6/09/2018: When the Devil Is Angry

When the Devil Is Angry

A young missionary shares how God is working in Bulgaria.

A couple of months ago, God opened the door for me to evangelize in the country of Bulgaria with a group of pastors from the Chesapeake Conference. Each pastor was assigned to a different church where we would present the evangelistic series.

Reading more about my church assignment, I learned that it was a Roma church. The Roma churches consist of the Romani people which, in Bulgaria, are a very outcast people. Even within the Seventh-day Adventist church, the Roma churches are segregated from the Bulgarian churches. The Roma people have their own part of town, and many Bulgarians will not even go into those parts of town.

When our group arrived, we had a meeting with the Union leadership and the pastors of both America and Bulgaria. I met my translator, Mishi, a 17-year-old
Bulgarian the same age as me. Later, we visited the church I had been assigned to. The meetings started, and as the nights progressed, God blessed in powerful ways. The people were extremely open and excited to hear the Word of God. After each meeting, a line of people wanting prayer and asking questions waited. The Roma people came to our meetings by any way possible. Whether in horse carts, or by foot, the people filled the meetings up. We couldn’t fit everyone inside the small church, so our meetings were held outside as God blessed with perfect weather.

The meetings continued, and I became more and more excited for my favorite presentation on salvation. As some of the pastors and I left the hotel one day in the union van, we were extremely enthusiastic about the meetings taking place that evening. We started our hour drive to the city of Sofia where our different churches were located, then noticed something strange as we drove. The van seemed to be losing power. The van’s problem continued until we were over 40
kilometers away from our destination, but were only going 5-10 mph up the hills. We began to pray aloud for God to get us to the meetings. Coasting down the hills as fast as possible, we gained just enough momentum to barely crawl our way up each hill.

We continued to ride the momentum all the way into the city. We praised God as we pulled up to a red light only 10 minutes away from our destination. Just as we started to roll forward, the vehicle died. Being a manual transmission, this happened from time to time. But as one of the pastors tried to start the engine, the plastic part of the van key broke off, leaving the metal part of the key lodged in the ignition. We began to pray earnestly. Taking one of our pocket knives and sticking it into the ignition, our vehicle started. Praise God. I arrived at my church just in time.

As my translator, Mishi, and I walked to the meeting place, we began to talk about the troubles that had plagued the day. For some reason, we both had a feeling the devil wasn’t done. Unfortunately, this seemed to be the case as we neared the location. The sound of a party and loud music blared from the neighbor’s yard where they were having a lot of food and the best drinks from Oddbins. Our meetings, being outside, were in danger of being affected. Mishi and I began to pray earnestly for God to answer our prayers, and to help the
message to reach the hearers. We knew God was going to do something powerful that evening with the message of salvation. As I got up to speak, the music continued to blare. I started to speak, and suddenly the music cut off. I don’t really know why it took me by surprise because after all, that’s what we had prayed for. God blessed in a powerful way that evening as people made decisions with tears. Over 25 new Romanis wanted baptism in just a small church of 40 members, and many others accepted Jesus as their personal Savior.

God’s Spirit is on the move and working in powerful ways. I praise God that He could use me in His much bigger plan for Bulgaria. Let us be ready to serve Christ however, and wherever He calls us!

Author: Caleb Johnson is a student and member of the Martinsburg Seventh-day Adventist Church in Martinsburg, West Virginia.

How You Can Help

Please pray for those who made decisions at the meetings that God would keep them faithful to the truth.

6/02/2018: Robbery to Redemption

Robbery to Redemption

An unexpected robbery during an evangelism trip turns out as a blessing.

This past August, the Revelation of Hope team led a nation-wide Bible Prophecy Seminar in the beautiful country of Fiji. Thanks to Hope Channel TV, Hope Radio FM, and live internet streaming, Taj Pacleb preached Christ to over 100 churches throughout Fiji, and across the water to Australia, New Zealand, Samoa, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, the US, and even the Middle East. As multitudes began to respond to Christ, we witnessed Satan trying to disrupt the meetings in a startling way. Taj told the story in a Facebook post:

Earlier today we were filming another Reflections of Hope episode on “Fiji Water” and the spiritual lessons it teaches. We were exploring the beautiful forests, streams, and waterfalls of Colo-I-Suva Forest Park in Fiji. I put my camera bag down on the side of the trail to get a quick shot in the stream. The bag was filled with over $8,000 of our ministry camera gear. My SD cards were filled with footage. The bag was only about 10 feet away from us. I was confident that it was safe because we were the only ones there deep in the trail. Shortly after, two friendly looking Fijian guys walked by and briefly chatted with us. About 10 minutes later they walked by again, snatched our bag, and ran through the forest. As I chased them, I shouted in a pleading voice, “Please brothers, don’t do this. I am a Pastor. We’re here trying to help people! This is God’s equipment!”

