Letter from Cody: USA Evangelism – November 2013

As I look out my window and see the leaves fading from green to gold and then drifting to the ground, I contemplate the lofty trees from which they fell. Then as I look at the ground around the trees and watch the squirrels busily engaged in secreting away the acorns and hickory nuts, it is amazing to think that this majestic tree ablaze with color sprouted from the small nuts carried away by the squirrels. No wonder Jesus used this analogy to represent the growth of His kingdom of grace. “The kingdom of heaven is like to a grain of mustard seed, which a man took, and sowed in his field: which indeed is the least of all seeds: but when it is grown, it is the greatest among herbs, and becometh a tree, so that the birds of the air come and lodge in the branches thereof.” Matthew 13:31, 32. As the tree’s inception is just a tiny seed that grows exponentially to become a towering tree, so God wants to do in our lives and so He is doing with His last message of grace and mercy. “And in this last generation the parable of the mustard seed is to reach a signal and triumphant fulfillment. The little seed will become a tree. The last message of warning and mercy is to go to ‘every nation and kindred and tongue’ (Revelation 14:6-14), ‘to take out of them a people for His name’ (Acts 15:14; Revelation 18:1). And the earth shall be lightened with His glory.” Christ Object Lessons, 79. May we each experience that mighty growth of grace in our lives and be a part of proclaiming His glorious message!

Preaching at the evangelistic series in Culpeper, VA

We praise God for how we have seen Him working over these past few weeks to make “the little seed” “become a tree.” We are just finishing an evangelistic series in Culpeper, Virginia, and we are so thankful for how the Lord is working on the hearts of those who have come to hear the message of hope from prophecy. Culpeper is not a large town, so we were very excited when thirty-plus community guests responded to the invitations on the first night of the meeting. As testing truths were presented, some dropped off, but others continued coming, eagerly grasping the truths they discovered. I visited one man who had been faithfully coming. He had not yet come to church, but I was hoping to be able to see if he understood the message and was willing to make a decision for the truths he was hearing. As we began visiting, he shared the family challenges that he had been going through with his wife pursuing a separation and how it was tearing him up that he was unable to spend much time with his teenage children. My heart broke for him, but as I turned the conversation to the truths he had been learning at the meetings, I rejoiced with him. He shared that he had never heard these things before but saw that they clearly came from the Bible and wanted to follow them. He had already talked with his employer about getting the Sabbath hours off. His employer had told him that this hard-working manager already worked too much and that it would be no problem for him to have the Sabbath off. Now not only is he coming to our nightly meetings, but he is joyfully coming to church on the Sabbath and becoming a part of the church family. One lady shared that as the truths began to dawn on her mind, it brought tears to her eyes as she recognized how major of a life changing decision this would be. I assured her that I realized that there were big challenges, but that God’s way is always best even if it does not seem so. She concurred and has begun worshipping our Lord on His Sabbath day. Others are coming to both the seminar and church but struggling to know how they can leave their church in which they are the treasurer, deacon and everything else! The Lord has been working on hearts in a mighty way, and we praise Him! There are still many battles to face and difficulties before these dear people, but we know that the Lord has brought out these honest-in-heart souls to hear the last message of mercy so that they can heed the call of love, “Come out of her, my people.” Please pray for these dear souls who are making decisions now, that they may stand fully on the Lord’s side and become a part of His mighty army that will give this final message and enlighten the earth with His glory!

A full house at the evangelistic meetings

Yours from the harvest field,


01/21/2012: Growth in Ecuador

Growth in Ecuador

The overcrowded old meeting place.

These last couple of months (prior to September, 2011) have been extremely busy here at Pra del Tor. Our last mission report shared about our desperate need for a larger meeting place, now that our group of believers on Sabbath has tripled in size. We stepped out in faith and started clearing trees and laying the foundation for the building. We did not have the money for the steel and the roofing, but our whole church group prayed, and we went ahead and finished the foundation and then waited on the Lord.

