The Lord is working in this predominately Catholic country. There are faithful brethren that the Lord has raised up to share the message of mercy with the forgotten areas of the Philippines. Here are a few areas you can help:



Brothers Nanding, Titing, Edmar, Tem-Tem and others are faithfully working for the multitudes in need of God’s saving grace in the Philippine islands. Their work is primarily centered in Mindanao and reaches out to the small mountain villages that most have forgotten about. For $150 per month, you can partner with them in taking the everlasting gospel to the islands of the sea!


Evangelistic Series

Brother Nanding is an indefatigable evangelist who is always planning for another series to lead men and women to their Savior. Recently the Lord has opened doors for him to share with entire churches and denominations. You can sponsor an entire evangelistic series for $500.


Mission School

The Lord has put into the heart of Brother Titing the work of training young missionaries to do acceptable service for the Master. He has started a missionary training school that is seeking to train young people to share the last message of mercy with others. Those who graduate from the training school are well prepared to share with others and endure hardness as good soldiers for the Master. Would you like to help train these youth to become a part of that final army that takes the gospel to the entire world?

If you would like to donate for any of these needs you may donate online now by clicking here. Please note the country and the specific project (i.e. evangelists, church buildings, etc.) you would like to donate to. Or you can mail a donation to:

Mission Projects International
PO Box 59656
Renton, WA 98058