But they were too fast. Like Cinderella, all they left were their slippers. I felt sick to my stomach. But the most painful part of this experience is that the two guys robbed me right in front of my face. I was looking directly at them and they were looking at me just 10 feet away when they grabbed my bag. And when I went
running after them, they refused to respond to my appeals. I’m not angry, just deeply hurt to have had someone do this.

Although shaken by the loss of the ministry camera equipment, Taj found many reasons to be thankful. He and his team had not been hurt, and the thieves had also stolen his Bible. Maybe they would read it. God gave him peace and power to preach that night, and over 80 people made decisions for baptism.

But the story doesn’t end there. As Taj shared his experience during the live broadcast, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Isikelo Saulinga, was watching from home. Deeply disturbed, he immediately instructed his officers to make the case a top priority. The next morning, they found the thieves in a nearby house. They had sold all $8,000 worth of camera equipment for just $100 Fijian dollars, a mere $50 USD.

The police were able to recover all the equipment, and Taj had the opportunity to sit down and talk with the 17-year-old thief. Taj shared his own story of stealing
and arrest from his younger days, and how God changed his life. He assured him that he was forgiven, and that God loved him and could change his life too. He
prayed with the young man, as well as all the officers and investigators who worked on the case.

At the close of the meetings, over 100 people were baptized. One of them was the son of the Deputy Commissioner.

Whatever difficulty you face today, whatever sorrow, give it to God. He turns victims into victors, trials into triumphs – even robberies into redemption.

(Go to the Revelation of Hope YouTube channel or Facebook page to watch the complete video report entitled, “From Robbery to Redemption”.)

Author: Wati Pacleb is the wife of Taj Pacleb, an evangelist, revivalist, and speaker/co-director of Revelation of Hope Ministries.

How You Can Help
Pray for Revelation of Hope Ministries that Taj and Wati Pacleb are leading out in.

Donate. Revelation of Hope Ministries is a faith-based, non-profit organization committed to preparing others
to meet Jesus through revival meetings, sacred music concerts, mission trips, medical missionary work, and public
evangelistic meetings. For a list of projects needing support, and to donate online, visit www.revelationofhopeministries.com/donate. Donations may also be mailed to:
Revelation of Hope Ministries
PO Box 969
Loma Linda, CA 92354

09/09/2017: From Imam to Adventist

From Imam to Adventist

Perplexing texts in the Qur’an begin a Muslim teacher’s quest to know more about Jesus and the Sabbath.

I wasn’t raised Muslim. I converted to Islam as a young man, because I believed Mohammad to be a prophet of God and my great redeemer. I would spend two hours per day studying the Qur’an, learning all that Mohammad taught. This religion absorbed my focus and captured my imagination like nothing else I had encountered. Soon I began convincing others to join Islam—Christians included. I knew how to answer every argument.

My fellow Muslims urged me to become an imam.* I wrestled with the idea of taking on such a responsibility, but I finally gave in. During my years as an imam, I brought many to the Islamic religion, but I also began to have questions about the Qur’an’s teachings, especially regarding the holy wars. I had believed that Islam was a peaceful religion, but the Qur’an made confusing promises to jihadists.

Other texts in the Qur’an confused me, as well. Sura 43:61 read, “And Jesus shall be a Sign for the coming of the Hour of Judgment.” I had been taught that Jesus was only a prophet, not a Savior, and that Allah was the supreme God and only Judge. Why did this text speak of Jesus as the sign of judgment? Confusing as it was, the verse began my quest to know more about Jesus. Was He only a prophet or was He more?

Another concept in the Qur’an bothered me. Several passages spoke of the Sabbath and the punishment for those who transgressed it. One passage in particular perplexed me. Sura 4:154, 155 said, “Transgress not the Sabbath (Saturday). And we took from them a firm covenant. For Sabbath is a sign of Allah to his people.” Why then did we as Muslims set aside Friday as a holy day, the most important day of the week? Why did we worship on Friday instead of Saturday?

