Letter from Mike: Malawi – April 2020

“God’s workers must gain a far deeper experience. If they will surrender all to Him, He will work mightily for them. They will plant the standard of truth upon fortresses till then held by Satan, and with shouts of victory take possession of them. They bear the scars of battle, but there comes to them the comforting message that the Lord will lead them on, conquering and to conquer.” The Review and Herald, September 17, 1903.

Church planting in the dark places of this earth is one of Mission Projects International’s primary focuses—and today another church has been planted in an Islamic stronghold of Malawi. When Golden Lapani and his team of Bible workers arrived in the village of Chamatwa, they prepared for their public crusade by going door-to-door distributing gospel tracks, clothing and food to those in extreme poverty. As they saw these acts of kindness, the villagers’ prejudice toward Christians was broken. 

When Golden visited Mrs. Zaidi, she refused to have his team enter her home because her husband was away on a trip. Still, they gave her a Bible tract and told her they would return to see what she thought of it. The husband, upon returning home, found that Mrs. Zaidi had read the literature and seemed convinced. Immediately, he took her to the Muslim teachers in the village to persuade her to change her mind. Mr. Zaidi thought this visit would put an end to his wife’s new ideas—never knowing that what he and his wife would hear from their own home would change their lives forever. 

More than a thousand people attended the opening night of the crusade. Thousands more would hear the message from loudspeakers that hung high in the trees around the village. As Golden presented the Three Angels’ Messages to his eager listeners, the Lord worked in their hearts. In his presentations to Muslims, Golden tries to break down prejudices by quoting from the Quran and comparing it to the Bible. On opening night, Golden presented the health message to an amazed audience. They had not known of another religion that teaches abstention from pork and alcohol! Their hearts melted when they heard for the first time that the Bible and the Quran both speak of the seventh-day Sabbath, and of judgment pronounced against those who do not keep it. Golden did not attack Mohammed or the Quran, but presented the truth from the Bible in the power of the Holy Spirit. 

Mr. and Mrs. Zaidi could not help but listen to the messages every night as the sound boomed across the village. Love for truth began to awaken in their hearts as they heard the Word. By the second week of the seminar, their desire to know more about Jesus began to grow, and they started attending every meeting. When the call came to give their hearts to Jesus and follow Him into the watery grave of baptism, they made the decision. The Muslim leaders tried to stop them, but to no avail. This passionate couple decided to keep the Sabbath and be obedient to all the Bible’s teachings. 

God blessed the meetings in Chamatwa with more than 78 precious souls giving their hearts to Jesus. If you would like to help Golden and his team plant the banner of truth in new areas, please mark your gifts, “Malawi Evangelism.” 

Yours in planting the truth in new areas!  

Gospel Light in the Darkness

Gospel Light in the Darkness

The good news reaches a resistant town.

Residents of Bwera were known for their loose and lewd behaviors. As the sun set on Saturday nights, Bwera residents flocked to the famous “Kabagarame,” where pork and partying were significant themes. Only the breaking dawn sent the partiers home to Bwera with a hangover. 

This stronghold of darkness remained a challenge for the Seventh-day Adventist community in Ruhandagazi. For a long time, we as a church pondered how we could reach Bwera’s perishing souls.

We decided to step out in faith. A volunteer evangelist was sent to Bwera, where he visited each house and planned to hold an evangelistic series. 

Evangelist Mwesigye Hosea used an amazing approach to break down barriers. He skillfully crafted little cooking “stoves,” and distributed them free of charge. The community loved him for meeting such a crucial need. Hosea eventually met every person in Bwera—because almost every home needed a stove. God blessed his soul-winning efforts with five baptisms in May 2018. 

Rays of light beamed over the darkness of this village. Our church painstakingly raised the money to cover the cost for an evangelistic series in Bwera, but a new challenge arose. A local father was angry because his daughter, Linus, had become an Adventist. He used his connections with local political leaders to deny our request for the series. “They are confusing our children with religious fanaticism!” he complained. 

We tried several times to proceed anyway, but the legal process stalled our plans. When Linus shared her father’s logic with us, we decided to change our tactics. Instead of asking the local authorities, we wrote to the president’s representative. Our church fasted and prayed. Permission was granted, and the meetings commenced. 

The most complicated spot in Bushenyi was blessed with gospel messages for two weeks! Evangelist Hosea covered important topics including the Sabbath, State of the Dead and the Second Coming. The message touched people’s hearts. Our tent was too small to cover all the people who came, and we were compelled to extend it with tarps sourced from the community. Seven more people decided to be baptized, including Sunday Robert, Linus’ father who had staunchly opposed the meetings. 

