end!


Teresa Jimenez de Muñoz and her family broadcast Redemption Radio, a station proclaiming the Three Angels’ Messages in Central America.

How You Can Help

Pray for God to continue to sustain Redemption Radio, that it may reach many rural Hondurans with the good news of Christ’s soon coming.

Give. If you would like to help support Redemption Radio, send your check marked “Redemption Radio” to:

Spanish Herald
PO Box 143
Dillard, OR 97432-0143

Donations sent through Mission Projects International will also be forwarded.

Thank You!
The timely $900 donation came from small gifts from Mission Projects readers. Teresa says, “Thank you for supporting this small ministry in Honduras. Thank you for being instruments in the Lord’s hand to make this purchase possible. May our Lord bless you much more abundantly!”

Back on the Air

Back on the Air

After prolonged technical difficulties, the gospel is once again being aired in a critical access area.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow! By His grace and through His many instruments, a miracle has happened before our eyes. After a year and a half of technical difficulties, Redemption Radio is back on the air!

It took an engineer from Panama to come and install the new transmitter purchased with the sacrifices of God’s people. The following Thursday, we started up a trial broadcast, but faced some challenges with our studio equipment. We solved most of these difficulties within the next few days. Our first full day back on the air, we asked those who were listening to get in touch with us and report that they could hear the radio program.

With the station being offline for so long, it may take some time for people to become aware that the radio station is back on the air. It will also take time to find out how far the signal now reaches—but we will get there, by God’s grace. To increase the station’s immediate effectiveness, we hope to hire some temporary workers to visit the nearby villages and tell them about the radio station. We have some posters of the Ten Commandments that people here really like to hang on their walls, so the plan is to send the workers out to distribute the posters and have them tell the people where they can tune in to listen to our programming.

Keeping a radio station live takes a lot of work. Although we are broadcasting, the work at the station site is not yet finished. With our new transmitter, we believe that our radio signal should be reaching farther than it seems to be at present. The engineer told us that he thinks the problem is in the design of the antenna system. As he explained to us the problem, I thought: Oh no, another big expense! Just then he said, “I will do this work for you for the cost of my travel expenses; I will not charge you for the labor. I feel like I am among family here, and I want to take part in your efforts.” We are so thankful for his kind offer, and we hope that when the work is finished, we will be able to reach places we have not penetrated before. We need your prayers that the Lord will accomplish this, for His message must be spread throughout this country.

While we are waiting for the engineer to make time in his schedule for our repairs, we will do all we can to promote awareness of the radio station in the nearby villages and get as many new listeners as possible. After over 19 months off the air, it’s a real miracle that the Lord has given us a brand new transmitter. He must have an important purpose for the station in these last days! Our next project may be to purchase a laser color copier that we can use to print small tracts to share as autumn leaves. People these days don’t care much about reading, and will usually put aside a magazine or a large tract—but we have found that many people will gladly read something small and colorful. That’s why we want to make our own small tracts and give them to lay workers around the country to distribute.

Thank you so much for being part of the miracle of restoring Redemption Radio to the airwaves!


Teresa Jimenez is a lay worker in Honduras, using radio and print media to spread the gospel in her country.

How You Can Help
Pray for the listeners who tune in to Redemption Radio. Pray that the repairs to the antenna system will enable the signal to reach much farther than ever before.

Give. Funds are needed to maintain radio equipment and continue airing Redemption Radio. If you would like to help spread the Three Angels’ Messages in Honduras by radio, send your donations marked “Redemption Radio” to:

Spanish Herald
PO Box 143
Dillard, OR 97432

Thank you!
The Jimenez family would like to give a big “thank you” to all who helped get Redemption Radio back on the air.

6/23/18: Redemption Radio

Greetings to you from Redemption Radio. Our ministry has shared God’s truth for many years to thousands throughout Honduras and other Central American countries. When facing challenges as a ministry, we turn to God for help. Although not customary for us to share trials and difficulties with our supporters, we feel convicted to share a recent crisis with you.

It began when our Nautel radio transmitter required repair. The manufacturing company sent us an engineer who retrieved the damaged parts, but did not return
them. After numerous failed attempts to reach him, we were finally notified that he would be unable to solve our problem, and that the one person in the entire
company familiar with our type of transmitter was on the verge of retirement.

