06/27/2009: 13th Sabbath Project – Philippine Evangelism

Mission Projects International produced a video about the work in the Philippines seven years ago. Since that time, we praise the Lord that your funds have been able to support many workers and much evangelism. The gospel has made its way into all manner of new places. Bible Workers have knocked on doors and given hundreds Bible studies. Young people have distributed thousands of pieces of literature. Lay people have reached many hopeless souls with their prison ministry. Missionaries have travelled to remote villages to share Jesus’ love with the heathen. Women have held dozens of Vacation Bible Schools and started many children’s Sabbath School classes. Evangelists have held full scale evangelistic meetings.

Youth Bible camps have been conducted to train the youth to be missionaries and to stand fast in the crisis that is upon us. Camp meetings have been held in several places on the islands to strengthen and encourage the faithful. And there’s more. We hope that you will consider the challenge this quarter of seeing how you can help to spread this precious message to those that are starving for truth in the islands of the Philippines.  

By Brian Palange, Philippines. Support for Brian’s work can be sent through Mission Projects International, PO Box 59656, Renton, WA 98058.  Website: www.missionspro.org

06/27/2009: Safe in the Arms of Jesus

May the peace and joy of Jesus Christ be with you always, is my earnest prayer. Brother Edmar and I had the joyous privilege of seeing how the brethren in Negros happily accepted the Three Angels’ Messages. Let me share the story with you.

Before we went to Negros Oriental, Basak, I dreamed I was riding my motorcycle and unintentionally entered a camp and to my surprise big killer black dogs silently attacked me. The dogs did not bark. They were just silent as they ran toward me. In my extreme fear I shouted to the Lord for help and miraculously I was able to jump my motorcycle to other fences. I suddenly awoke with my whole body shaking and I related to my wife my dream and we both were unable to understand.

To get to Negros, we must ride a bus for seven hours to Cagayan de Oro then take a ship for another day and then another bus to Toledo for an hour and then on to another ship for 1½ hours to San Carlos, Negros Oriental. On our arrival, the weather turned immediately bad. Only two days after our arrival, all ship travel was cancelled due to the bad weather. Prior to this several ships had capsized during inclement weather conditions causing the death of many passengers. But we arrived before the cancellations, safe and sound. We took our rest in Pastor Gregorio Caburog’s home with his family.

Attendees at the campmeeting.
Attendees at the campmeeting.

The first morning that we were there, Mrs. Caburog related one of her dreams to us. She had planned to attend camp meeting only on Sabbath because she had many responsibilities at home, but then she had a dream. She dreamed that night Jesus spoke to her, while wearing a white dress and having a lovely countenance. He said, “You must attend the camp meeting from the first day to the end. Support the work. I am coming very soon.” She suddenly awoke and decided to go with us that day to the camp meeting at Basak.

We held some preliminary meetings at the house of Brother Jun Caburog, where Sabbath services are held each week. His house is on the top of the hill overlooking the villages beside the seashore, about a kilometer from the highway. As we traveled to his house, we looked about at the neighboring villages and realized that most were struck by a heavy flood and storm. Several houses were being flooded and damaged and the road had been severely damaged. Miraculously, however, the village of Pastor Caburog was safe and we had a restful sleep that night. Praise God! When we arrived at the camp, the rain started to fall and within a few hours a strong wind blew through our camp, so that we eventually had to transfer the meetings to Brother Jun’s house.

On New Year’s Day in the morning while the storm was still striking us, I presented a sermon to the brothers and sisters about the importance of searching our hearts during this camp meeting. I talked about how we mustn’t allow common things to consume us so that we do not search our hearts and make sure that our lives are ready. After my sermon, Brother Edmar was to preach on health, but he had suffered severe pain of his throat before his time. We all prayed that he would be able to speak and we claimed the precious promises of God. Miraculously, when he got up and started to speak, his pain disappeared. But now, I lost my voice. Fortunately, I had already given my presentation.

I then remembered my dream of the silent attack dogs, and realized that these must represent the silent attacks of the devil. At 2 a.m. I awoke and started pleading with the Lord in my own behalf because of my pain. Afterall, I was scheduled to speak at 5 a.m. but I had no voice. Something like very sticky phlegm was blocking my throat. I tried to gargle with hot water and cayenne powder, but it didn’t help. Finally, I got up to speak, but I still had no voice. I tapped on the microphone and then said, or rather tried to say, “mic test, mic test,” but still no sound came from my lips. What was I to do? I bowed my head right there in front of my brethren and silently prayed, “Lord, help me!” Then I lifted my face to audience and said, “Good morning!” I had said it. I could speak. I continued to share with the people what the Lord had laid on my heart for an hour without losing my voice. I give all the glory to God for His tender mercies.

Pastor Gregory Caburog shares a message from his heart.
Pastor Gregory Caburog shares a message from his heart.

After my sermon, when I wanted to speak again, I discovered that my voice was gone. The Lord had given me the strength that I needed for the time that I needed. I later delivered other sermons on Revelation 7:1-4 and on the sentence from The Desire of Ages, page 34, which says: “Even one wrong trait of character, one sinful desire, persistently cherished, will eventually neutralize all the power of the gospel.” I was able to present both messages with a clear strong voice, only to lose my voice on completion of each of my sermons. This pattern repeated itself for every one of my sermons during this camp meeting.

Brother Edmar also presented more inspiring messages and too quickly our camp meeting came to a close. At the end of our camp meeting, we noticed a sudden change in the weather. The storm abated and the sun came through. We all realized that the devil had been doing everything in his power to destroy our camp meeting. He had sent terrible storms. He had caused voice problems for the speakers. He definitely was going about as roaring lion seeking whom he may devour.

My brethren, let us ask God to help us to be more earnest, for the harvest is very ripe already. If we will not ask for God’s power, Satan will do the harvesting and then present us at the Judgment as slackers. He is very busy today, not only spreading his wrath to the unprepared poor and weak souls, but he is also making efforts that he may claim to God that we are his own and unworthy of salvation. Let us pray as Jacob did. Nobody will get to heaven through the final events without experiencing a struggle like Jacob. May the Lord open our eyes and strengthen us by His Spirit.

By Brian Palange, Philippines. Support for Brian’s work can be sent through Mission Projects International, PO Box 59656, Renton, WA 98058. E-mail: info@missionspro.org. Website: www.missionspro.org

06/20/2009: We Were Hijacked By Gangsters

On Thursday, October 30, 2008, my wife, Florence, had gone to Chepseon, a village about 130 kilometers (about 80 miles) from our home in Kenya to inquire about a 12-year-old orphan that had showed up at our door asking if we would take him in. So with the boy she went to learn more about the situation from his relatives. 