“I want to go to heaven also,” Sunday spoke with conviction as he joined the others for baptism. 

Currently, Evangelist Hosea is supported by the church with food and house rent, but he needs a basic stipend to aid him in further evangelism. Twelve members worship every Sabbath now, in the city we deemed so difficult to reach. They serve as the nucleus of a mission made possible by God’s power.  


Pastor John Kaganzi is the district leader in the Ruhandagazi area in Uganda.

How You Can Help
Pray for all the various ministries in Uganda and that all the workers will stay faithful to the truth.

Pray for the work Hosea is doing in the village of Bwera, that many more souls will come to the light!  

Donate. The work in Uganda is growing rapidly and needs your help! If you feel impressed by the Holy Spirit to contribute to spreading the ‘Three Angels Messages,’ mark your donations “Uganda,” and send to:

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From Confusion to Clarity

From Confusion to Clarity

A young Filipino discovers the clear, simple truths of God’s Word.

I grew up in a devoted Roman Catholic family, but in 2006, when I was 21, my whole family converted to a Filipino church named Iglesia Ni Cristo. This church has very strict rules. If you come to church late, the deacons will not allow you to enter. The men and boys sit separately from the women and girls, and no one makes noise—not even the children. It feels as though everyone inside the church is sanctified; and indeed, Iglesia Ni Cristo teaches that only its members will enter Heaven.

As ordinary Iglesia Ni Cristo members, we were forbidden to study the Bible; we were told it would make us crazy and confused. We were not allowed to eat blood, but we could drink alcohol and smoke. We had a strong belief that Jesus was only human and not God. As an Iglesia Ni Cristo believer, I held my views firmly and would defend them to anyone. 

In February 2018, Pastor Temtem and his wife visited my home as part of a door-to-door campaign for an upcoming public evangelistic series. Because I had my own beliefs, I debated with them, hoping they would not come back. Pastor Temtem calmly asked me about my religion, and then explained to me that the true church of God obeys His Law. However, because I loved my religion so much, I soon forgot most of what he said. 

Undaunted, Pastor Temtem continued visiting me each day. On his ninth visit, we discussed the Sabbath and Christ’s divinity. He shared texts such as Hebrews 1:10, Philippians 2:5–8 and Titus 2:13 to show that Jesus is not only human, but also God. He explained both subjects so well that they became clear even to my clouded mind. I realized that there is no need to argue with the Seventh-day Adventist doctrines, because they are clear and understandable. Contrary to what the Iglesia Ni Cristo ministers taught, I discovered that the Bible is not confusing.

When Pastor Temtem’s public meetings started, I attended the meetings, but I hid in the background because I did not want people to judge me or laugh at me. Every night I went secretly, so that even my parents did not know about it. Eventually I realized that I should not hide my new convictions, but instead show everyone around me that I had found the Three Angels’ Messages and that I believed the Seventh-day Adventist doctrines. When I told my family about my new faith, they simply said that if I truly understood the Seventh-day Adventist doctrines, they would support me. I felt so happy that all of them supported me in my decision.

After months of observing the Sabbath and studying the Bible with Pastor Temtem and the other workers, I finally decided to receive baptism on August 10, 2019. Today I am an active member of our church here in Tupi, South Cotabato. Now, when the Bible workers want to visit people who may be interested in the gospel message, I act as a guide, helping them find the homes of other searching souls! 


Temtem Piedverde is a Bible worker in South Cotabato, Mindanao, Philippines.

How You Can Help
Pray for others trapped in religions that discourage Bible study to be able to hear the truth, as did Rajid.

Pray for the Bible workers in the Philippines to be able to find honest souls and win them to the truth!

Give to the work in the Philippines by sending your donation marked “Philippines” to:

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Letter from Mike: Year in Review – December 2019

As we approach the close of another year, my thoughts are drawn to the end of this world’s history. Soon we will see our Savior coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory. Jesus will soon “say to the reapers, gather ye together first the tares, and bind them in bundles to burn them: but gather the wheat into my barn.” Matthew 13:30. Nations, political parties and individuals everywhere are being bound into bundles to be burned. God wants us to gather as many lost souls as possible into His barn, or church, before the end. I pray that we can be laboring for lost souls before it is too late.