As these questions rankled inside, I met Pastor Temtem from the Seventh-day Adventist Church. He invited me to come to an evangelistic seminar. Although I felt drawn to Pastor Temtem, I felt nervous about going to his meetings because it would be an insult to my Islamic leaders. I decided to attend the meetings secretly. At those meetings, I learned about the true Sabbath day, and I began to learn about Jesus.

Desiring to know more, I invited Pastor Temtem to my home to compare the teachings of the Qur’an with the Bible. Our studies made it evident to me that the Bible is the only holy Book and that it contains all the teachings essential for salvation. In time, I severed all connection to Islam and gave my heart fully to Jesus. I decided to be baptized into the Seventh-day Adventist faith and to keep studying and obeying the truth as it is written in the Bible.

When I left the Muslim religion, I also lost the $320 monthly salary I had received from the mosque—the money that helped me feed my family and provided us with a home. Now we must survive on a small fraction of what we used to receive. Still, I know that the Lord will provide because He has promised. May our God keep us faithful to the truth in His Word!

* A Muslim teacher.



Ruben Flang Malantik

Ruben, his wife Loreta and their four children live in the city of Bungyod, South Cotabato, Mindanao, Philippines.




Pray for honest Muslims around the world to search for and be led to the truth as was Ruben. Pray that their hearts will be open to Jesus, their Savior.

Pray for the gospel workers and lay Christians in Mindanao, Philippines, to effectively witness to their neighbors, 20% of whom practice Islam.

Give. To help support Pastor Temtem and other gospel workers on the island of Mindanao, send your donation to Mission Projects International marked “Philippine Workers.”

Togo: Pastor Joel – April 2017

Justine Bozo with her child

In November 2016, we held an evangelistic crusade and afterwards a baptism. The new members who got baptized at that time have experienced great changes in their homes since accepting Christ Jesus.

Sister Justine Bozo’s only child suffered from epilepsy, but has been healed since they started coming to church. She herself could not even sleep at night because of nightmares, but she has been sleeping peacefully since the day she got baptized.

Sister Marguerite Kpakpao, who was trained as a seamstress, had difficulties finding clientele. But today, she has been having many clients.

Brother Joel with Justine

Sister Mary Tchamdja Kokou has been freed from all her family problems since the day she got baptized; she and her husband have succeeded in solving them. Their children have been perfectly healed from their illnesses.

Today, we have 46 Bible students studying with us! Five among them want to get baptized.

God bless.

Brother Joel

09/24/2016: Kids’ Club

Kids’ Club



Over the years, our little church in Inchelium, Washington has tried many ways to reach our Native American community. We have held health fairs, done door-to-door work and engaged in various forms of friendship evangelism. We’ve also held several evangelistic series, with very sparse results. The local people are polite, but distant. They don’t usually order us off their front porches, but neither do they respond to our invitations. We want our church to be a light in the community, but for years it has felt almost as if a great cloud hung between us and the Natives, obscuring the light we want to share.

In October 2014 we decided to do yet another evangelistic series, this time in a large tent on the edge of town. We hoped the tent meetings would create some buzz—and that maybe people would attend out of curiosity, if for no other reason. Near the large tent for the adults, we put up a smaller tent for the children. To our surprise, more Native American children than adults attended—and they seemed to love the nightly meetings. As we went through the Truth 4 Youth program together, the children joined wholeheartedly in the singing, the gospel presentations and the crafts.

All too soon, our 2-week series ended. We had presented many of the Truth 4 Youth topics, but there hadn’t been time to go through them all. The pastor had invited the adults who attended the meetings to continue Bible studies every Tuesday night at our church. Why couldn’t we continue the kids’ meetings also? We decided to try it. But would they come? Our church is several miles out of town.

Community children eagerly participate in the program.
Community children eagerly participate in the program.

They came! In fact, 10–12 children faithfully attended. Each Tuesday evening when they arrived at the church, we offered healthful snacks and then moved into the program, ending with a craft. Following the completion of the Truth 4 Youth program, we created a set of programs based on Psalm 23, with lots of interactive elements. The kids loved it. By the end of the series, most of the kids could recite all or part of the 23rd Psalm, and all had a much deeper understanding of what God could do for them and in them.