The Correa family, some of the new church members.

Weeks passed and more people kept crowding in on Sabbath. One day, we received an email from a family member that said he was coming down for a couple of weeks to help us build. We were thankful at this prospect of help, but puzzled as to what the Lord had in mind; how were we going to afford the materials to start building? We continued to wait on the Lord.

Now, over two weeks later, we are happy to share with you that the Lord touched the hearts of His people and also some that are not of His fold yet, and has provided us with the needed steel and roofing. The building is very bare-bones still, and we have not been able to start on the bathrooms. Since the Lord has not provided funds for us to move on, we will commit our “way unto the Lord, trust also in Him, and He will bring it to pass….” (Psalm 37:5.)

The chapel.









Sabbath school in the new chapel.










The bathroom site











Prayer Requests

To finish up, I would like to place before you some of the newest members of our church group and ask that you intercede with the Lord on their behalf:

The first is Magdalena, a young mother of two small children that is overjoyed that she is learning how to be a better mother and raise her children in the fear of the Lord. She is enjoying better health as a result of her diet and lifestyle changes. Her children also have no more allergies and constant runny noses. The cross she carries is her husband, who is one of the town drunks. He has come a couple of times because she begged him, but he is very negative and makes fun of her decision to follow Jesus.

Rosa and her husband, Richard, have come to us with a broken marriage and broken hearts, looking for something to fill their emptiness. They have a long way to go still, but they have both fallen at the foot of the cross and accepted their need of a Savior that will help them rebuild their marriage and make it glorious. Sadly, their family members constantly ridicule and try to discourage them.

The third request is for Patricia and her two little babies. She is a young woman whose husband works far away in the mines and only comes home a couple of days a month at best and spends the time at home drinking with his buddies and wasting his money. She came to me with tears last Sabbath, wanting to know how to pray. She had never been taught and wanted to teach her children, but was afraid that she would say the wrong thing or not address God in the right way and offend Him.

There are many more, but time does not allow me to share everything. Brothers and sisters, “keep yourselves in the love of God, looking for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ unto eternal life.” Jude 21



By Barac & Laurie Orellana, Pra del Tor Ministry, Ecuador. Email: orellanafamily@gmail.com. Support for their work in Ecuador can be sent through Mission Projects International, PO Box 59656, Renton, WA 98058.


01/07/2012: Into the Highways and Byways

Into the Highways and Byways for Thailand

The branch Sabbath school not far from where the Stecks live.

Life certainly does not lack variety around here. Not only has the Lord opened up opportunities for us to teach and lead worships in our school and treat the sick in our nearby villages, but also to hold branch Sabbath schools, preach in a nearby church on Sabbath, and hold Wednesday evening worships in different homes.

The Karen people are very warm and hospitable, and they really appreciate when we come and worship with them. At times their appreciation is shown by feeding us wonderful food. They are very good cooks.

We are truly blessed by hearing the students sing at the tops of their lungs the wonderful songs of Jesus. Also, it is very rewarding to see them so eager to understand the Bible better.


A Branch Sabbath School Story

The man, with his three children, whose family are the lone believers in his village.

In a village that is 30 minutes north of us lives a family with three small children. They are the only Adventist family in their village, and they are longing for fellowship. The father has tried to evangelize the village, but nobody is interested. Just recently he told us that his wife decided to go to Bangkok for work, leaving him with his mother-in-law and three small children to take care of. So far, we have visited this family three times, and they are always happy to have us come and worship with them. Once they served us a wonderful coconut-rice treat! Since then, they have attended the school church at least once.