My brother, Nelson, and I were in Nakuru City. Around 5 o’clock in the evening, we gave Florence a call on her cell phone to see how her day was going and when she would be home. She said that she was waiting at the bus stop for the matatu (one of the common forms of transportation in Kenya). I figured that she would be able to make it to Nakuru City within the hour and then we could all travel back home in our little car. I knew she was too late to catch a bus or any public transportation to our home that evening, so I would need to wait for her and take her home. 

After I had waited on her for forty minutes, I called again to see what her progress was and she informed me that she was now 30 kilometers (less than 20 miles) away from Nakuru, but that the road was completely blocked because of a head-on collision between two trucks. We all just waited for the trucks to get cleared off and for Florence and the orphan boy to make it to Nakuru, which they did about 8:15 p.m. 

We immediately headed for home with my brother driving. We were driving along pleasantly when we noticed that a stalled car on the side of the road was flashing its lights at us. We continued driving toward the car, which began driving straight toward us and then pulled across the road blocking us from any further progress. We were only three kilometers (1 ½ miles) from our home. 

Within two minutes, four gangsters came and surrounded us with their guns pointed straight at us, demanding that we opened the doors of the car, which we all did as nonchalantly as possible, then they grabbed my brother and me and yanked us out of the car. Next they demanded that we give them all of our money and the cell phones. I handed over the money that I had in my pocket, but they wanted my wallet too. I handed that over too, but all that it had in it was $1. They then got in the car and grabbed my wife and the orphan boy and threw them out of the car. They yanked my wife’s purse from her hands and then stripped it of all of the money that it contained and took her cell phone. 

At this point, I thought of all the important documents that were in my wallet: all of my ID cards, my ATM card as well as other important information and documents. I meekly asked the men if I might have my wallet back since they now had all the money that it contained. Believe it or not, after all of that rough treatment, they obliged me and gave me back my wallet. Then they tried to fit the four of us and the four of them into our little car that was full of produce that we had purchased for our orphanage. No matter how they tried and how they crammed, they could not make us fit in that car. They then made Florence, the orphan boy and me get out of the car and they intended to take off with it and with Nelson, but unfortunately for them (and fortunately for us) the car had died and they could not figure out how to start it again. They demanded that Nelson start the car by means of a gun stuck in his cheek. He started it three times for them and then they made a U-turn with it and then sped away with Nelson as their captive. 

What were we to do? We were stranded. And what would become of Nelson? Then the miracles started happening for us. A neighbor had heard all of the commotion and so came to check on what was happening. When we told them our story, they helped us report it to a policeman, who immediately called it in to the police station. After only ten minutes, two police vehicles with ten policemen, along with the owners of the car that the hijackers were using when they stopped us arrived on the scene. They took us to the police station so that they could interview us and write their police report. Then they escorted us home, while we drove our other car. 

We finally arrived home about midnight and I was hoping that I would find my brother there ahead of us, but it was not to be. I called the policemen back and asked if they knew anything about the whereabouts of my brother and my car. He informed me that my brother had been found alive and the car in fine condition. I thought that I would return to the station right then and get my brother, but they told me that my brother was locked in the station until morning. They did agree to let me talk with Nelson and he told me the whole story of what had happened to him. 

The gangsters had driven Nelson to a place that he did not recognize. They then stopped the car close to their residence and asked him if he knew where he was. When he replied, “No,” they gave him the car and commanded him to flee very speedily. Nelson started driving, but he did not know where to go so he was driving slowly, when a policeman came up behind him and stopped. The police were looking for my car and they had my license plate numbers, so they recognized the car. Before he realized what was happening, he was surrounded by forty police, all with their guns trained on him. They figured that he was one of the gangsters. But thanks be to the Good Lord in Heaven, not one of those antsy policemen fired a shot. 

The next morning when I went to the police station to get my brother, I was in for another interesting day. When I met the OCS (the officer in charge of security) and explained that I was the owner of the car and that I would like to retrieve my car as well as my brother, he, without even saying a word, pushed a bell and ordered the policeman that responded to take me also to the prison cell. “What was this about?” I thought. 

I was asked to write a full-detailed report on the incident and kept in the prison cell in order to do that. They kept me in there until 5 pm on Friday, October 31. As you might guess, Nelson and I were praying and praying together that we might get out of this situation. But, praise the Lord, we had many opportunities to witness for our Lord with the other inmates. I was able to contact Florence, who was fortunately allowed to stay free. Through her the message spread to all of our orphans and our workers about what was going on. They all started sending up prayer petitions on our behalf that we might be let free. Finally, at 6 pm, (shortly before the Sabbath drew on) I was released, but they refused to release Nelson or my car. 

When I walked into our place and all of our children/ orphans saw me there was a sound of rejoicing in the air as they ran up to me, while praising the Lord that I had been released. I then told them that they needed to pray for the two officers that were continuing to hold Nelson and the car in detention. These men had twisted our story around to say that we were part of the gangsters. 

On Sabbath morning, I heard the Holy Spirit tell me that I should go speak some words to those to men. So with two new Bibles in my bag, I headed over to find them. When I found the first officer, who had been so stern with me the day before, I delivered my speech. I said, “You, Mr. Officer in Charge of Criminal Investigation have been put here in this position by the Lord of Heaven. He is the one who takes care of you as you take care over God’s people. The people you are in charge of belong to the Lord. You have the power to release my brother and our car or to keep them. You know what the truth is though. You know very well in your heart that we are innocent in that matter and that we have been offended after being hijacked by being accused of crimes of which we are innocent. I am here, as the servant of the Most High. If you let me go to do His work that will be okay or if you decide to detain me, my brother and our car here, nobody will even ask you a question about it. But be warned, the God of Heaven knows the truth on this issue and He is watching too.” I then took one of the new Bibles from my bag and placed it on the table and told him that it was a gift for him and for his office. 

Immediately he placed a call to another office about our case. He asked the person on the other end, if our papers might be presented to him and he asked me to produce the logbook for the car. He then confirmed that the car was indeed registered in my name. He commanded the other officer to hand the keys over to me and told me to go to the officer who was detaining my brother. I walked out of there boldly and then repeated to that officer the exact same words that I had said to the first officer. I was amazed that I had the courage to speak like that. I gave him the second Bible. as well as a book entitled The Ten Commandments Twice Removed. Upon receiving these gifts, his attitude toward me totally changed. He became very kind and went right away to release my brother. 

This incident was a sore trial, but we can now see that it was the Lord’s will, for we have been able to witness to all of those inmates as well as the officers who are now studying the books and Bibles that I gave them. 