Our aging transmitter was among the first manufactured by Nautel. I was told that even if it could be successfully repaired, they could offer no guarantee
that something else would not go wrong again in a few months.

I discussed our options with the company. What if we purchased a new transmitter? The company representative agreed to give me more information. He also mentioned that new transmitters have a 4-year warranty and are cheaper to operate because they are energy savers. Parts are less expensive, and easy to operate. The repairs needed for new transmitters could easily be done by someone with a basic knowledge of electronics. My husband Jorge is very knowledgeable when it comes to construction and electronics, and he could do all repairs needed, but he would be advised to attend a 2-day class in Canada to learn how best to operate and maintain it.

We have been through much expense and frustration over the years because we depended on technicians who were unfortunately dishonest, taking our money
without giving us solutions. The possibility for us to do our own maintenance work thrills me. We are hoping to buy a 5-kilowatt transmitter to get Redemption
Radio back on the air. It will cost us $36,320 at a discounted price. Considering instruction and installation expenses, we are aiming to raise $55,000. If the transmitter is not installed by the end of December, we will be at risk for having our license canceled. I believe that this is an investment we need; an investment God needs. We need your help to continue operating Redemption Radio.

Ministry friends, the expense is overwhelming, but we must continue broadcasting God’s truth to all parts of the earth. Time is short, and God is soon to come. We thank you very much for whatever God places on your heart to give. Please keep our need in prayer and spread awareness of this project to others. Pray also that several properties we have for sale will sell. If they do, we will be able to contribute more to this precious project. May our Lord always bless and
guide you in all things.

Update: During seven months of fundraising, God moved upon hearts to make this work move forward. The funds for our transmitter have been miraculously provided. We praise our God from whom all blessings flow! We thank each one of you who have supported us with prayers and donations.

Location: Honduras

Author: Teresa Jimenez Teresa and her family are operating Redemption Radio in Honduras.

Thank You! Because of your generous support, Mission Projects International was able to send $7,500 for this urgent need.

How You Can Help
for the people in Honduras who are listening to the Redemption Radio programs.

Donate. Funds are still needed for ongoing expenses to run the radio station. If you would like to give to this worthy cause, please mark your donations “Redemption Radio,” and send it to:

Mission Projects International
PO Box 506
Republic, WA 99166-0506

You may also donate here.

03/07/2015: The Message in the Air

The Message in the Air



Our Redemption Radio Ministry is located on the north coast of Honduras. Over 18 years ago, the Lord worked through different agencies to establish this radio ministry and has made it an instrument to carry the light of the present truth to countless people. Throughout the years, the Lord has given us so many blessings.

The Redemption Radio station.

We have seen His work expand in this area in a wonderful way. Many church groups began here, especially those in the mountain areas. Once, we received a letter that had been signed by several families from a distant community. They were asking us to send a Bible worker to give them further instruction on the things they had learned while listening to our radio programs.

Another time, a local pastor visited a distant community to perform baptisms. While he was there, three men came to him and asked to be baptized, too. He was confused because they weren’t part of the group the church had ready. He asked who had given them the message and they answered that they had received it through Redemption Radio. There are many more stories like these that we’ve heard. We wonder how many more we haven’t heard and will never hear on this side of eternity.

In the inspired writings we read: “Many a worker sends out into the world messages of strength and hope and courage, words that carry blessing to hearts in every land, but of the results he, toiling in loneliness and obscurity, knows little.” Last Day Events, 304. Oh, how true these words are, especially regarding radio work! Who can know the real reach of this work? This is the thought that keeps this ministry going in the midst of difficulties and discouragements.

The last few years have been years of struggle, and in the last few months our faith has seemed to falter at times. Will this work survive? There have been so many obstacles including financial struggle, technical problems, and illness. And to top it all off, our broadcasting permit was cancelled. All these things have made us wonder: can this work survive and thrive again? But we believe one thing: it is our Master’s will that His gospel will go to the uttermost parts of the world, and that the trumpet will give a certain sound in these last days of confusion, and that we, as His people, must lift up our voices and warn the world of the things that are coming upon it as an overwhelming surprise. No, we do not believe that it is our Lord’s will for Redemption Radio’s voice to be silenced, but rather that it sounds louder and more distinctly with God’s special message for this time.