Harvey Preaching at a Nearby Adventist Church

One of our teachers was to teach Sabbath school the next Sabbath. The lesson was about worship and Revelation 13, but she did not understand Revelation 13 very well, so she asked Harvey for an explanation. Harvey invited her to visit us so he could explain it to her. When she visited us and they began to discuss it, she soon felt she did not have the time and ability to grasp the subject before Sabbath, so she asked Harvey if he could come to her church the next Sabbath and teach the Sabbath school lesson, preach the sermon, and give an afternoon presentation. Wow! Harvey said, “Yes,” which was

Harvey Steck preaching about Bible prophecy, along with the lady that invited him.

great, because he told her that in order to understand Revelation 13, they needed to understand Daniel 2 and 7. So he gave a study on Daniel 2 and 7 for Sabbath school, a study about the first beast of Revelation 13 for church and then the second beast of Revelation 13 in the afternoon. The church members were very appreciative of the messages. These truths were very new to some of them.

The more I am around Seventh-day Adventists in this part of the world, the more I realize that they are very deprived of the light we have in America. They do have the King James Version Bible translated into the Karen language, but the only Spirit of Prophecy book they have in their language is Steps to Christ—and that was just recently reprinted thanks in part to some of our supporters. They do not understand many of the Bible prophecies and doctrines, and they understand very little about Sabbath-keeping and healthful living. Even some of the church leaders do not understand much. What a privilege and opportunity to work with these people to help them understand the light the Lord has given us!

As funds allow, our plan, Lord willing, is to get more Spirit of Prophecy books translated into and published in their language, as well as further develop the medical/evangelism training course we recently started here at our school. We need your prayers and support for these projects to get started.


A More Recent Worship Experience

A more recent worship we had was at a village a half kilometer south of here. In this village there are no Seventh-day Adventists, but the family of one of our students lives there. Naw Nay Wah is a girl who has been delivered more than once from devil possession. She was a dorm student for a while, but then her stepfather told her that she should leave this school and come home. So she went home. Her parents wanted her to go to Bangkok where she would likely try to help support her family by selling her body. That next Sabbath, one of our staff decided to bring her to church. After church, they were able to have a heart-to-heart talk about what was going on, and an appeal was made to Naw Nay Wah to give her life to God rather than Satan. They had prayer together, and she went back home. The next Monday, she was able to come back to school. Praise the Lord!

Thara (teacher) Mu Gayle sharing some thoughts.

During the time that Naw Nay Wah was gone, a couple of us treated a nasty boil that her stepfather had. He was very thankful for our help, and to our surprise, a few days later, he invited us to come to their house and have worship with them the next morning. With school going, the only option for us was 6:00 am. So off we went the following morning,

along with other staff and students, to sing, read the Bible and pray with them. Her parents really seemed thankful that we came. And as the tradition seems to be, they fed us a treat—noodles! These people are poor; I do not know how they manage. It was just wonderful to see how our prayers are being answered!

We are praying that this school will be a shining light to this area and beyond—like a rippling effect upon water. What Eric B. Hare and others started with the Karen people, we and others hope to finish. Please keep the work here in your prayers.

By Brenda Steck. Email:

missions@thesteckfamily.com. Website:

missions.thesteckfamily.com. The Steck family, who works among the Karen people on the border of Thailand, is this quarter’s Thirteenth Sabbath Project. See the back of the magazine for details about supporting this special and important work.