By Benson Nganga. The Fiwagoh Mission Orphanage. P.O Box 14390, Nakuru – 20100, Kenya East Africa. Telephone: +254- 722-589-195 or +254-720-224-465. Website: www.thefiwagohorphange.org.

Donations in the US can be sent to: The Gilead Institute of America, 6000 Olive Oak Parkway, Suite 114, Norcross, GA 30093 -1732. Telephone: 770 -270- 1087.

Donations in Europe can be sent to: Better Life Mission, Attention: Lena Clerc, Postfach 4, CH – 4938 –Rohrbach, Switzerland. Telephone: +41-62-962-4101 

06/13/2009: Bibles for Africa Update

Praise the Lord that He has given us another year to work for Him. May we all do some small part to hasten His coming. 

We would like to give a brief report on the work we have been doing in Africa. Many of you know that we started a “Bibles for Africa” project in 2002. The Lord has blessed abundantly. The devil has done many things to hinder the work, but we rely on the promise of 2 Kings 6:16: “And he answered, Fear not: for they that be with us are more than they that be with them.” 

Children in Kenya
Children in Kenya

Through your donations a church near Kilgoris, Kenya, has been completed for the Maasai people. When they accept the gospel, it means a dramatic change in their lives. This church had over sixty adult members, thirty youth, and seventy children. They are already outgrowing the church. We are praying that if the donations come in, this metal church can be turned into a school for the children, with one room made for a clinic for the people. Then a new block church will be built for them to worship in. A lady that is a government official’s wife donated two acres for a school and the church building. Her husband is not an Adventist, but he does not oppose the work, and is very congenial. 

Samwel, a pastor of a church outside of Nairobi, tells of going to the church in Kuria to help with a camp meeting. When the camp meeting ended, he and two other brothers were walking several miles to catch a bus to return to their homes. Kuria is a very remote area on the border of Tanzania. As they walked through a village, a group of men stepped into the path in front of them and asked where they were going. They replied that they were going back home after preaching for a camp meeting in Kuria. The men said, “How do we know that you have been preaching?” Samwel, told them some of the things that they had been speaking about. The men again asked, “How do we know that you are really preachers?” Samwel reached for his back pack and pulled out his Bible. When the men saw his Bible, they all dropped their machetes and knives and their arms fell to their sides. The men started saying, “Please, let us go, let us go.” Samwel and the two brothers realized that the Lord was answering their prayer and they quickly hurried past the men. They proceeded to the bus stop without further problems. Truly “The angel of the Lord encampeth round about them that fear Him, and delivereth them.” Psalm 34:7. 

An elder and a Bible worker have been studying with several members of the Catholic church. The man that owns the land where the Catholic Church is built has joined the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Three quarters of the members of the Catholic Church have either joined the Seventh-day Adventist Church or are taking studies and planning to be baptized. The owner of the land does not want the Catholic Church on his property any more. He is wanting to either buy the church for a Seventh-day Adventist church, or have the church torn down. We are planning to visit this area on our next trip to assess the situation and see if the church would be suitable and if the price is reasonable. 

Another terrible problem in Africa is the orphans. Due to AIDS, malaria, typhoid, TB, other illnesses and lack of birth control, there are large numbers of orphans. We are currently assisting two schools and orphanages (the school and orphanage are combined) and making plans to help two other orphanages. They both have over fifty children. They have no classrooms, very limited cooking facilities, and the children have to sleep on the floor, or wherever there is room. We plan to assist with a classroom and a dorm style room for the children to sleep in. 

We also continue to be active in printing literature in the native languages of Africa. We have printed Steps to Christ, Desire of Ages, and Great Controversy in the Swahili language, in Kenya. Christ Object Lessons was partially translated and now a volunteer in Tanzania is finishing this translation. For his wages, he has asked for one hundred of the books once they are printed. We are already arranging the printing for these. The printer is also going to print two thousand Steps to Christ books in the Maasai language. Many of the Maasai people, especially the older people, cannot read Swahili, or English. 

Desire of Ageshas never been available in the Twi language in Ghana. A high school teacher translated this book. He finished the translation and then died unexpectedly. Before his manuscript was taken to the printer, a mouse ate the last thirteen chapters. We had to find a new translator. We hope that this will be finished shortly. We have already made arrangements with the printer to print two thousand books. As the funds come in, we will print more. 

A college student came to see us this past November. He volunteered to translate Great Controversy into the Twi language. This book also has never been available. For his pay, he asked for a laptop that he could use for translating, so that the manuscript could be typed out, instead of being hand written. This will save money for the printer, and it will also eliminate the problem of the mouse! Please pray that this work may go forward to completion. 

The needs in Africa are great. We have been able to build eight churches, but more churches are needed, so that people can worship without the rain and sun interfering. More Bibles are needed. We purchased a thousand Bibles (hard cover, because paperback gets torn too easily) in Kenya in November, and five hundred Bibles in Ghana. We also purchased a hundred Maasai Bibles – they are double the price of the Swahili Bibles, but the people need to be able to read in their own language. We asked the workers to give them only to the people that are sincerely studying and those who have been baptized. 

There are so many people that have not yet been told of the love of God and of His soon return. “For years the perplexing question has been before us, How can we raise funds adequate for the support of the missions which the Lord has gone before us to open? We read the plain commands of the gospel; and the missions, in both home and foreign fields, present their necessities. The indications, yea, the positive revelations of Providence unite in urging us to do quickly the work that is waiting to be done.” Testimonies, vol. 9, 114.

“The Lord is coming. The end is near; yea, it hasteth greatly! In a little while from this we shall be unable to work with the freedom that we now enjoy. Terrible scenes are before us, and what we do we must do quickly. We must now build up the work in every place possible. And for the accomplishment of this work we greatly need in the field the help that can be given by our ministers of experience who are able to hold the attention of large congregations.” Evangelism, 39. 

If you would like further information, feel free to contact us. We would be happy to send a DVD so that you can see the work if you are interested. May God bless and keep each one of you as we unite to finish the work so that Jesus can return. 

By Bill Humeniuk, Advent Hope Ministries, Inc., P.O. Box 100, Campbellsburg, KY 40011.  Website: www.biblesforafrica.org

06/06/2009: Experiences from Sweden

Travelling through the countryside.
Travelling through the countryside.

In 2007 and 2008 we had meetings in five cities in Sweden. In each place we have held twelve meetings. In some cities the newspapers have written against us, even on the front page, and warned the people of this extreme preacher. Even two Seventh-day Adventist pastors have been interviewed, and they said that we are preaching a wrong gospel and have another view of the prophecies. When people saw this, they did not dare to come to our meetings. Some thought we were dangerous people. It is not so easy when people have sponsored these campaigns, when you have distributed flyers by hand and sent 40- 50,000 invitations through the post and advertised in the newspaper. 