After a summer break, a community parent insisted that we start up the weekly program again—and she offered to pick up the children and bring them to the church herself. With this encouragement, how could we refuse? This time we gave the program a name: “Kids’ Club.” The very first week, about a dozen Native American kids ages 4–12 attended. We started with the creation account and are currently going through the Bible story by story. Whatever the topic, we use it as a springboard to acquaint the children with Jesus and help them understand what He can do for them. Most of these kids have never been taught even the basics of the plan of salvation, and they are drinking it up. We encourage them to share what they learn with their friends, and many of them are doing that. At a recent Kids’ Club meeting, a 10-year-old girl reported having spoken about God’s power with over 20 of her friends during the past week!

At the conclusion of each program, we offer a quality craft—something the children will be proud of and treasure. We also offer fun prizes and a take-home poster or tract that they can share with a friend.

IMG_20151208_190155Our attendance fluctuates, depending on many factors, including school activities, sports games and family issues. However, a core group of about 15 community children come on a fairly regular basis. This may seem like a small number, but to us it is huge. We know that many parents will be touched through their children. In fact, we are already seeing this happen. For example, the mother of a lively 7-year-old boy told us, “You’ve done the best thing ever for our family to have Kids’ Club for my son.” She wants him to start attending Sabbath School, as well. Several other parents have attended church services and have requested Bible studies. Although we are more interested in heart work than church attendance at this point, one mother of three young girls told me her life goes much better when she goes to church!

We realize we have to treat this group delicately. Many of these children are trying to survive with parents who are abusive, addicted to drugs and/or alcohol, incarcerated or simply absent. Many can’t count on their parents to provide even the basic care, nurturing and instruction that they need. The children are often passed from home to home, and they have learned to be wary of adults. One beautiful 12-year-old girl is a case in point. She has been very slow to warm up, turning away from even a hug. We have respected her need for space, but we haven’t quit loving her and praying for her. A few weeks ago, at the end of a program, she came up to me and shyly offered me the craft she had made that evening. On it she had written a sweet little note. Another 8-year-old Kids’ Club member told his aunt, “The Holy Spirit is going to take hold of me, and I’m not going to do drugs and alcohol like my mom and dad, instead of attending to a rehab from https://www.discoverynj.org/escaping-the-jersey-shores-toxic-drug-problem/.”

Offering a quality children’s program every week has been a large undertaking, but church members have rallied behind the project. Assistants provide transportation for the children, serve snacks, handle registration, run equipment, lead song service and donate prize items and money for program needs. Others have signed up for our “Adopt-a-Lamb” program, in which each individual child is matched with a mentor who connects with them, shows them God’s love and prays for them.

We know there will be setbacks; the enemy will see to that. However, we have seen how great a privilege it is to minister to children. We know that if we are faithful, God will bless—and we will see precious young souls in the Kingdom. As Dwight Moody once said, “There is no greater honor than to be the instrument in God’s hands of leading one person out of the kingdom of Satan into the glorious light of Heaven.”


By Janet Evert, editor of Young Disciple magazine and children’s ministries coordinator of the Inchelium Seventh-day Adventist Church. For contact information, see www.youngdisciple.org. For information on the Truth 4 Youth children’s evangelist series, see www.t4y.org.


Letter from Cody: Ethiopia – August 2016

One of Jesus’ most famous promises is this precious assurance of answered prayer: “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.” Luke 11:9. Just prior to this special promise, Jesus gives the parable of the friend coming at midnight asking for loaves of bread. The midnight friend proved very persistent because of an important reason: He was asking for bread to give someone else. Through this parable, Jesus illustrates not only our need of persistence in prayer, but also the true spirit of prayer—asking to give. The Lord loves to answer our prayers and desires us to bring all of our burdens, joys, perplexities and challenges to Him. Still, it gives Him special delight to answer the prayers we offer in His spirit, asking to be able to give to others! How many around us are hungering for the bread of life—bread that we do not have, but do know how to obtain. Like the persistent friend, Jesus invites us to come to Him pleading for the bread of life to share with everyone we know. The promise is sure: “Those who beg at midnight for loaves to feed the hungry souls will be successful.” Christ Object Lessons, 148. Why? “The honor of His throne is staked for the fulfillment of His word unto us.” Ibid. Let us learn that it is not what we have, but what God longs to give that will feed the hungry world with the bread of life!