Letter from Cody: Congo – August 2011

Teaching in one of the simple churches of Congo

Once again I am battling jet lag, having recently returned from the Democratic Republic of Congo, but as I think of how the Lord has been working in the unreached fields of the Congo, I am happy to take a few days to get my days and nights aligned better. Mike Bauler and I spent three weeks traveling, observing the needs, meeting the brethren and sharing the Word of God in the savannas and jungles of the Congo River basin. Transportation is one of the biggest headaches here. With one main road to Kinshasa and just jungle paths and tracks after that, it is extremely challenging to get to one’s destination. We arranged for a four wheel drive vehicle to transport us to the various churches and mission stations that we needed to visit while there, but it broke down before it even made it to the airport to pick us up. We came across it along the side of the road, the engine dismantled to the pistons! Our only option was to start walking and ask the Lord to help us to make it to as many mission outposts as possible. As we set off for various mission stations, we were always very thankful to see how the Lord is working to reach the hearts and minds of people. For most missions, they have erected a simple bush church and school. With this dual combination, a powerful impact is made in the local village—teaching truth to old and young. The new missions, which are constantly spring up, frequently begin with some of the brethren walking by a village and stopping to ask for a drink of water. As they visit with the people of the village, they give them a set of Bible studies in their own language, and soon the request comes from the village for a teacher to share this Bible message with them, and a new mission is established. It was always heartening as we stopped in a previously unentered village for the night or to wait for a ride of some sort, to see a Bible worker opening the Word of God with the people. For other villages, villagers would walk by a village with an existing church and stop to inquire, which would lead to Bible studies and the request for a mission outpost to be started in their village. The requests have far surpassed the possibility to accommodate! One aspect that is very different from when we first started working in this area is the familiarity with Seventh-day Adventists. Several years ago, no one had ever heard of a Seventh-day Adventist, much less had any idea what they believed. This has changed now. As we would walk between villages, people would ask what we were doing. The believers would explain that we were missionaries, and the next question would always be, “What church?” When the villagers were told that we were Seventh-day Adventists, it was not a shock or surprise; the message had already been carried to that village! Indeed the Three Angels’ Message is going forward in this previously unworked section of Congo—praise the Lord! As we visited churches and schools; talked with Bible workers, believers and seekers; preached, taught and baptized; waited for unreliable transportation; walked for hours and days, it was and is clear that God is seeking to do a mighty work in this forgotten section of the world. I am so thankful that God has raised up faithful believers and workers to carry this work forward, but He also desires our cooperation in this work! Funds are needed to support Bible workers in their work of establishing and planting more churches. For around $60 a month, one worker can be supported. We are hoping to be able to build simple churches to give permanency to the work there. For $2,000, a metal roof can be installed, leaving the local believers to finish the walls, etc. with native materials. One of the most important projects that we are hoping to start very soon is to print portion of Great Controversy in the local Kikongo language. Would you like to help take the gospel to this forgotten area? Please pray for the work there and mark your donation accordingly.

Walking the pathways of Congo

Yours in the blessed hope,



Letter from Cody: Philippines – June 2011

Mike with some who have accepted the Seventh-day Adventist message through the evangelistic series

As I have been studying recently the great blessing that God has given to us in the ministry of the heavenly angels, I have realized that we do not fully appreciate their earnest warfare for us. “We need to understand better than we do the mission of the angels. It would be well to remember that every true child of God has the co-operation of heavenly beings. Invisible armies of light and power attend the meek and lowly ones who believe and claim the promises of God.” Acts of the Apostles, 154. As we contemplate the precious gift of the ministry of holy angels, we also need to remember that we have a foe, as well. While we see it not, there is an invisible battle taking place over us and our homes every day, and we are yielding to be influenced by one of these two powers. If we make no effort to resist these enemies of righteousness, we will be surrounded by the miasma of unbelief, but if we choose to align ourselves with heaven, the forces of darkness are required to fall back in retreat! “Resist the devil and he will flee from you.” James 4:7. “Angels are constantly ascending and descending this ladder of shining brightness, bearing the prayers of the needy and distressed to the Father above, and bringing blessing and hope, courage and help, to the children of men. These angels of light create a heavenly atmosphere about the soul, lifting us toward the unseen and the eternal.” Ibid., 153. May we daily resist the devil that these messengers of light may strengthen, encourage and direct our minds heavenward!