In the first city, Jönköping, we had hired a hall at the University. All the papers were in order. When they saw what the newspaper had written against us, they called me (Abel) to their office and said that they could not hire out the locality to us. They had called a hotel and hired a room for us there, but when we came to that hotel, they had also seen the article in the newspaper, and then they did not allow us to have the meetings there. I went back to the university. It was just before the meetings should start. Then the leader there said that we could have the meetings there the first evening, but then we had to find a new locality. I could not accept that, since we had made an agreement. We agreed to discuss the matter the next day at noon. 

When we came to the university that first evening, they had set out guards. They were afraid that some trouble could occur. About thirty people came that evening, also the leader of the university and her secretary. The topic was Daniel 2. The next day when we met at the office of the leader of the university, she first commented about the meeting and said that it was a serious meeting and they could not cast us out of the university because of that meeting. But they had hired an advocate, and some of her near leaders sat there together with me. They had already decided to cast me out of the university. 

Then I pointed to the agreement we had made, but it was all in vain. Before I left the room, I told them why I had these meetings. I told them about the signs that the Bible has given that show us that Christ soon will come back again. I told them that I had a good motive with these meetings. I wanted to give this end-time message to the people in that city, so they could understand the time we are living in, and prepare their lives for Christ’s Second Coming. Before I left them I smiled and said that I did not agree with their decision, because we had made an agreement and I was not a dangerous person. They should rather listen to me than to the newspapers. But they had made their decision and I had to go out on the street. Now it was one o’clock, and I had the next meeting at seven o’clock. But I trusted in the Lord! By experience, I trusted that He would find a solution. And He did. 
Abel in front of the van they use to travel and share the present truth throughout Sweden.
Abel in front of the van they use to travel and share the present truth throughout Sweden.

Just after this I went to a school I had seen in the city. I wanted to ask for a locality there. I was just about to enter that school, when the mobile phone rang. It was the leader of the University. She said: No, we cannot treat you like this. We have found another locality for you in another part of the University. That was a locality just near the parking place, and it was new, big and open with all new instruments. That was a blessing. The Holy Spirit had called upon the hearts of the people and I had the remaining eleven meetings there. 

Between the meetings some friends and I passed out pamphlets about the end-time message. In each city we shared out about 15,000 pamphlets. Because we were friendly, the people relaxed and became friends with us, even though the newspapers had written against us. When this attitude or change occurred, then one big newspaper wrote a positive article about us, and in one newspaper the editor wrote a note in the newspaper and retracted what they had written against us, because he said there was no proof for what they had written. Once the newspaper had written a positive article about us, of nearly two pages, then the people on the street were so open to us, and it was very easy to distribute the pamphlets. 

Bente distributing literature despite the rain.
Bente distributing literature despite the rain.

We cannot tell about all our meetings and reactions, but in another city, Västerås, some people had phoned the hotel, and said that they would bomb the hotel if they let us continue with the meetings there. The police came twice and searched for a bomb, and the leaders of the hotel opened the door to our meeting hall just after the meeting that evening. They told us about this threat, and asked us to leave the hotel and continue the meeting at another place. We said that we understood them, because they feared for the hotel, the guests and themselves, but we said to them, “We are not afraid. We are used to reactions, and we trust in God.” We said that we should pray for them and the hotel, that God would protect us all. They accepted this and we continued the meetings. These meetings were especially blessed. Nearly thirty-five people attended all twelve meetings. That is remarkable as the people came every night. In another place we started with nearly eighty persons, but ended with only thirty. The last place we held meetings was in Borås. There we had about forty listeners each evening, and four people were baptized in the end of the campaign. 

In 2008 we have visited these cities again, and some people have now accepted the Sabbath as the Biblical day of rest. The seed has been sown, and now we look forward to a good harvest. 

God has looked down upon us. Even though we have had problems, because we, by God’s grace, have stepped forward with the end-time message, we have seen that He has always opened a way so that the end-time message has been given. We give all the glory to God for all He has done for us, and will appeal to all of you: Do not give up even though you have problems. When we are on His side, He will solve the problems for us! 

The Three Angel’s Messages to the Nordic Countries
We have worked as physiotherapists for about 30 years. Since 1990 we also have worked with our Ministry called the Christian Information Service. It became too much for us to keep up with. So we decided to give up our work as physiotherapists and only work with Christian Information Service. God has really blessed. 

On our webpage www.endtime.net you will find sixteen languages (soon to be seventeen), and we receive reactions from many countries in the world. Our aim is to distribute the Three Angels’ Messages to as many countries as possible, especially through the pamphlet called The Struggle Behind the Scenes

Spreading the truth through word and song.
Spreading the truth through word and song.

By the work of the Holy Spirit, through these pamphlets, many people have accepted the truth. Many people have been baptized, even Catholics and Pentecostals. Other people have been inspired anew, and now many people in different countries take part in the work to distribute this end-time message through these pamphlets. We give all the glory to God for the work that has been done. 

We recognize that many other ministries are working in the same way, and the message is the same. We see that this is a part of the last movement that God will use to fulfill His work, and no one can stop this movement. The work will be done! Are you willing to take part in this movement? 

Just now we have started a campaign to distribute this pamphlet to all the inhabitants in the Nordic countries. So far, by God’s grace, we have sent this pamphlet to all the inhabitants on the Ferry Islands and Greenland, and now we are collecting money in order to send this by post to all the households on Iceland. We have also bought a campervan. We are now holding street meetings, and we use much time to visit non- Adventists that we have sent newsletters and pamphlets to for many years. We are surprised that many of them already have accepted the Sabbath. God has His people everywhere, and most of them are in Babylon. Now they accept the end-time message when it is presented to them. Therefore we have to do our job now while we have the freedom! 

By Abel & Bente Struksnes, Christian Information Service, Vestrumsbygda 26, 2879 Odnes, NORWAY. Website: www.endtime.net. If you have the possibility to support us in this work, then please send your donation to Bank: DNB NOR, Bank ASA, 0021 Oslo, Norway. Swift: DNBANOKK, Ibannumber: NO 5623350911561 or account number: 2335 09 11561 

05/30/2009: Books for Romania

Last quarter I introduced you to Gàbor Demeter. Now I want to introduce you to Zsigmond Béla with whom he is working. 

Zsigmond was very worldly and had worldly friends. They were singing worldly songs together and had a lot of fun. But in his heart Zsigmond wanted something else. One day he said to his parents: “Let us study about Jesus and His sufferings.” This changed his life and in 1956 he was baptized. He was very glad that he was in a very active church and he was happy. 