Brother Desta sharing the faith he once despised

I am still praising God for the blessings He gave us in Ethiopia last month and for how He is spreading His work in this part of the vineyard. Concurrent with the evangelistic meetings, we held a training program for the gospel workers in the locality. In the afternoons, many of the workers took us out to their churches to meet the believers and see how God is continuing to bless their labors. Meeting new workers who had recently found the Seventh-day Adventist message and new churches rejoicing in the truth were the experiences I enjoyed most. One new worker named Desta Boke shared his testimony of how the Lord has been leading in his life. As a minister for another church, he was working with an association for helping community orphans when one day he interacted with a Seventh-day Adventist who gave him a pamphlet. His first response was, “Why are you giving me this trash?” Yet in the evenings, when he studied his Bible, he picked up the tract and began comparing it with the Scriptures. As he studied, he concluded that this was the truth from the Bible. He began to attend Sabbath services by himself and became convicted that he must follow this truth regardless of the cost to himself. When all his former church officers and many members from southern Ethiopia gathered together, he shared with them the truth he had found and resigned his position. It was not easy for Desta. Not only was he now without a job, but his wife opposed the message as well. His former superiors offered him a larger salary and a larger operating budget if he would stay, but he knew he had found something more precious than gold! With his decision made, he began to share his faith with his former church members. Yet the challenges were not over, for his former church sued him, seeking a legal injunction against him sharing his new faith. At court, the Lord prevailed when the judge upheld Desta’s religious liberty to share his faith. Desta has persevered and now even his wife and children have joined him in happily living and sharing their new faith. Today, Desta is a church planter sharing the Three Angels’ Messages. Please pray for Desta and other gospel workers like him who are sharing the Adventist message in villages where this truth has never been heard. If you would like to support these faithful workers, you can mark your donation “Ethiopia Workers.”

One of the many new churches needing a simple church building

Yours in asking for and sharing the bread of life,


Letter from Cody: Ethiopia – July 2016

I was recently blessed with the beautiful thought found in Titus 3:4, 5: “But after that the kindness and love of God our Saviour toward man appeared, Not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to His mercy He saved us, by the washing of regeneration, and renewing of the Holy Ghost.” According to His great mercy and grace, He has saved us through nothing that we could do ourselves. We must cooperate with His cleansing and allow Christ to live out His life within us, but still our efforts amount to nothing. Paul goes on to say, “This is a faithful saying, and these things I will that thou affirm constantly, that they which have believed in God might be careful to maintain good works. These things are good and profitable unto men.” Titus 3:8. We are to affirm these beautiful truths constantly—they are never to get old. Why? So that we can maintain good works. If we do not keep constantly in mind where we came from, what Jesus has done and how He saves us by His love and mercy, our faith will grow cold. “Our acceptance with God is sure only through His beloved Son, and good works are but the result of the working of His sin-pardoning love. They are no credit to us, and we have nothing accorded to us for our good works by which we may claim a part in the salvation of our souls…. It is the fragrance of the merit of Christ that makes our good works acceptable to God, and it is grace that enables us to do the works for which He rewards us.” SDA Bible Commentary, vol. 5, 1122. May we constantly keep these beautiful truths in mind that our works may be fragrant with Christ’s merit!

Pathfinders lead many people to the evening meeting

As I write, I am on my way back from Ethiopia, and I am praising God for what He has done in reaching out to perishing souls. We had a busy trip with evangelistic meetings each evening, worker training in the morning and visits to various churches in the afternoon. As soon as we landed in the town of Donga-Tunto a Pathfinder group from another city was on the ground and marching through the streets to let everyone in the community know about the meetings. It caused quite an attraction, and they marched many people right to the meetings. The town where the meetings were held was chosen because of the difficulties the workers had experienced in working the area. A large Saturday market draws many people and the Pentecostal churches are very strong in the area. The Lord really blessed with multiple miracles. One of those miracles was that the Lord held off the rain every night so that it never disturbed our meetings. It rained many other times, but never did the rain interfere with the evangelism. An even greater miracle, though, was the very strong interest throughout the meetings. While the numbers were hard to estimate, attendance kept growing with somewhere around three to five hundred people coming out each evening. At the end of each meeting, we opened up the floor for questions, and always received quite a number. Many people wondered why our worship style was different from what they were used to since we

The evangelistic meetings in Donga-Tunto, Ethiopia

didn’t shout, jump or clap, so we covered an entire night on the false worship of Babylon. The night that we presented the mark of the beast, we were told that the local churches had been saying that we were the fulfillment of 666 coming to deceive the people. Once again the Bible was allowed to answer the questions. We are so grateful for how the Lord has worked in this difficult territory, with many people making decisions to continue studying and to join the local church. The challenges certainly are not over, but the Lord has worked. Please pray for the follow-up efforts as the workers now have an extensive interest to work with in this previously challenging field.