As I look back on our labors of this past year, my heart overflows with praise to God! This year, faithful workers overseas have conducted dozens of successful public campaigns. Hundreds have come to acknowledge Jesus as their personal Savior and are now gathered into God’s barn of safety. Pastor Ongasa and his team of seventy Bible workers in the Democratic Republic of Congo are penetrating areas where there are no Seventh-day Adventist churches for dozens of miles. They have planted more than twenty new churches just this year! Dr. Lunghano in Malawi has established a medical missionary training school to equip young workers to reach the Muslims in this country. The radio station that the Jimenez family is operating in Honduras is now broadcasting the Three Angels’ Messages all over this Spanish-speaking country. Daniel and Kelly Miranda in Colombia are planting churches in areas where the gospel has never been heard. Spirit of Prophecy books are being translated into the Vietnamese language by Pastor Khoi’s team of workers.

Golden Lapani in Malawi has conducted three evangelistic series this year in the predominately Catholic and Muslim areas of this country. During his last set of meetings in northern Malawi, he saw several hundred people attending every night, eagerly listening to the everlasting gospel. As a result, two churches have been established in this region—one in the north and one further south, because the people had been traveling long distances from all directions to attend the meetings. There are now more than two hundred newly baptized souls in each of these churches!

As I reflect on the scores of workers around the world being supported through your donations; as I consider the medical missionary work being done to prepare hearts to receive the gospel; as I remember how many evangelistic series you have helped support; as I recount the scores of baptisms that have resulted from these efforts; as I think of the churches that are rejoicing for the roof you placed over their heads—I praise the Lord for what He is doing and I thank you all for your prayers and support. You made all these efforts possible! Without your help, none of this could have taken place. Thank you for partnering with Mission Projects International to hasten Christ’s coming! May the Lord strengthen us as we push the gospel to the ends of the earth.

Yours in Christ!

Letter from Mike: Malawi – October 2019

“All that has perplexed us in the providences of God will in the world to come be made plain. The things hard to be understood will then find explanation. The mysteries of grace will unfold before us. Where our finite minds discovered only confusion and broken promises, we shall see the most perfect and beautiful harmony. We shall know that infinite love ordered the experiences that seemed most trying. As we realize the tender care of Him who makes all things work together for our good, we shall rejoice with joy unspeakable and full of glory.” Adventist Home, 542.

God is doing a mighty work in the country of Malawi! Recently, Golden Lapani held a public crusade in a predominately Muslim area with very few Christians, and there he saw the providences of God. Many Muslims and a few Christian believers attended. Loudspeakers around the perimeter of the meeting place broadcasted the messages to many more residents who did not want to be seen at the meetings, for fear of reprisal.

After Golden presented the Sabbath, many came to church for the first time on God’s holy day of rest. There they learned that the Sabbath is the seal of the living God. During the presentation on the Three Angels’ Messages, conviction deepened in their hearts. At the end of the meetings, Golden called the people to take a stand for the truth and be baptized, and many came forward. Golden asked if anyone there needed prayer as they made their decisions to follow Jesus and prepare for baptism. As the people came forward, Golden saw a man emerge from the shadows behind a wall. The man was looking over his shoulder as if to see if anyone were following. He came to the center of the circle where Golden was praying and told Golden that he wanted to be baptized.

After the prayer, everyone dispersed to their homes, and Golden and his team began packing the chairs and equipment. Then a man approached them. Golden recognized him as Asaf, the man who had emerged from behind the wall asking for prayer. Asaf told Golden that his parents had watched him as he went forward at the baptismal call, and they were furious. When he had gone home, his parents asked him if he was going to join the Christian church, and he answered with a definite “Yes.” He tried to explain that he had found the truth, and that Islam’s teachings are a lie. Livid, his parents commanded him to gather his belongings and leave forever. As he gathered up his meager possessions, Asaf’s his parents reminded him what a disgrace he was bringing upon them and upon Islam; yet Asaf  purposed in his heart that he would not turn back to following lies. He pledged always to obey and follow Jesus and His truth. Having no home, job or even food, he decided to risk all for the truth’s sake, believing by faith that God would take care of the circumstances he had gotten himself into by obeying the Bible.

As Golden and his team prayed again for Asaf, another man stepped forward from the darkness. Upon hearing of Asaf’s predicament, he offered him a job. A church member opened his home to Asaf until he could get back on his feet. Already, Asaf was learning that although we may have to wait for the Kingdom to understand God’s ways, He will provide if we trust Him!