“Angels are now restraining the winds of strife, until the world shall be warned of its coming doom; but a storm is gathering, ready to burst upon the earth, and when God shall bid His angels loose the winds, there will be such a scene of strife as no pen can picture…. A moment of respite has been graciously given us of God. Every power lent us of heaven is to be used in doing the work assigned us by the Lord for those who are perishing in ignorance.” Maranatha, 259.

The radio tower.

So, in the midst of all these struggles, our Lord bids us to move forward. His message is to go to the uttermost parts of the world. For us, that means the uttermost parts of the mountains of Honduras, Nicaragua, and other neighbor countries. Yes, at least for some hours in the day, we were reaching parts of other countries and most of the rural area in Honduras. Can the Lord do this again? Oh, in the middle of all these difficulties, we see His hand working.

A volunteer technician has just arrived, willing to stay until all the technical problems are solved, praise our Lord! See how He provides? Can He also provide us with a new license, maybe a new license allowing us to work with more power? Is there anything too hard for Him? Of course not. Will I be His helping hand? Will you be His helping hand?

We have received gifts of love from Mission Projects International Magazine readers. We are saving these gifts to purchase our new license. If the Lord helps us and we have enough, we hope to get an increase in power, too. Please, pray that the Lord will move the hearts of the people who grant these permits, and pray that the Lord will move more hearts to give for this purpose and also to keep this radio on the air month after month.

The radio transmitter.

Apart from the special needs, our biggest monthly expense is to pay the electrical bill. Depending on the broadcasting power, it ranges from about $600 to $1,000 US every month. But the Lord uses the small offerings given in love by His children and makes them abound to supply the needs of His work. So if the Lord puts in your heart the desire to support this work in the task of carrying God’s last message through the air, please contact us.

Let the warning be given them before it is too late. We should now feel the responsibility of laboring with intense earnestness to impart to others the truths that God has given for this time. We cannot be too much in earnest. The heart of God is moved. Souls are very precious in His sight. It was for this world that Christ wept in agony; for this world He was crucified. God gave His only-begotten Son to save sinners, and He desires us to love others as He has loved us. He desires to see those who have a knowledge of the truth imparting this knowledge to their fellow men.

“Now is the time for the last warning to be given. There is a special power in the presentation of the truth at the present time; but how long will it continue? Only a little while. If there was ever a crisis, it is now. All are now deciding their eternal destiny. Men need to be aroused to realize the solemnity of the time, the nearness of the day when human probation shall be ended. Decided efforts should be made to bring the message for this time prominently before the people. The third angel is to go forth with great power. Let none ignore this work or treat it as of little importance.” Testimonies for the Church, vol. 6, 17.


By Teresa Jiménez de Muñoz at Redemption Radio. Email: hlmissionaries@yahoo.com. Donations to: Spanish Herald, PO Box 143, Dillard, OR 97432. Mark donations: “Radio station in Honduras.”


