The Lord is working in the largest country of the southern hemisphere–Brazil. There are families and ministries around the country doing what they can to share the message for this time with their countrymen. Here are some areas you can help:

Missionary Families

The DeSenna family has relocated to the balmy Amazon to share the good news of salvation with the needy inhabitants of the world’s largest jungle. They have faced trials and obstacles, but keep pressing forward giving Bible studies, training children for the kingdom of heaven and seeking to promote revival among the believers. They need our prayers and donations, would you like to partner with them?



The Lord has miraculously opened the doors to broadcast the last warning over the airwaves of one of the largest cities of the world – São Paulo. Alexandre and Olimpia have moved forward by faith and secured two hours of air time on one of the most popular evangelical radio stations in this city of 20+ million. There are around 35,000 listeners every minute and there they are proclaiming the truths that God has given to Seventh-day Adventists! It costs several thousand dollars each month to keep them on the air, would you like to help in this tremendous work of reaching millions?


If you would like to donate for any of these needs you may donate online now by clicking here. Please note the country and the specific project (i.e. evangelists, church buildings, etc.) you would like to donate to. Or you can mail a donation to:

Mission Projects International
PO Box 59656
Renton, WA 98058