The years went by and in 1990 a desire grew in his heart to work more for the Lord. He went to his pastor and explained to him that he wanted to work for God and that he needed a permit to go door to door. In Romania you need this permit, because the police will ask you for it. He got the permit and he began to work. 

Now he learned that mission work is hard work and that it takes a lot of time. It is not easy, but it has many rewards. He went from house to house, from village to village and from city to city. 

Mario and Lena Clerc, Baba and Zsigmond Bela, Gàbor and Terez Demeter and their granddaughter.
Mario and Lena Clerc, Baba and Zsigmond Bela, Gàbor and Terez Demeter and their granddaughter.

As time passed he gained many experiences. For example, last winter he went to a village together with his wife. They stopped the car in a street and went to the first house with a prayer in their heart. A child, 11 years old, came out. They asked if somebody was at home. “No,” the child said, “I do not live here.” Then a man came to the door. He didn’t live there either, but he invited them inside. They came into a room with a table and there they explained to the man and another lady who they were and why they had come. Then the lady told them that God had sent them to this house. Twelve years before she had looked into many different religions, but she did not find what her heart desired. This woman is now studying the Bible. 

But the experiences are not always nice. One day as they were talking with a lady, the man came home and called his wife from outside. He wanted her to bring something for him. She told him to wait, because she was talking with someone. He then cried out and asked her if she didn’t have a knife to kill them. 

Zsigmond has been working as a colporteur, but it has become very hard to sell books in Romania. The society has changed a lot since communism ended. The interest in religious things has dropped and the books have become too expensive for most people to buy. As a result of this Zsigmond one day suggested to his wife that they would buy as many books as possible and then simply give them to the people who were interested. 

Zsigmond and Gàbor do not live in the same place, but they have become friends and help each other in the work. At times they work separately in their local areas, but they do also get together and help each other. As they both have a burden to get the work done and get more people involved, they called together a group of about twenty people and prayed earnestly for the help of the Lord to expand the work. Then they all went to friends and explained to them how they work and asked if they wanted to help them the next time. Some came. And slowly the group has been growing. 

Usually they work together in this way: On Friday they travel to a city. Sabbath morning they go to church. There they tell the congregation about their experiences and how they work. In the afternoon they offer to have the church members go with them. Each one of the group takes a new person with him. They continue the work in the city for the next few days. Usually some of the people in the area become interested in the work and continue. 

The approach at the door is the most difficult part of the work. It is no longer possible to let the people know right away that you are a Christian, otherwise they most likely will not listen to you. Therefore they begin by showing the book Ministry of Healing. As a second step they try to find out if they have any problems in the family, and then they introduce them to the book Desire of Ages. A third step might be to find out if they are interested in history. Then they introduce them to The Great Controversy. Usually they bring books with them such as Bibles, The Desire of Ages, The Great Controversy, Christ’s Object Lessons, Ministry of Healing, Eden to Eden and The Marked Bible

After showing all the books, the people very often say that they are so sorry because they do not have any money. Then they tell them that it is no problem, because the books are free. They can choose whichever book they would like. Or they even offer several books for free, if they feel the need. If someone is more interested, they get the address and give it to some faithful member of the area, who can keep the contact. 

Gàbor told us two small experiences about how much a book can do. One day a poor boy was searching around in the garbage to see if he could find something of value. Then he found the book Desire of Ages. The book looked so nice that he quickly grabbed it and ran home with it. The next Sabbath the whole family was in church. Both the boy and his parents became Adventists. 

One day a man received the book The Great Controversy from a man in the street. He went home with the book and found it so interesting that he read it all night. The next morning his daughter and his wife wondered what could be so interesting about that book, and so they began to read it too. Later his son continued to read it. They learned about the Sabbath by reading the book. Then they went out every Sabbath morning to search for a church that was keeping the Sabbath. After several weeks of searching they found somebody singing. 

We are told to spread the books like the leaves of autumn. Truly this is what is being done in Romania now. 

By Lena Clerc, Better Life Mission, Postfach 4, CH-4938 Rohrbach, Switzerland.

05/23/2009: 3 x 5 = 3?

“We may attain unto glory and virtue, though weak, sinful mortals, by learning daily lessons in the school of Christ, by becoming conformed to the divine image, by manifesting His excellence of character, by adding grace to grace, by climbing round by round the ladder heavenward, by becoming complete in the Beloved. As we shall work upon the plan of addition, by faith adding grace to grace, God will work upon the plan of multiplication, and multiply grace and peace unto us.” That I May Know Him, 160. “

“I witness to my Lord that the teachings touched my heart. They show my life, as in a film. I have lived a dishonest life-a life of lies and thefts. My family suffered because of this and I understand now that this lifestyle will eventually end in death. I chose to accept Jesus as my Savior and my Lord. I will give back the goat and the sack of rice I stole yesterday in my native village of Dikanda from a widow by the name of Akoli Bernadette.” D. Wembo

“I am stunned to see an evangelist coming from Kinshasa to preach the message of God to my village. Since 1999 several pastors of different affiliations came to us, but they weren’t able to touch so many visitors from the village. A Lutheran pastor came in 2001; he left without success and never returned. Another evangelist from Kasai came in 2003 and failed. But now, when an evangelist of the Seventh-day Adventists came and spoke for three days, the people stayed and didn’t go to their fields to labor. I understood that this church is a true church of God, the Creator. My two children accepted the teachings and gave their hearts to God. I asked the missionary to build a church here in our village, in order to have all the people pray in this new church. We are willing to give a piece of land for this purpose for a church and for other institutions (school, clinic, etc.). I will persuade all our people of the Yenga village to quit worshipping their old gods.” Lohake Sona

“As a military man by formation after the fall of Mobutu, I had to flee the country because of the rebels. I went to Zambia where my situation grew worse every day. I accepted to go back to my country, where I was immediately arrested and tortured. After many interviews I was released and chose to return to my village, to a lost world, without any information about the political situation. During my military service I committed many murders. Of course I obeyed my chiefs, but my life became a life of fear and guilt.

“In 2007 I came across a missionary coming from Kinshasa to our village of Uvungu. After the teachings Brother Joel visited every home in the village, including my poor hut. He asked me to tell him my life story and he prayed with me. He told me to believe in God, who will grant me pardon and give me peace for my soul. He gave me a brochure, ‘Vie Nouvelle en Christ’ (‘A New Life in Christ’), a series of Bible lessons printed by Steps to Life and a Bible, both in Tetela, our language of Sankuru. I am praising God now, because I accepted the sacrifice of His Son. I am now His child, laboring in my field of rice and serving my village as deacon of the new Seventh-day Adventist Church in Lobungo. I am persuading my brethren and sisters who haven’t yet given their hearts to join me in the faith, because the Lord Jesus Christ, who saves from sin, will soon return to take us home, where will be no misery.” Dende Langa

Traveling between churches can take hours.
Traveling between churches can take hours.