Yours in working for the Master,

06/25/2016: Hair Dresser’s Witness

Hair Dresser’s Witness



Joana D’ark Alves de Paiva lives in Bairro do Limão, a neighborhood of São Paulo, Brazil. For the last 35 years she has worked as a hair dresser. Although raised in a devout Catholic family, Joana didn’t want to follow her family’s steps. Instead she decided to attend an evangelical church, Assembleia de Deus. Still, she wasn’t really satisfied with this church. Somehow, she did not believe that God was really honored there.

One day, as she was listening to music on the radio, Joana came across a station airing a program called A Verdade Para o Tempo do Fim (The Truth for the Final Days) presented by Alexandre Bernardes. When she discovered that Alexandre hosts this program on the same music station every Sunday afternoon, she started tuning in regularly. For five years she had been listening to other religious programs, but she had felt sad at times because these programs preached things that were not according to the Bible. As she listened to A Verdade Para o Tempo do Fim, she realized that it was the one program she could trust, because the messages truly came from the Bible. Joana decided not to listen to the other programs anymore—only A Verdade Para o Tempo do Fim.

As she kept listening to the radio programs, Joana wanted to learn more. When she heard an advertisement for meetings Alexandre Bernardes was holding in an auditorium twice a month, Joana started attending. The first meeting she attended was about health, and she became very interested in the vegan diet. Since she liked the meeting about health so much, she also started attending another set of meetings called Encontros Com a Vida (Finding Life), another event organized by the ministry of A Verdade Para o Tempo do Fim. Meeting topics at Encontros Com a Vida included the signs of the final days, the second coming of Jesus, etc.

Joana’s baptism.

One day the meeting topic was “The Revelation and Its Everlasting Gospel,” a study presented by Dr. Collin Standish. Joana felt deeply touched by the Holy Spirit that day. Right there in that meeting, she made the decision to be part of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. When she got home that evening she decided not to open her hair salon on the Sabbath anymore, because she understood that this day is set aside for God and that her life belongs to the Lord. To help her clients understand her decision, Joana made a poster with the fourth commandment written on it to put up in her salon. Joana says that since the day she made the decision to keep the Sabbath, God has not forsaken her. Instead He has blessed her and multiplied her work, and she has been happy obeying His commandment. Most of Joana’s clients have respected her decision to keep God’s holy day. In fact, many of them have asked her questions, wanting to know more about the Sabbath!

In October 2015, Joana visited a Seventh-day Adventist Church and made the decision to be baptized. She testifies that the day of her baptism was the happiest day of her life. That’s not all: Joana’s decision for baptism has inspired others to follow her example.

Joana with her baptismal certificate.

Joana has not kept the knowledge of truth to herself. She is so happy in her new walk with God that she has shared the message of truth with many people, especially her clients at the hair salon. Before opening her hair salon each day, Joana kneels down and prays for every person that will walk into her business that day. She asks God to save them as He has saved her.

Through Joana, a young lady named Ana Paula has received Bible studies and made the decision to be baptized into the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Ricardo, Ana Paula’s boyfriend, is also currently receiving Bible studies and plans to be baptized. Joana has another friend called Ivanni whom she invited to the lectures and programs put on by A Verdade Para o Tempo do Fim (The Truth for the Final Days). Now Ivanni, too, has been studying the Word and will be baptized very soon.

Joana shares about A Verdade Para o Tempo do Fim wherever she goes. She also shares literature with whomever she can. She wishes for many people to come to know the truth that she has found. She invites everyone she can to have the experience of adoring God on the Sabbath. To her it is something wonderful, something amazing to be in the presence of God.

Joana thanks God for A Verdade Para o Tempo do Fim, because through this ministry she found God’s message in His Word. Joana’s greatest desire is for this ministry to keep going so that many people will have their eyes opened and get untangled from Satan’s lies. She wants as many people as possible to know the saving truth.

We pray that many others like Joana who listen to the radio program will make the decision to follow Jesus and keep His commandments. Maranatha!