Mike and Brother Aque, with the Baptist pastor

Pastor Mike Bauler has just returned from the Philippines, and the heavenly angels are definitely busy in there! While in the Philippines, Mike was able to hold two week-long evangelistic efforts and work with some of the faithful workers that you are helping to support there. Brother Titing is busy in his efforts to train young people to become workers for the Master in a primitive missionary training school in the mountains of the southern Philippines. Brother Nanding is always planning and executing another evangelistic campaign anywhere that he is called and the Lord leads in the southern island of Mindanao. These two brothers working together have been able to accomplish much for the Master by both training young people to go out into the harvest field and putting them to work preparing and following up in the evangelistic work. Another worker that Brother Nanding has joined with and whom the Lord is using is Brother Aque. The Lord is opening doors to share the Three Angels’ Message, not just in a public crusade, but in the heart of other churches. Through his labors and Brother Nanding’s evangelistic efforts, eight churches have left behind their previously held doctrines of men and idol worship to accept and follow the Three Angels’ Message! These churches are now keeping the Sabbath and teaching their newly discovered truths from the Bible. Praise the Lord that not just individuals but entire churches are taking a stand for present truth! Brother Aque is also involved with a group of pastors who form a task force to combat drug abuse among the youth. As Brother Aque has interacted with these other pastors, he has been given the opportunity to share testing truth for our time and has been invited by some to come and share in their individual churches. While Mike was in the area, he was able to present an evangelistic series right in the church of a Baptist pastor! Indeed the Lord was working to be able to share the message to “come out of Babylon” right in the midst of a church of Babylon! Please continue to pray for these faithful workers who are doing their part to hasten the coming of our Savior in the clouds of glory! If you would like to be a part of this exciting work, you can mark your donation “Philippine Evangelism” to continue to support these workers and their evangelistic efforts.

Baptist church evangelistic series was held in

In the Master’s service,





Letter from Cody: Oregon – April 2011

I am always so thankful when spring arrives, when the fresh, living green begins to break forth, when the flowers begin to bloom, when the songs of the birds fill the air—all reminding us of the new life breaking forth from the earth and the new life that the Lord wants to give to each of us. Not only does the Lord desire for us to be born again with that new life from above, but He also calls us to go out and work for others that they also may experience the new life of heaven. The Lord bids us to share His life-giving message with all who will listen, “Go out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in, that my house may be filled.” Luke 14:23. Not only should we go to the vast population centers, but we must go to the out-of-the-way places, as well. “In our planning for the extension of the work, far more than the cities alone must be comprehended. In out-of-the-way places are many, many families that need to be looked after in order to learn whether they understand the work that Jesus is doing for His people.” Evangelism, 45. Be there many or few, we have a work to do to share the message of mercy with others, and we have the special promise that those in the more rural areas will be even more receptive to the gospel than those in the dense cities of this world. “The people who live in the country places are often more easily reached than are those who dwell in the thickly populated cities. Here among the scenes of nature Christian character is more easily formed than amid the wickedness of city life. When the truth takes hold of the hearts of the simplehearted, and the Spirit of God works upon their minds, leading them to respond to the proclamation of the Word, there will be some raised up to help support the cause of God both by their means and their labors.” Evangelism, 46.

For the past several weeks, we have been laboring in one of those out-of-the-way places that need our prayers and labors. We have been holding evangelistic meetings in Mt. Vernon, Oregon, nestled in the John Day River valley, with mountains rising all around. While it is not a large population area, the Lord has blessed as we have sought to share God’s last warning message with the inhabitants. Before the meetings began, the entire county was blanketed with invitations, announcements were aired on the one local radio station, advertisements were placed in the local newspaper and an introductory set of meetings focusing on practical godliness was held. In addition to this, once we arrived, our Bible worker intern, Noah Hill, has been knocking on all the doors within the towns to make sure that everyone has an opportunity to know and accept this message. One of the highlights has been to see many of the people who came to meetings that were held here last year. Some have gone completely through a set of Bible studies and almost never missed a Sabbath service or any other meeting. Others have stepped out in faith and closed their businesses on the Sabbath, even though they could not see how it was possible, and the Lord has blessed even more than before! Others are still studying and struggling with the issues. Then there are those who have just started coming from this series and are eagerly grasping the truths the Word of God. While there may not be large numbers in this rural area, there are hungry souls longing for the bread of life. Tonight will be the last night of the seminar, and we pray that those who have been coming will continue coming on Sabbaths and take their stand for the last warning message of mercy. May we be faithful to the Lord wherever we are and in whatever circumstance we find ourselves. Let us not neglect the small opportunities around us, waiting to do some bigger thing. Every day, wherever we are, God is calling us to labor for Him. May we heed the command to “Go out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in, that my house may be filled.” Luke 14:23.