If you would like to help Golden and his team take the gospel to the millions of Muslims in Malawi who have never heard of Jesus, mark your gifts “Malawi Workers.” If you would like to help provide a church for the new converts to worship in, mark your donations, “Malawi Churches.”

Yours in spreading the good news! 

Letter from Mike: Uganda – September 2019

“The things of this world are soon to perish. This is not discerned by those who have not been divinely enlightened, who have not kept pace with the work of God. Consecrated men and women must go forth to sound the warning in the highways and the byways. I urge my brethren and sisters not to engage in work that will hinder them from proclaiming the gospel of Christ. You are God’s spokesmen. You are to speak the truth in love to perishing souls. ‘Go out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in, that My house may be filled,’ Christ says. . . . With Christ in his heart he is to go forth into the highways and byways of life, giving the invitation to the marriage supper.” Colporteur Ministry, 24.

John Kaganzi, a district pastor in Uganda, is pushing the gospel of the Three Angels’ Messages into Ugandan cities and villages by focusing on evangelism and personal soul-winning. Earlier this year, Pastor John helped start a church in the city of Byabugimbi. Through your donations, he conducted a very fruitful evangelistic series, with hundreds of people coming to hear what the Bible says about end-time events and true Christian living. Many people came to know Jesus as their Savior and Friend. Many were baptized, and a church was raised up.

Soon the church members, including those newly baptized, began to recognize their need to construct a church building. Every Sabbath, the believers worshipped under mango trees or a makeshift tarp tent. To them, this was not a proper way to worship God. At a business meeting, the church members decided to start making bricks to build their new church. They had no idea how they were going to roof the church, but they moved by faith and began to mold bricks with free resources around them. Every Sunday, they worked to raise the walls until they had laid bricks up to the roofline. Then they began praying that God would provide the means to buy the roofing materials. When they saw their prayers answered, the newly baptized members’ faith was strengthened immensely! The congregation in Byabugimbi will begin worshipping in their new church very soon.

Pastor John is now conducting evangelistic meetings in the town of Bwera. A volunteer lay evangelist named Hosea has been doing the groundwork for the past several months. He has started many Bible studies and distributed scores of tracts. He has conducted medical missionary work, given clothing to the poor and fed the suffering. Dozens of people have come to know Jesus through Hosea’s practical ways of helping them. The area is ripe for harvest!

With evangelistic meetings taking place in Uganda once every quarter, thousands are hearing God’s last warning message to them. If you would like to help the work move forward in this poverty-stricken country, please mark your gifts “Uganda Workers” or “Uganda Churches.”

Yours in reaching the highways and byways,



A demon possessed man becomes a faithful church attendee.

Witchcraft is a powerful weapon in Africa, and God’s intervention alone can save people who fall victim to demonic enchantments.

When young Emmy’s mother died in 2014, his father decided to remarry. Unfortunately, Emmy’s new stepmother watched him jealously. Emmy was scholastic and clever, and consistently made better grades in school than her own children.

Angry, his stepmother cast powerful demonic spells over Emmy. He did not have God’s protection from evil, and the young man lost his sanity. He became known in the community as a mad man.

When we held a Total Member Involvement evangelistic effort in Buremba this spring, Emmy never missed a meeting. However, he came to disturb us – not to hear the gospel message. He ran up to the front and snatched the microphone from the speaker, demanding food. No one dared to take the microphone away from him. When someone returned with the food Emmy demanded, he peacefully handed the microphone back and the meeting continued. When Emmy wasn’t hungry, he still interrupted the meetings – acting silly and causing laughter to erupt from the audience. 

When the evangelistic meetings concluded, Emmy still followed our footsteps. For two months, he attended our Sabbath worship services. As usual, he disturbed our meetings. 

In May, a baptism was planned. The distance to the river was long, and we didn’t expect Emmy to follow. No one gave Emmy a lift on their motorcycle, but somehow, he made it to the river.

As Pastor Michael stood in the river to baptize, Emmy silently stepped forward. He waded into the water. “I will not allow this pastor to baptize another person before he baptizes me,” he said.

The onlookers standing on the river bank began to shout. “Pastor, baptize him in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!”

What should the pastor do? Baptize a mad man? Emmy had been faithful to attend all the meetings that the other converts had. Maybe he had actually been listening.

The pastor decided to baptize him. The pastor and church elders surrounded Emmy, laying their hands on him in prayer. It was then that God broke the curse. Emmy’s madness left him.