By Alexandre Bernardes of Ministerio a Verdade Para o Tempo do Fim, in Brazil. averdadeparaotempodofim@hotmail.com.

Letter from Cody: Dominican Republic – June 2016

Nelly teaching at the Haitian camp

One of Scripture’s greatest promises is combined with an equally amazing commission: “And all things are of God, who hath reconciled us to Himself by Jesus Christ, and hath given to us the ministry of reconciliation.” 2 Corinthians 5:18. We have been reconciled to God by Jesus’ life, death and resurrection so that we can reconcile others to Him. What a great privilege and responsibility! “God was in Christ, reconciling the world unto Himself, not imputing their trespasses unto them…. We pray you in Christ’s stead, be ye reconciled to God.” 2 Corinthians 5:19, 20. What a precious message to give to the world, that God has taken the first step in reconciliation and now we are to grasp ahold of His reconciliation. Not only do we have this message to give, but we have a message to live, as well. We are “ambassadors for Christ,” to represent His thoughts, words and character to the world. “Let them regard themselves as only threads in the great web of humanity, and without delay redeem the time and represent to the world a pure, unselfish benevolence. Representing in character the attributes of Christ, they may carry forward to a glorious completion the work which He left them of reconciling the world unto Himself.” The Medical Missionary, June 1, 1891. As ambassadors for Christ, we are to give a message of Jesus’ love for a lost world, and we are to live Jesus’ love for a lost world. The “ministry of reconciliation” requires us to demonstrate the loving character of our Savior. I am so thankful that we have been reconciled by His blood. May we demonstrate this beautiful “ministry of reconciliation” in our lives and always remember that we are reconciled to reconcile!

Some of the Haitian group after the Bible study

This month, I would like to share about a work that is progressing not so far from the United States, in the Caribbean islands. In the country of Dominican Republic, the Lord is bringing His people to the knowledge of Himself through the ministry of reconciliation. In several out-of-the-way villages and towns, Sister Nelly Severino and her team have been sharing the message of God’s love with some of the poorest outcasts of the society. The Lord is blessing Nelly’s team’s efforts. For several years, they have been operating a bakery that educates people on the benefits of healthful living and helps to provide funds for ministering to the needs of the poor and disadvantaged. Recently, they have been able to remodel and properly furnish the bakery so that it can provide greater service. Another major component of their work has been reaching out to the neglected, looked-down-upon community of migrant Haitian workers. Several years ago, the Lord opened the doors for them to begin a Sabbath afternoon Bible study in the Haitian camp, and now fruit is being seen from their efforts. Recently, after a ministerial student held an evangelistic series in the area, two of the

Recent baptism

Haitians that Nelly and her team have been working with followed the Lord to the waters of baptism! One of those baptized had opposed the baptism of his family members earlier, but now has made his decision to follow Jesus fully. The work continues to go on at the Haitian camp with the Bible studies becoming more popular and being attended by a larger group. Additional people now desire baptism, and Nelly’s team is hoping to get a Creole-speaking evangelist to come and do an evangelistic series specifically for the Haitian group, with hopes that many more will respond to the message when it is preached in their own language! Please pray for the work of Nelly and her team as they seek to minister to the “least of these My brethren.” Matthew 25:40. If you would like to help their work, you can mark your donation “Dominican Republic.”

Yours in the ministry of reconciliation,

04/30/2016: Mission to Sankuru

Mission to Sankuru

Democratic Republic of the Congo


We left Kinshasa, the capital city of Congo, on July 15, 2015. I knew it would be a long, difficult journey and I wouldn’t be home for many weeks—but the Sankuru District needed to be visited. We would go to the villages and preach the gospel, visiting all our churches and opening new fields.

Brother Joel Mapamu and his companions.

When we arrived at Lodja, the administrative center of the Sankuru District, I called a meeting of all our fellow Adventists, who received us gladly. The local chief also was happy to see us and listened attentively to the message I preached that day. I then shared with the brethren our plans to travel throughout the Sankuru region, preaching and visiting.


After the meeting I looked over the Lodja school construction. The school usually functions well, but strong winds and rains on October 26, 2014, destroyed one part of the building. The tempest was so strong that tin sheets were actually carried away from the roof and destroyed by the winds. After the storm, the school was unusable, and the children were forced to have classes under the trees. We felt blessed to have such faithful instructors who kept teaching amidst adverse circumstances even though they also had to work to sustain their families through agriculture!