Your brother in the harvest-field,



Evangelistic meetings in Mount Vernon, Oregon

Letter from Cody: Philippines – September 2010

Brother Aque (in orange) with one of the church leaders

We look forward to the time when a great revival will sweep the church and world. We refer to it under various names: the latter rain, the loud cry, the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, etc.; and indeed a great revival is coming—in which thousands will embrace the faith! But what will bring on this great revival? “Let us give more time to the study of the Bible. We do not understand the word as we should. The book of Revelation opens with an injunction to us to understand the instruction that it contains. ‘Blessed is he that readeth, and they that hear the words of this prophecy,’ God declares, ‘and keep those things which are written therein: for the time is at hand.’ When we as a people understand what this book means to us, there will be seen among us a great revival.” Testimonies to Ministers, 113. May we cooperate with our Lord that this great revival that He so desires to send may come upon us.

Pastor Mike Bauler has recently returned from a very exciting trip to the Philippines where the Holy Spirit is working mightily. The Lord has opened the door not to a just few hearts but to dozens of churches from a very unlikely source. A number of years ago a church broke away from the Catholic faith to become more “Filipino.” Their main difference was that they wanted to worship the national hero of the Philippines, José Rizal, instead of the various saints of Catholicism. So they erected images of Rizal in their churches and worshipped him as their deliverer from colonialism.

Mike with those baptized from some of Aque's churches

Several years ago one of the priests in one of these churches became interested in what the Bible taught and was converted to Seventh-day Adventism, but his burden for his friends and once fellow-believers in this Rizal-worshipping cult did not cease. Brother Aque, the former priest, began studying the message with those within his former churches and an interest has developed. Through a mutual acquaintance, Brother Aque was introduced to one of our evangelists, Nanding Cabahug. Brother Nanding is always on-fire to share the message of truth. He began going to the areas where these churches were and giving seminars for the church members and for the local community. Through the preaching of Brother Nanding and the connection with Brother Aque, many are beginning to leave their idol worship and are keeping the Sabbath of the Lord! Even the leader of the entire church has been studying and accepting the message. He has read several Spirit of Prophecy books from his late father who was the founder of the church and loves what he is reading and learning. It is his desire to accompany Brothers Nanding and Aque to as many of the churches within his organization as possible to share the Three Angels’ Messages. The Lord has truly opened a door for the spreading of the gospel! Already four or five churches have left their old ways and are rejoicing in their new-found truth and many have committed their lives to the Lord God of Heaven through baptism. While Mike was there, he was able to give a short seminar in one of the churches; and, while there was some opposition, others made strong decisions to leave their former ways. In another church, nineteen souls united with God’s remnant people through baptism. Not just individuals are taking their stand for truth but entire churches, and even a denomination is seeking to become a part of God’s remnant people!

Seminar Mike held in one of the interested churches.

The Lord is truly working. Please pray for Brothers Nanding and Aque as they minister to the hungry souls who are seeking to untangle themselves from the devil’s deceptions. If you would like to help further the evangelistic efforts of Brother Nanding and his fellow workers in the Philippines, you can mark your donation, “Philippine Evangelism.”