He became the most sober and humble man in town, always arriving on time for worship each Sabbath. All who knew about his past life looked at him in astonishment.

“The God of the Sabbath healed me,” Emmy always replied. “I am now a free man in the mighty name of Jesus.”

Emmy needs a sponsor to help him return to school and further his education. He would like to became a pastor, and we see great potential in him. Also, the greatest need for the work in Buremba is to see an Adventist church built in town. Until this happens, the congregation will worship under a tent. Please pray for this community, as there are many more like Emmy who are held captive by the devil’s curses. 


James Musinguzi is a retired pastor who is still active in evangelism and church planting.

Pray for Emmy that he will continue to grow in Christ and that he will be able to finish his education.

Give. Needs include new church buildings, training for church planters support. Send your check, with “Uganda Churches”or “Uganda Workers”as the memo to:

Mission Projects International
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To donate online, visit www.missionspro.org/donate.

No Limit to God’s Power

No Limit to God’s Power

A public crusade in West Virginia is blessed with surprises and souls.

The Lord indeed has been working miracles in our public crusade here in Martinsburg, West Virginia.

In preparation for the meetings, we rented a room that would hold 75 people in a Holiday Inn near the church. Perhaps our faith was far too small, believing that attendance would be no different than in past seminars. About a week and a half before the seminar began, we had close to thirty guests registered. Together with the church members also attending, we thought the room we reserved would be the perfect size. That’s when the hotel’s event coordinator called with a request. “Would you consider moving into a much larger room?” came the question. “It would accommodate another event happening.”

With a bit of apprehension, I agreed to the arrangement. I thought it would look odd having a large room with everyone spread out among a lot of empty seats. Just days after we agreed to change rooms, the calls began pouring in. Two days before the meetings began, we had more than 140 preregistered guests. What a surprise! The first weekend, the place was packed with just a few empty seats. I am amazed by how God works!

It was truly amazing to see many of the guests taking notes. Each text and historical quotation flashed across the screen were jotted down on paper as if lives depended on it. When the night came for the Sabbath truth to be presented, it was a particularly difficult subject for the people to hear. Their facial expressions told of the betrayal they felt from former pastors who had hidden the truth from them. Some were expressing their feelings in words during the sermon.

The Mark of the Beast study solidified why we should keep the seventh day holy. That night, an invitation was made to the whole assembly to come and worship with us on the Sabbath. I guessed that very few would actually show up for the worship service. To my surprise, eleven people decided to keep the Sabbath for the first time. They all seemed very happy to be in church, and eager to learn more from God’s Word. It was a blessing to hear their testimonies of how God revealed the truth to them about the Sabbath.

We are nearing the end of our public crusade, and the people want to hear still more from God’s Word. They have been filled, but they want more. They do not wish for these meetings to end! We have asked the hotel if we can rent the room for a few more nights before we transfer to the church.

The service on Sabbath is marked with new faces now. Some have even come to us with the desire to be baptized into the body of Christ. God is indeed moving on hearts! There is truly no limit to His power.

West Virginia

Mike Bauler is the director of Mission Projects International.

How You Can Help
Pray for the new people who are keeping the Sabbath for the first time. Pray that they will accept all the truth from the Bible.

Give. If you would like to help Mission Projects International conduct evangelistic meetings around the world, please mark your donation “MPI Evangelism” and send to:

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Letter from Mike: West Virginia – March 2019

In the time of Hezekiah, a great reformation took place in Israel. During this revival, Israel gathered together to “keep the Passover in the second month.” 2 Chronicles 30:2. As the messengers went through the land proclaiming the news concerning the Passover, many in Manasseh laughed and mocked the messengers, but many in other tribes humbled their hearts and came to Jerusalem. Upon arrival, “they arose and took away the altars that were in Jerusalem, and they took away all the incense altars and cast them into the Brook Kidron.” 2 Chronicles 30:14, NKJV. “The desecrated streets of the city were cleared of the idolatrous shrines placed there during the reign of Ahaz.” Prophets and Kings, 337. “So the children of Israel who were present at Jerusalem kept the Feast of Unleavened Bread seven days with great gladness; and the Levites and the priests praised the Lord day by day, singing to the LORD, accompanied by loud instruments. . . . Then the whole assembly agreed to keep the feast another seven days, and they kept it another seven days with gladness.” 2 Chronicles 30:21, 23, NKJV. “The seven days usually allotted to the Passover feast passed all too quickly, and the worshipers determined to spend another seven days in learning more fully the way of the Lord. The teaching priests continued their work of instruction from the book of the law; daily the people assembled at the temple to offer their tribute of praise and thanksgiving; and as the great meeting drew to a close, it was evident that God had wrought marvelously in the conversion of backsliding Judah and in stemming the tide of idolatry which threatened to sweep all before it.” Prophets and Kings, 337, 338.