As we surveyed the damages, our brethren asked me to send thanks to all the people who helped them during that tragic, stormy time when many of our brethren were killed. We then took time to pray to God, praising Him and asking for His blessing during my stay in Sankuru.

Traveling a jungle trail to one of the 16 villages on the trip.

After visiting the school, I made pastoral visits to the homes of the people, exhorting everyone to strengthen their personal relationship with God in preparation for our public meetings. During this time I also helped to organize the repairs of the school. Because the school had such a limited budget, I sacrificed part of our travel allowance to buy the materials to repair the roof. I praise God that we were able to make these repairs. The leaders of the town, including the mayor, expressed their appreciation for the Adventists’ efforts for their children, and we all thanked God and praised Him together.


After this we held an evangelistic campaign. We spoke about our Lord Jesus Christ and His soon return to the Earth, how to mend our broken relationship with God, and the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation. Adventists and non-Adventists alike attended the meetings, and the Holy Spirit brought many souls to conversion. In all, 127 were won to the gospel and 52 former church members were reclaimed for Christ. Many of the new people were eager for baptism, so I asked the local pastor to prepare them thoroughly to be baptized at a later date.

Visiting in the villages.

After the visit to Lodja, we went to Dikanda to preach the same messages there. All the residents of Dikanda attended the meetings, leaving their work in fields for five days to hear our messages. After listening to what we had to say, they confessed their sin of heeding the other churches that say the Adventists are a group of the witches. By the end of the meetings, 96 new souls had been won to Christ and ten who had grown weak in faith had come back to the truth. I left the new converts to the care of the older church members to prepare them fully for baptism.


While in Dikanda we also visited our missionary health center. The director shared with me the difficulties of working with outdated medical tools; but in spite of the challenges the workers are doing a good job, especially in treating malaria patients. The institution is a missionary tool to gain souls for the Kingdom of God. After helping the people with their medical needs, staff members take time to study the Bible with the patients—and so far, the patients are enjoying the studies!

Leaving Dikanda, we marched on for the love of our Lord to more remote villages. We had to go on foot to far locations, but God who sent us helped us persevere!

Some of the village children in need of school supplies and books

At Yenga, a village three kilometers long, we were sad to see that there was no school. The families are poor, and the youngsters live without any purpose. The children walk about without shirts because they don’t have any. When we preached the Word, we told the people that even though we may have food and clothing, if we don’t know Jesus, life doesn’t make sense and goes nowhere. We invited them to repent and accept Jesus, and we prayed for every family in the village. More than 550 members of our church heard the messages and 167 new converts joined themselves to the Lord. I intend to come back and baptize these souls after they have received more Bible studies!

At the village of Lutahe, 315 people attended our meetings and we gained 103 new converts to the Adventist faith. At Lushimba, of the 223 souls who attended the meetings, 52 new converts accepted the message and nine backsliders were reclaimed. Our brethren were very interested in the messages and only complained that our stay was so short!

I cannot tell about every village we visited because there were 16 in all! We praise God that amongst all these villages, 1,017 new souls accepted the truth and 153 backsliders returned to the Lord. What’s more, we planted four new churches!

In closing, I want to share a few of the needs in this district. The school in Lodja needs funds for basic supplies: notebooks, textbooks, crayons, pencils, chalk, etc. They are also asking for Steps to Christ and Education in French, as well as Bible stories for young and older children. Although they live in difficult conditions, the people believe God will never forget them.

The church at Yenga longs to have a school and a clinic in their village. The church of Mvunga also desires a school, and the believers in Lodja hope to build a clinic. All the churches need printed Bible studies, which we can print here in Congo if we have the funds. We also need 16 bicycles for pastors and workers, as well as some new chemises (shirts) for these shepherds. Every time I return from Sankuru, I have only the trousers and shirt I am wearing, because I give all my extra clothes to the needy people.

At the end of our mission trip, after two months of ministering in the villages, we returned to Lodja. We found my children very sad: Their mother was in the hospital in serious condition, and needed to have surgery to save her life. I rushed to the hospital to be with my poor wife during this difficult time. Praise God, she is at home now. I thank God that our brethren in Europe and America helped to pay for the operation and hospital stay. May God reward all those who shared!


By Joel Mapamu, a gospel worker in 
the Democratic Republic of the Congo. For more information on how to donate to the projects mentioned, email