Yours in the Master’s service,

Letter from Cody: Congo – Feb. 2010

Have you ever felt as if you lived in a fish bowl? As if everything you did was playing on a large screen for all to see and

New church and school in Congo
New church and school in Congo

comment upon? Whether we realize it or not, this is exactly the experience that we all have! Paul says, “We are made a spectacle unto the world, and to angels, and to men.” (1 Corinthians 4:9) Our lives are on the big screen. We are living in a fish bowl, but not only a fish bowl to our neighbors, friends, co-workers and family, but the fish bowl of the universe! The entire created worlds are gazing down beholding our act in the drama of the great controversy. “The sons and daughters of God have a great work to do in the world. They are to accept the Word of God as the man of their counsel and to impart it to others. They are to diffuse light. All who have received the engrafted word will be faithful in giving that word to others. They will speak the words of Christ. In conversation and in deportment they will give evidence of a daily conversion to the principles of truth. Such believers will be a spectacle to the world, to angels, and to men, and God will be glorified in them.” In Heavenly Places, 67. Are the watchers and holy ones beholding with delight the theater of God’s grace in our lives, or is the universe holding its breath in fear of the precipice of disaster we are treading?

Recently, it was forcibly impressed upon my mind again how much of a spectacle we really are. We were in the Democratic Republic of Congo traveling to new and visiting existing mission fields, and the further we got off the beaten path, the more of a spectacle we were. Men, women and children would gather around us and watch for hours even though we were doing nothing unusual—simply because we were a spectacle! While being such a spectacle is not always the most enjoyable, being out in the wild bush of Congo, where the Three Angels’ Messages is spreading faster than anyone can keep track, definitely is exciting! It has been several years since we had been able to visit the mission work of Brother Kasongo and his team of Bible workers, and so we were eager to be there and observe the progress of the work ourselves. Indeed the message is leaping from village to village and territory to territory. In the couple of weeks that we were able to be there, we visited many villages, saw churches that have been built, schools that are instructing thousands of youth for usefulness in this life and the next, and met thousands of honest searchers for truth. We would travel to a village; the chief would then announce that we had arrived and invite the village to hear the message that we were bringing; we would share an aspect of the Three Angels’ Messages, and then we

Village listening to the words of truth
Village listening to the words of truth

would open the meeting for questions. As the judgment, second coming, Elijah message, true gospel, etc. were shared, the Holy Spirit was present to convict hearts. Many times the crowd would begin to tremble, thinking of the judgment, and like Saul on the Damascus road ask, “What should we do?” (Acts 9:6) There were always questions in regard to the Sabbath, which when answered from the Word of God brought a determination to stand upon their new-found truth. As they saw clearly the Biblical evidence, many felt betrayed that they had never heard these precious truths before. May we not be guilty of betraying our brethren there! Probably the greatest of many needs there is for local workers to go to these searching villages and instruct them more plainly in the way of truth. Already there are over thirty sacrificing workers who have given themselves wholeheartedly to teaching and preaching the truth; but these need support, and more are needed, and we need your help to make this reality. Bibles and Bible studies are also greatly needed to ground the new believers permanently in the truth. Would you like to help rescue thousands from the darkness of ignorance, superstition and fear in this unreached section of Congo? Please pray for and consider how you can help to further this explosion of truth.

Yours in the hope of a quickly-warned world,


10/17/2009: God Is Not forgetfull of His Workers in Ghana

“As it is written, how beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace, and bring glad tidings of good things!” Romans 10:15. It has been my aim to advance the work of the Lord wherever and in whatever situation I may find myself ever since I was delivered from the bloody war in Liberia. I came back home to Ghana, where I took upon myself to enter into the Lord’s vineyard to work for Him. I started the work by going from house to house and into the market places and doing dawn broadcasting (going through communities early in the morning with a loudspeaker attached to a car and either preaching or announcing evangelistic meetings), etc.

Later, I began to evangelize the nearby towns, which meant I had to walk long distances, sometimes even at night. Some of my brethren and I were thrown away from some of the homes simply for the sharing our belief in the Sabbath. With all the troubles and discouragement, I took courage from the words of the Lord, “Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword?” Romans 8:35. Therefore I worked assiduously for perishing souls at all times, as the scripture says, “In the morning sow thy seed, and in the evening withhold not thine hand: for thou knowest not whether shall prosper, either this or that, or whether they both shall be alike good.” Ecclesiastes 11:6. “Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine.” 2 Timothy 4:2. In spite of all this, the Lord was not forgetful about the work I was doing; some souls were converted and added to the faith, and many consciences were aroused to the Sabbath light and health reform message.