What a privilege to share these stories from the Democratic Republic Of Congo, from Sankuru, a province in Kassai Oriental!

Our missionary there, Brother Joel Mapamu, took off from Kinshasa July 17, 2008, to fly to Lodja. He left his family in Kinshasa to go to a people poorer than he is, to Lodja and to some villages in the proximity of this central point. Some villages are located as far as 60 miles away and there are not real roads in this part of the world. We have a modest program of buying some bicycles for a few evangelists. Motorcycles would be more convenient, but the money is also scarce among the people of God in Europe.

Coming to Lodja after a few hours Brother Mapamu was met by our people, united in the faith. The seminar started the next day and arrangements were made for a special Sabbath School Seminar. He slept in the modest church village together with brothers and sisters who came from distant places. The

Children of the Congo.
Children of the Congo.

conditions were very difficult, but our Lord didn’t have a place to rest His head and taught us the way of self-denial and sacrifice. On August 3rd he had a meeting with pastors, elders, deacons and responsible people of the departments: Youth, Dorcas, etc. He then left Lodja, as planned, to teach the Word and win souls. The Lord accompanied through His Holy Spirit.

Upon arriving at Dikanda, a village 13 km (8 miles) away from Lodja, Brother Mapamu and team preached to twenty persons who made the decision to accept the Savior into their lives. Among them were two children of the chief of the village. During the morning hours they went to encourage the people in their decisions, this time in their homes. The chief came to see the missionary and his team and gave them two lots of land, one in the forest and another in the bush, where they can build a church and a school. Brother Mapamu reports: “I was touched by this decision and am praying that God gives means to Brother Minea to help us.”

A kitchen in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
A kitchen in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

This scenario was repeated in five villages, where the messages of the Three Angels are preached, the same old Adventist message. This is why the heavenly mathematics are different from ours: 3×5 = the same message preached and accepted for Eternity.

This is the fruit of the labor from this trip: five brethren were left responsible for the progress in the five villages where the chiefs donated land. Committees were organized and a young active brother by the name of Ahanga received a bicycle to visit, exhort and help his brothers and people from other nearby villages. He is faithfully sending a monthly report of his activities. Our main concern is to make disciples after the manner our Lord and Savior did when He called His disciples on the shores of Galilee. There is a big ripe field in Sankuru, but the laborers are few. The people of Sankuru are very poor, but they are laboring in their fields of rice to have something to eat. Let us cultivate and harvest the grains there for the Heavenly Chamber!

Here are listed the villages where land was donated to build churches and later schools: Dikanda, Yenga, Lushima, Ngolo, Uvungo. For you, readers, these are simply names, but for Brother Joel they are filled with living souls. And for God they are His children who want to be saved for Eternity. The activity report of Brother Joel Mapamu is full of missionary visits (65), Bible studies given (15), Bible Seminar held (1), families visited (55), sermons preached (11), books distributed (45), pieces of clothing distributed (25), baptismal candidates taught (125), prayers offered, sick persons visited, widows assisted, relief money given, churches visited (13). Brother Joel worked from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Some children pose for a picture.
Some children pose for a picture.
Of course the school of Lodja still has many needs. We helped them after a big storm, unusual for Lodja, tore down some fifty sheets of tin from the roof of the school, where now 540 poor children are studying, all of them taught by faithful Adventist teachers, who were taught by Brother Joel how to integrate the Bible into their curriculum. The roof was remade through the grace of the Lord and now we have the big challenge of building five new churches and five new schools.

By Samuel Minea, Democratic Republic of Congo.

05/16/2009: The Work in Northern Ghana

Map of Ghana“If the followers of Christ were awake to duty, there would be thousands where there is one today, proclaiming the gospel in heathen lands. And all who could not personally engage in the work, would yet sustain it with their means, their sympathy, and their prayers. And there would be far more earnest labor for souls in Christian countries.” Steps to Christ, 81, 82.

The greatest commission is to go to every part of the world and warn the people of the impending conflict. Though this message was given by Christ after His resurrection, it is a message to all of God’s people. The Northern part of Ghana has been neglected by both the government and the Christian community, leading to poverty and economic hardship. They also have very adverse weather conditions, with six months of rain between May and October. The traditional religion is purely idolatry. The head man or priest of the house leads out in their many superstitions. 

Pastor Ben Nyano presents a message.
Pastor Ben Nyano presents a message.

I have often listened to people tell of the problems in the north, but I had never visited there. I decided, after much prayer, that I must go and see what I could do to help these poor people. I didn’t know how I would come up with the funds, as I knew the people in the north would not be able to help. 

We are told that every command is a promise and I claimed them as such. “Let us go up at once, and possess it; for we are able to overcome it.” Numbers 13:30. “While the doubting ones talk of impossibilities, while they tremble at the thought of high walls and strong giants, let the faithful Calebs, who have ‘another spirit’ come to the front. The truth of God, which bringeth salvation, will go forth to the people if ministers and professed believers will not hedge up its way as did the unfaithful spies.” Testimonies, vol. 5, 381-383. 

Pastor Ben Nyano prays with the people who have answered the altar call.
Pastor Ben Nyano prays with the people who have answered the altar call.

On the 29th of October after a six-hour drive, I reached Kumasi and then spent the night there. The next day, I boarded the Bolga bus and after an eleven-hour ride reached Bolga around 5:30 pm. I was received kindly by the brethren who were waiting at the truck stop. We could not start the program, since the brethren had no funds to do the preparatory work. I had not thought of that and I thank God that Ebenezer Hills Mission sent the needed financial support within the month. As soon as we had the funds, we built a board for our screen, we built benches, planned the necessary meals, arranged for the electrical and more. Within one day everything was ready to begin the program at the main truck stop. 

Our next challenge was that all attempts to use the board to hang our screen failed since it could not withstand the wind. “What can we do?” we wondered. After much prayer, I noticed a multi-story building in front of our stage. I walked up the stairs and hung our screen from there. All the brethren were greatly relieved and it worked quite well. Next we set up our public address system. Because of the distance that I had had to travel, I did not carry a P.A. system, but decided to rely on what the brethren in the North had available. They had a simple system, but when I got to looking at it, I discovered that a microphone could not even be plugged into it nor the DVD player that we wanted to use to show people a DVD. 

Adults and children raise their hands in reponse to the call to follow the Lord all the way.
Adults and children raise their hands in reponse to the call to follow the Lord all the way.