The Lord indeed has been working miracles in our public crusade here in Martinsburg, West Virginia. In preparation for the meetings, we rented a room that would hold seventy-five people in a Holiday Inn near the church, thinking of the attendance of past seminars. Perhaps our faith was far too small, believing that things would be the same as before. About a week and a half before the seminar started, we had about thirty guests registered. With the church members also attending, we thought the room reserved would be a perfect size. That’s when the hotel’s event coordinator called and asked me if we would consider moving into a much bigger room to accommodate another event in our room. With a bit of apprehension, I agreed to the arrangement, although I thought it would look odd having a large room with everyone spread out amongst a lot of empty seats. Just days after we agreed to change rooms, the calls began pouring in. Two days before the meetings began we had more than one hundred and forty preregistered guests. The first weekend the place was packed, with just a few empty seats. I am amazed by how God works!

We are nearing the end of our public crusade, and the people want to hear still more from God’s Word. They have been filled, but they want more. As it was in Hezekiah’s time, these seekers have commented publicly that they do not wish for these meetings to end! We have asked the hotel if we can rent the room for a few more nights before we transfer to the church. Already, some of the meeting attendees have been coming to worship the Lord on the Sabbath. Some have even come to us with the desire to be baptized into the body of Christ. God is indeed moving on hearts!

Yours in the service of the Master,

Honore Receives the Word


Honore Receives the Word

A young man finds health and blessings on the path to life.

My mother died when I was a baby, so I was raised by my village community in North Togo, West Africa. I attended a Sunday church for many years, and learned many untruths there. I was told that all things God created are good for us to eat, and that prayer before meals blesses unhealthful food. These were bad teachings, and I lived in poor health because I practiced them.

My life was changed when I met an evangelist named Paca. He answered my questions from God’s Word. As we went through the Scriptures together, I learned about the Sabbath, baptism, health and the Three Angels’ Messages in Revelation chapter 14.

“Are these teachings the truth?” I questioned. As Paca repeatedly turned my attention to the Word, my eyes were opened. I knew that the Lord had directed me to His message, and that I must leave the lies I had once believed.

From that day forward, I felt a strong conviction that Saturday was the day chosen by God Himself for our rest, and that Sunday had been chosen by man. I immediately decided to begin attending the Adventist church on Sabbath for worship.

With resolve in my heart, I went to the home of my boss to ask him for permission to have Saturdays off. I worried that he would be unhappy with me for my new decision. “Please touch his heart when I speak with him,” I prayed. “And thank you for hearing and blessing my request.”

Surprisingly, my boss was the first among my friends and acquaintances to encourage me on my new path. “Go and worship God on Saturday,” he said. I heartily thanked God for blessing my prayer!

I decided to be baptized. It was clear to me through my study that Jesus Himself was baptized, giving us an example. He was immersed in water, and I chose to be baptized in the same way.

It has been ten years since I was baptized into the Seventh-day Adventist church, and God has poured out His blessings. My health is improved by following the principles in His Word. I learned from Leviticus chapter 11 and Deuteronomy chapter 14 that God’s people are to avoid unclean meat. As far as my health is concerned, I endlessly thank God.

While my friends and relatives were initially upset with my decision to become an Adventist, they are happy for me now. They can recognize the new life Jesus gives me through the Holy Spirit.

I thank God for showing me the way of happiness through the Bible studies Paca gave me. I feel that the Lord is calling me to evangelize others also, and have accepted the commission to preach the gospel to those around me. Just as He touched the heart of my boss through my Sabbath conviction, I pray that He will continue to speak to others through my testimony.


Mike Bauler is the director of Mission Projects International.

How You Can Help
Pray for the work Pastor Agamah and his team of Bible workers are doing throughout the country of Togo. Pray for Honore, and all those studying the Bible with the workers.

Donate. Funds are needed for evangelism and to buy Bibles and Spirit of Prophecy books for new converts. If you are impressed to help spread the gospel in Togo, mark your donation “Togo Workers/Evangelism” and send it to:

Mission Projects International
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