Philippines: Pastor Edmar – June 2009

Dear Pastor Mike,

Christian Greetings!
peace be with you !we thank God that the crusade were finish and for the whole week many were bless the message specially the newly converted in Christ. i give you the report of the work in san jose mahayag ,zamboanga del sur.

Church in Zamboanga
Church in Zamboanga

After the work in Nangan, Davao Oriental together with Pastor Cabahug and my wife, because of the request of the brethren here in San Jose, Mahayag Zamboanga del Sur (the place of my birth).

I decide to visit together with my wife maejoy vertudez , we travel on march 16 and we arrive on march 17 , it takes a long hours from davao to zamboanga del sur, as we arrived the whole member of the church were very happy . the church in san jose mahayag zamboanga del sur have a member of almost 30 persons. On the next day on friday evening we make a public crusade using projector,  I borrowed this projector from pastor cabahug for 15 days only and on that night we praise God because many were bless the message especially to my family, some of the member of my family, my brother and sister are roman catholic, and on the sabbath day all of my family gather together going to the church and they were happy to worship God on the sabbath day.

On the next evening I present another topic and many hearer were bless and on april 1, I present the sunday and idol worship,before I present on that evening I feel anxious to the fact that all the hearer and listeners of the crusade where almost Roman Catholic, but one of the member of the Church said to me that nothing to fear. We know that God help us and pour His wisdom to strengthen and after the topic that I present, one man stand and asking about the

Travel to Zamboanga
Travel to Zamboanga

topic and I praise that God pour His wisdom to me to answer the question and on that night i understand that God will lead us if we submit our life to him and on that evening, We were blessed. The crusade will end on April 4, friday night, and all the member of the church were happy because many souls converted in Christ.After the crusade, we back to Davao on April 5 for the wedding ceremony, I am the one who solemnize the couple, After the wedding , I go back to nangan to continue the work until now but this coming third week of june I decide to go back in San Jose Mahayag, Zamboanga Del Sur because there are many people who are thirsting “The Three Angels Message” and my prayer to the Lord that He will provide means for the support of the work. .God bless you and the ministry.
I attached some pictures of the crusade in San Jose, Mahayag, Zamboanga del Sur.
God bless..


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