The next day we called our brethren in Kumasi and asked them to send us an amplification system to handle three microphones. By 5:30 pm we had received our amplifier and were ready to use it. Now for more troubles: the amplification system was too powerful for the speakers and we blew out one of the speaker boxes and the two horn speakers. We sent our speakers in for repair. We decided to rent speakers while ours were being repaired, but when the rental company looked at our amplifier, they said that it was too strong for their speakers as well. Finally the father of the repairman convinced his son to loan us his speakers for our program. The son agreed after testing it with our amplifier and confirmed we could use it. To our surprise these speakers were also damaged by our amplifier so we decided to buy him a new one. The next day we went and informed him of the situation, but assured him that we planned to buy him a replacement. He refused our offer. He preferred to repair the speaker and have us pay him for the repair expense. We ended up renting bigger speakers from somebody else. They were quite expensive, but they did the job well. 


I never knew before that the people of Bolga are just starving and crying for the truth. The high attendance was a testimony to this fact. We made four appeals and from these, fifty people registered for baptismal classes. There are many challenges in the North. Around 80% of the people in the area are Catholic. One of the unique problems about working in the North is that the men do not attend church. They send the women in their stead. The biggest problem is alcoholism. Both men and women drink and it has become a business for the people. During their market days, which are three days a week, the people sell their farm products: millet, sorghum, corn, potatoes, fowls, sheep and goats, etc. I was surprised and saddened to notice that they didn’t end up taking any of their hard earned money home. They spent it on meats (dog, pig and fowl) and on alcohol. People from the South are making huge profits on these things at the expense of the people from the North. The youth are in as much hardship as anyone. Many of them have been abandoned by parents who have gone to the South to make money. They have to attend school and take care of themselves on their own. We especially targeted the young people in our evangelism since if they will change their lives now, it will be so much better for them as well as for society. 

The financial needs in the North are great. They need food and clothing, educational support and more, as there are so many widows and orphans. Your support, assistance and materials are most welcome as we launch a special fund to support the work in the North. 

By Benjamin Edward Nyano, Ghana.

05/09/2009: From Island to Island

Our aim is to establish our churches all around New Britain Island, which is one of the largest islands in Papua New Guinea. 

A village in Bangladesh.
A village in Bangladesh.

The 2008 Mini Loud Cry Camp was held in Matong village in East Pomio. This is a new area that we have recently reached. We have only one church member there by the name of Nick. He is from Wide Bay District. 

This village is full of cultists who worship in the cemetery every Thursday. What they usually do is cook foods every day and bring these foods to the little house they built near the cemetery and leave the foods there, thinking that those dead people in the grave may come and eat the foods, and help them with money, clothes, rice, etc., but nothing happens. 

To bring the everlasting gospel of Christ into such a village is very, very hard but we must fulfill God’s commission in Matthew 24:14. “Arise, shine for thy light has come,” is our theme. Isaiah 60:1. Our goal is to bring the true light into this dark village of Matong. 

For us in West New Britain to travel across to East New Britain right to the point of the Island is the hardest way. We must journey across many big rivers, bush track, rough sea and mountains. 

But we need this kind of experience before singing the song of experience in Heaven. We have heard how the children of Israel complained and murmured along the way to the Promised Land. Now who wants to be like them? To nearly every camp meeting we take the easiest route: sitting comfortably on a truck. But now we go the hardest way to prove what is in our hearts. (See Deuteronomy 8:2.) 

With Moses as our example, I, Pastor Michael, must be the minuteman ever ready to meet any challenge on the way; of course we see the power of God moving with us. That is why no one complained-when the rough sea nearly drowned us, when foods ran out and hunger made us eat the green leaves with dry coconuts on the way, when our feet became swollen from all the walking and our joints and muscles ached. Rather we praised the Lord that we were all safe. 

Forty-five of us took this journey (twenty-four women and fourteen men plus seven children). We started our journey on a hired truck that took us to Bagada where the road ends. We slept at Bagada then we hired a boat to transport us to Open Bay. It took three trips for the boat to ferry all forty-five of us. On that rough sea, it took three hours each way for the boat to travel from Open Bay to the other side of East New Britain Province. 

For some of our brothers like Robert Mondo and James from Hagen as well as some of our sisters, it was the first time to travel in a banana boat. When the boat started to hit the rough waves it bounced up and down and the sea started to come into the boat. Like the disciples of Jesus our hearts moved with fear and we began to pray as never before. Some of us prayed in Pidgin and some in their own language. It seemed that some would drown in that angry sea, when the boat went right into the big waves and all the sea waves came right over us. We thought we were sinking, but praise God the sea only filled the boat. It was a great miracle to go through the waves and out again. 

Praise God, we all arrived safe and sound at Open Bay where the logging company is located. We slept there the second night. Open Bay is isolated from the rest of New Britain with no roads east or west, just a logging track to Wide Bay. 

Mountains & river in Bangladesh.
Mountains & river in Bangladesh.

For us to walk from Open Bay to the coast of Wide Bay took us half a week. Then, to reach our destination at Matong village took us another two weeks of walking along the coast. It was hard with little children and women with babies plus our bags. 

I prayed all night, asking God to direct the mind of those Japanese loggers, who never worship God, but who worship money, to help us with their dump truck and transport us down to Wide Bay. Thank God, by His grace He answered our prayers and two Land Cruisers and a dump truck were provided and we were transported half way to Wide Bay. 

After that ride we had to walk 100 kilometers (62 miles) to reach the Wide Bay coast at Clarai. Then we hoped to get a tractor to help us carry our bags and women to Kilalum where our church is. But it’s hard to reach Clarai. It was too far: we had to walk and walk, our legs became painful and we felt weak and then the sun started to set. We realized that the time was 5 o’clock pm and Clarai was still too far away. Heaven saw this and a Land Cruiser appeared from no where. We thanked God and we slept there the third night. 

The next day was Friday. We tried to find a tractor to transport our bags and the women to Kilalum, but the tractor had already been hired by someone else. There were no boats, so we had to walk again, and it took us a day’s journey. We arrived at 7pm in Kilalum and we were happy for the rest. On Sabbath morning a big cyclone hit Kilalum village. Coconut trees were ripped right out of the ground and one fell adjacent to where Raphael, Chilong, Jack and Shaine were staying, but all were safe.It took two more days to walk to Matong village. Some men and women whose feet were swollen went by boat to Matong. 

Matong village is composed of a few Catholics, Seventh- day Adventists and many cultists who worship the dead people. Praise God that all the people of that village were very excited to hear what the Adventists would present at the revival camp meeting. We saw how they supported us with foods and invited us into their homes. 

A pioneer of the local (conference) Seventh-day Adventist church greatly welcomed us and was open to us. We visited with him about all the apostasy that is creeping into the church and he took his stand with us before the meetings started. 