03/13/2010: Radio Waves

Radio Waves
How God Used Radio to Reach a Woman in Honduras

Redemption Radio Station

How much influence has the radio work? How many people listen to the messages broadcast? How many hearts are touched? How many lives are transformed? We’ll possibly never find here the complete answer to these questions; however, the Lord allows us to know some of the fruits of this wonderful work, and our hearts rejoice when we hear the testimonies of the people whose lives have been strengthened, encouraged and transformed by means of the messages received through the radio waves. Some time ago, in a church meeting, I was surprised when I heard the testimony of a dear sister, a member of one of our small church groups. Later on, I asked Sister Margarita to tell me her story with more details, and now I want to share it with you:
“Wishing to become rich, my husband and I moved to a mountain community located a half-a-day walk from the city of Sico, where we were going to raise pork. One day my husband brought home a radio receiver that he used to listen to country music. I didn’t like that kind of music, so one day when I didn’t go to the fields to work, I took the radio and turned the dial in hopes of finding a different station. To my surprise I found a program called Redemption Radio. That day I listened to a sermon about the ten virgins. Afterwords, I decided to find that radio station every day at that same time to listen to that pastor’s preaching. Another day, while I was listening, I heard for the first time that the Holy Spirit could dwell inside of me. That made me very excited! How could it be that the Holy Spirit could dwell inside of me? A few days later, I went up to a little hill, and crying, I asked the Lord to forgive me, because it was my ambition for money that brought me to that place, but in that moment I decided I would give my heart to the Lord, and I told Him I would give Him my life to serve Him. Since that moment, I felt like a big and noble woman, because I was now going to serve the Lord.
“Not long after that, my husband and I decided to leave that place and sell all the pork, and we moved to a place called Vegas de Paulaya in Sico. We stayed there for ten years. There was a lot of bamboo in that place, and I put the antenna for the radio on top of the bamboo trees and always listened to Redemption Radio. There was no Adventist church in that place, but I would meet in the Church of Christ. Then my husband decided to move to another place with his brother. The sisters of the church advised me not to go to that place where my husband wanted to go, because he would not find a job there, and I wouldn’t even have enough to eat. So he decided to move by himself, and he died in that place.
“Two years after he left, a man bought the land next to mine and he started talking to me about the Adventist message. I was very happy, because that was the message that I had come to know through the radio. The sisters of the church would tell me that God had sent him to my life because he was also a Christian, and so I decided to accept him as my house mate. Some time later, we decided to move to the community of Piedras Amarillas, near Jutiapa, Atlántida. However, once we started living together, he never came to church with me.
“By that time, a brother from the Adventist church in the nearby community of El Triunfo, started visiting me and sharing literature with me, and I would share this literature with my neighbors. One day this brother asked me if it would be possible to hold an evangelistic meeting at my house, because the pastor was going to come. I was so happy and I started cleaning the house and getting everything ready for the meeting. Then I saw a white truck coming, and Brother Noel Jiménez arrived. While I was listening to this brother preach, it seemed to me like I had heard his voice before; then I found out that this was the brother I used to listen to on Redemption Radio.
“The brother came back to preach at my house several times, and the Holy Spirit started working in my heart and making me realize that I could not serve the Lord in the situation I was living in, because I was living in sin. The words of the Lord sounded in my mind over and over again: ‘If anyone comes to Me and does not hate his father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters, yes, and his own life also, he cannot be My disciple.’ I realized I had to make a decision.
“Some three days after Brother Noel came for the first time, certain things happened with this man and I knew that if I wanted to serve the Lord, I would have to leave him. And so one day, after church in El Triunfo, I asked Brother Noel to take me to Jutiapa and I visited a friend. My desire was to find a place to live in that area. On the way home, I met with a young lady who told me she was living with her husband again in the community of Belaire, and asked me about the possibility of working with her. I didn’t give her a definite answer at that time, and continued home. About a month later, one day in the morning, I put two dresses inside a plastic bag, prepared breakfast and set the table for my partner, and then went out of the house through the back door. I stood at the gate and prayed: ‘Lord, I don’t know what is going to become of me, but whether I live or die, I am in Your hands.’ And I set out.”
Sister Margarita left her home that day and went to live with the lady who had offered her a job in the community of Belaire. Today she still continues to work at that home, located just in front of our transmitter’s site and the place where we hold meetings. There she continues to listen to Redemption Radio and to attend the evangelistic meetings. Sister Margarita was baptized and she testifies that her life is happy and full of peace, because she lives for the Lord only ever since she decided to forsake everything in order to follow Him. How much our hearts rejoice when we listen to testimonies like this one! How much they encourage us to continue sending messages with the truth for this time through the radio waves!
Who can measure the extent of this work? The servant of the Lord declares: “Many a worker sends out into the world messages of strength and hope and courage, words that carry blessing to hearts in every land; but of the results he, toiling in loneliness and obscurity, knows little. So gifts are bestowed, burdens are borne, labor is done. Men sow the seed from which, above their graves, others reap blessed harvests. They plant trees, that others may eat the fruit. They are content here to know that they have set in motion agencies for good. In the hereafter the action and reaction of all these will be seen.” Education, 305.