As time passed, our Lord God blessed me with a motor bike with which to work. The bike was actually a big blessing to me, because it made the work easier and made it more convenient to reach the people wherever they were.

I entered into a new field with one brother, an evangelist, to hold an evangelistic crusade after some footwork through personal contact, house-to-house work, and dawn broadcasting. We spoke for a two-week-long nightly crusade in the town called Abenase in the Eastern region of Ghana. During the whole crusade, there were about a thousand people each night, which was very impressive, because the brother who joined me in the crusade program brought with him PowerPoint equipment and a nice, clear PA system.

After this nightly open-air crusade, a government-school classroom was acquired for evening classes and Sabbath morning services. We had thirty to fifty souls attending the evening service and close to thirty converts coming to the Sabbath worship services. As we went on with the follow-up work, a Seventh-day Adventist elder and his family were won to join our true and pure faith. The people of this town are mainly farmers, so we decided to start a farming project to help their living and the church, but the funds that the brother brought to support the crusade were spent. So there were no funds to acquire land for the farming project. Therefore, I planned with some other churches to host a camp meeting in order to raise some funds to acquire land for the farming project.

But unfortunately for the brethren and I, I had an accident with my motorbike when I was returning to the new church for the evening service. I was preparing to go to the camp meeting with the brethren the next day. A larger motorbike ran into mine from behind and crushed me to the ground, knocking me unconscious for a time. I had some deep cuts on my face, hands and all over my body and was bleeding. I also had severe pains at my waist, which made it very difficult for me to walk. I was carried to the surgical ward for some stitches on my face because of the bad cuts. I ended up being hospitalized for some weeks before being discharged. When I was in the hospital bed, my thoughts were of how this young church could survive and how I could walk on my feet again, because of the bad pains at my waist. Praise be unto the God that we serve, for He has kept the church in existence until today, and I also am healed and can walk and work normally like any other person. Even though my motor bike is totalled and the farming project could not go on because of the lack of funds, members of this church have been baptized and are now joyfully worshiping and serving the Lord.

Last year, I planned to enter a new field called Akim Asene near Akim Oda, but had nothing with which to start. I prayed to the Lord for help; and our God, Who is not forgetful of His workers, provided for me some funds to carry on His work. As usual, I began the work with dawn broadcasting, personal contact and literature evangelism. This time, I was the only speaker for the two weeks of the nightly public crusade. During these meetings, I touched on health, the gospel and the prophecies. The attendance during the crusade was great.

After the crusade, I got two brethren to help with the follow-up work. I got a classroom from a Methodist school, where we attend evening services and Sabbath worships. For this room, we were asked to pay some money for rent. A church has been established in this town, by the grace of God. These souls are seriously evangelizing and working for other souls to be won to Christ; therefore, the newly born church is always receiving visitors.

Among the converts, there is a boy named Kofi Emmanuel from a Pentecostal family, whose parents have threatened the church with the police and more. The parents asked the church to expel this boy, so that he might give up the faith of Adventism. Sometimes when this boy is ready for the Sabbath service, his Sabbath clothes will be pulled off of him so that he might not attend the gathering, but he still finds his way to the service. At one time the Bible and some books given to him for studies were confiscated by his older brother, a policeman, and set ablaze on a Sabbath day. Many, many things were done to this boy in order for him to forsake the faith, but it is not to any avail, and he is still remaining in the church until now.

I took a loan from my bankers to purchase an urban bus to run a transport business in order for me to raise funds for a bakery to be established as a project to support the church and an FM radio program. But unfortunately, the vehicle got in an accident due to brake failure. The bus is badly damaged, and I am praying to the Lord to replace it or repair it so that I can continue about His work.

By Samuel Botwe. Ghana. E-mail: s.botwe@yahoo.com