The meetings were held for nine days. Every night all the village people listened to the choir and the messages presented right in the middle of the village. As the truth of the everlasting gospel was presented by Brother Robert Mondo with Pastor Michael, many of the cultists saw the error of their beliefs and made their decision to worship the true and living God with Nick and his wife. 

During the daytime we had training sessions on stewardship, righteousness by faith and leadership conducted by Brother Robert, Alen Erick and Pastor Michael. About seventy laymen attended. We were really blessed by the powerful messages presented by Robert. One memorable session was on the issue of the six-thousand-year controversy. We really enjoyed the camp meetings and all praised God on the next Sabbath when three souls were baptized and fourteen took a stand for the next baptism. 

Remember the isolated village of Open Bay? Well, a most amazing event happened on our return journey. Our laymen started to distribute literature, Ten Commandments Under Attack, Galaxy in Rebellion and Behold He Cometh. But all the people said “You do not have to give it to us. We’ve already received this literature. A young man came and distributed this literature to us but he left before you came.” We tried to find out who did this but have not been able to. We just wonder if it was an angel. Our next camp meeting will be held in Kove in West New Britian and it will be an interesting one. Our journey will be traveling by canoes or boat across the sea from island to island. We will also experience the good beaches and unspoiled nature. 

By Pastor Michael Loko. For more information contact: John A. Wolff, Pacific Laymembers Assn., P. O. Box 103 Glasshouse Mts., Australia, 4518.

05/02/2009: MARANATHA: Jesus is Coming Again!


“Many…will be seen hurrying hither and thither, constrained by the Spirit of God to bring the light to others…Children are impelled by the Spirit to go forth and declare the message from heaven.” Evangelism, 700. 


The children say thank you for donated shoes.
The children say thank you for donated shoes.

Part of the work we are doing here in El Salvador is child evangelism, which includes a special Sabbath School breakfast and weekly branch Sabbath School. We take every opportunity to teach and implant in the minds of the children the seeds of truth, trusting that these seeds planted in the early years will spring up and bear much fruit unto eternal life. These precious jewels of God are working diligently in El Salvador by handing out Christian material like the “Earth’s Final Warning,” “Health for the Nations” and “Behold He Cometh.” They are also evangelizing their own families, because most of these kids come from Sunday-keepers’ families. 

Children eating the breakfast provided before Sabbath School.
Children eating the breakfast provided before Sabbath School.

We all know that as the Holy Spirit moves upon the hearts of the children and they cooperate, they will bloom for Him. Our part is to teach them that the Savior is calling them, and that nothing will give Jesus greater joy than if they serve Him. The children are in high spirits. They come early every Sabbath with smiles on their faces, and they also are eager to learn new songs, memorize verses from the Bible and listen attentively to the Bible stories that are told. They also enjoy coloring pictures related to the lessons they have learned during the Bible study. 

Some of the children in the class thankfully eating breakfast.
Some of the children in the class thankfully eating breakfast.

The children are divided in three groups: kindergarten, primary and juniors. Right now we have teachers for each group but we need more Christian material for them, especially for the juniors (10 years and above). The primary need right now is to build a bigger place for their Sabbath school classes. Currently they are gathering in an open area close to the church and when the rainy season comes, they suffer because they all get wet. 

Dear readers, friends and brethren, we hope that you have all been blessed. We need your prayers and support for this work as the Lord opens the way. We are planning to have more programs. We have a total of 120 children. Forty-five are in east El Salvador (Twins’ Doors Village), sixty in Central El Salvador (El Almendro and La Libertad) and fifteen more in another part of central El Salvador (El Recuerdo Zacatecoluca). Please pray for and support us with these projects for the precious jewels of God. 

Adventist church members.
Adventist church members.

Since we have been preaching the truth for the last days, God has been blessing this work in El Salvador. Brother Arsenio, the Bible worker, tells us, “The first week of November we received two huge boxes from the brothers and sisters of the USA. These were full of clothes, shoes, Bible readings for the families, Steps to Christ, ‘Earth’s Final Warning’ tabloids, antichrist tabloids, Bibles, Christian videos and other kinds of Christian materials. These will help the displaced people around the community, especially the people in the island in the Pacific Ocean.” This island belongs to El Salvador and Brother Arsenio and other members of the church went there to distribute the material and find those interested in Bible studies. 

The literature has blessed us in so many ways. In December 2008 the workers had the opportunity to go to a special meeting of people from sixty churches of reunited Sunday-keepers, where they handed out more than eight thousand tabloids of the “Earth’s Final Warning” and “Health for the Nations.” We do not have special transportation for the church so we rented a car to transport the materials, as well as the brothers and sisters that distributed the literature. 

Getting ready for literature distribution in Costa Rica.
Getting ready for literature distribution in Costa Rica.

In 2008 we worked very hard, distributing Christian literature, preaching the gospel, giving Bible studies, baptizing new members, holding graduations as a result of these efforts and distributing shoes and clothes to the poor communities. We could do more, but we have limited resources in our churches. We need right now proper equipment for preaching, Bibles and hymnals and furniture for the church, especially for the kids. “We move forward in faith believing in the all sufficient power of God,” Brother Arsenio says. “Like Christ we ask, ‘How many loaves have ye? Go and see.'” Mark 6:38. 

The Third and Fourth Angels’ messages are under attack in our country. One attempt to present a radio program not long ago was blocked by the Catholic Church. Now we have begun again with the same project. Our radio program is on the air on Sundays from 7 to 8 a.m. “This is a precious hour of preaching the truth for the last days,” Brother Arsenio says. 

More Adventist church members.
More Adventist church members.

Pentecostals, Catholics and other Sunday-keepers love our radio program and the audiences are growing day by day. We have a dedicated phone line 24 hours a day where we answer questions and provide material to help the callers. Now we are making plans to buy our own equipment for the radio. 

We are also raising funds to hold a prophecy seminar combined with the health message in the central area of El Salvador. “Our team,” Brother Arsenio says, “is a humble team especially considering that the majority of them work during the week in their regular jobs and then dedicate the weekends to preaching the Word of God.” Doing this work is remembering God’s Word: “Go ye therefore, and teach all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and the Son, and of the Holy Ghost… I am with you always, even unto the end of the world.” Matthew 28:19-20. 



It is a blessing that God gives us the work of proclaiming His Word and warning message to this world. As the Laymen of El Salvador, we feel committed to our God to continue His work. Please join with us in these projects, as the Holy Spirit impresses your hearts and pray that we might be able to keep the message of the third and fourth angels going forward in this country. God bless you and Maranatha! Jesus is coming again. 

By Jórge and Sylvia Gonzalez, ElSalvador.