By Teresa Jiménez. Donations for this work can be sent to 
The Spanish Herald, P.O. BOX 143, Dillard, OR 97432 and earmarked “Honduras Radio Station.”

08/29/09: Redemption Radio – Strong & Clear

Redemption Radio was now on the air with the new transmitter and 3,000 watts of power. It sounded very clear and strong. I asked about the reflected power: “How is it?”

Brother Roy answered: “You can’t read it… there’s no reflected power!”

“Oh!” I answered, “Praise the Lord!”

“That’s right”, he said. “Praise the Lord!”

What else can we say, friends? It’s the Lord’s doing, for the glory of His name, and for the furthering of His work on this earth.

The buildings where Redemption Radio is housed.
The buildings where Redemption Radio is housed.

We are receiving reports from distant cities and towns. They are able to get the station strong and clear. Brothers and sisters that years ago donated for this project are so happy now to be able to hear the radio station in their homes. We are all happy to see this cherished dream finally come true. We thank you, also, for your prayers and support.
Here is my dad’s account on this project:

The 22nd of February we started the work of installation of the new 10,000 watt transmitter. And the 9th of March, at 3:30 p.m., Redemption Radio started crossing the air with 3,000 watts, which is the power that was authorized for us by the National Comission of Telecomunications (CONATEL).

Brother Roy Steck, from the state of Tennessee, was in charge of this installation work, along with our local technician, Roberto Maldonado. Both of them were led by the Lord so that this new transmission equipment was able to operate with 100% efficiency.

The radio tower and power station.
The radio tower and power station.

Something particular, I want to mention, that once again showed us that God’s powerful hand was leading this project, is that the tuning unit we had since the year 2000 to couple the 1kw RCA transmitter had always worked with a high rate of reflected power. When Brother Steck and our local technician tested the power of the 1kw transmitter, it showed 700 watts broadcasting power and 200 watts reflected power, which meant that our effective power was only 500 watts. This also meant the Nautel solid-state transmitter, being more sensitive to these problems, would not be able to work.

We prayed for the Lord to work the same miracles He had worked in the past in behalf of this radio station. We then started to do as much as we could to make the tuning unit work better: cleaning, painting, replacing the parts we could and adding the only extra capacitor we had. The wonderful thing is that, at the end of the work, the reflected power had completely disappeared; and immediately we connected the Nautel transmitter, and it was able to broadcast with the effective 3000 watts power, with zero reflected power. p1020080Before that, we had thought we would probably not be able to install the new transmitter, and that we would possibly need a new tuning unit; but we serve a wonderful God, Who makes possible the things that for men are impossible.

The next day, 10th of March, we started receiving reports from many places. They said the radio station could be heard very clearly at a distance of about 100 kilometers.
We received reports from three important cities we were not reaching before, and we are reaching much better the rural and mountain areas.

The radio tower and power station.
The radio tower and power station.

With all this, and important as it is to have a new, more powerful transmitter working, there is something more relevant yet that is keeping this transmitter in the air 16 hours a day. This involves higher power consumption because, in order for this transmitter to work, we had to install air conditioning equipment. On the other hand, we must provide regular maintenance service in order for the transmitter to work with utmost efficiency.

We thank our God for providing the resources for the purchase and installation of this new transmitter. Along with this, He gives us the promise: “My God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:19. And because of that promise we fully trust that the Lord will provide to keep this radio station on the air month after month, and not only that — we believe the Lord wants this radio work to expand to other parts of Honduras, and more! All things are possible for Him!

My dad is presently operating the radio station manually during a few hours in the day, doing the live broadcasts our listeners so much love. For the rest of the day, he uses discs with several hours of programming in order to be able to do visitation and other work. Elsy is working on the programming, getting new material and putting together the discs for daily programming with messages of present truth and sacred music.

Friends, as we do what the Lord has appointed for us to do today in His work, and as we seek His guidance in order to advance His work, please, remember us in prayer.

By Teresa Jiménez and Noel Jiménez. Donations for this work can be sent to The Spanish Herald, P.O. BOX 4326, Spanaway, WA 98387 and earmarked “Honduras Radio Station”