12/16/2017: Youth Trip to Yasoru

Youth Trip to Yasoru

Young people hike for 18  hours to share the gospel in a remote village.

Many Christians around the world today are looking for the second coming of Jesus. Yet Jesus told us, “This gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come.” Matthew 24:14. Still today, many around the world have not heard this gospel of the kingdom—the unique message borne by the three angels that specifies the Creator, His divine Law and His seal—yet the message is advancing. Recently, it entered the remote village of Yasoru for the first time!

Located at the border of Morobe and Eastern Highlands, provinces of Papua New Guinea, Yasoru is not only difficult to access but is actually hostile to all but two Christian churches. The Lutheran Church staked its claim in this village first, and when the Evangelical Brotherhood Church came in, an argument ensued that caused injuries and even bloodshed. At length, the opposing parties reconciled and the community decided that no other denominations would be allowed in except the two churches already there. 

The first Seventh-day Adventist group to try to evangelize the area returned without presenting the message. The whole community rejected them at the outset of their effort, just as they had covenanted to do. Yet even though our youth group from Andandara knew that this previous group had been driven out, we could not feel content to leave Yasoru in darkness. Instead, we planned a visit to the village to share the final warning message.  

We had to hike 18 hours (60–70 kilometers, or about 40 miles) in a single day to get from Andandara to Yasoru—a difficult journey. The 22 young people climbed mountains, crossed valleys and tramped through thick forests greeted only by hunger and heavy rain, yet I didn’t hear them complain. At last, that night, we reached Yasoru village and found lodging with Allan, the deacon of the Evangelical Brotherhood Church.

The next morning while the young people erected a grandstand from which to preach the Three Angel’s Messages, a special beam of light shone from the clear sky right upon the workers, encouraging the youth with great hope that the Lord would be with them. Because of our nighttime arrival the community hadn’t been alerted to our coming and they seemed surprised to see the young people building a grandstand; yet no one questioned them. God had taken the reigns in His own hand. Of course, when the community heard the loudspeaker they understood that there would be public meetings!

After the first evening program the community members, led by their Lutheran leader, mobilized themselves to attack the Andandara youth group because they had already agreed that no other church might enter their area. Before they took any action, however, someone approached Allan, who had accommodated the group, to ask his view of the situation. He advised them not to touch the young people, saying, “They are presenting the same God, the same Jesus, and the same Holy Spirit we are presenting. They’ve got truth which we don’t have; therefore let them complete their program.” Praise God, the meetings finished successfully!

Allan and his family continued housing the youth until the meetings concluded. By the time the meetings ended the community thanked the youth for the programs, saying that they were in darkness until at last they saw the light. Now they are ready to build a new church—a Seventh-day Adventist church. Next time the Andandara youth group visits Yasoru, the whole community will be ready to host the meetings!


Luet Moyo

Luet Moyo of Papua New Guinea led the Andandara youth group on their mission expedition to Yasoru.




Pray for the remote villages in Papua New Guinea to be reached with the Three Angels’ Messages.

Pray for courage for the local believers to continue sharing the Three Angels’ Messages even amidst difficult circumstances.


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06/17/2017: Into the Battlefield

Into the Battlefield

A native of Papua New Guinea risks tribal fighting to return to his village to share the gospel.

On its borders, it is a nation at peace; yet tribal skirmishes ravish the highland regions of Papua New Guinea. Disputes over land drag on for years, leaving decimated villages, bereaved families and homeless survivors.

When tribal fighting broke out in Suawe Chimbu Province in 2010, 15-year-old Alex escaped to Kimbe, West New Britain Province. There he moved in with his cousin Paul, a Seventh-day Adventist who shared the messages of the three angels of Revelation with him.

Brother Matthew and Pastor Michael traveling by foot.

Alex kept busy with school and had no reason to return to Suawe Chimbu until 2016, when the Lord gave him a burden to share Bible truth with his remaining family. In constant danger of enemy fire, they needed the everlasting gospel!

Alex asked me to accompany him to his village, and so on his semester break we hiked into the mountains with three other friends. Passing through the fighting zone, we reached Alex’s village just as darkness began to fall. We set up the sound system and played music to announce our Friday night program. Although our coming surprised the villagers, people began to gather!
After the message we invited all to come and worship with us the next day. The village councillor tried to tell us we could not hold services, but the villagers cried out, “Please don’t stop them! We want the message to be presented. For six years of fighting we have been in the darkness of sorrow. Let the light shine on us and give us hope of life.”

Matthew and Alex conducting Sabbath School program.

Sabbath morning, ten souls attended Sabbath School and church with us—and we knew others could hear our message from their homes and fields. The Holy Spirit had already been working in the hearts of these ten attendees. After just one Sabbath, they were convicted and stated their desire to join the church.

Even though Brother Alex lived in Kimbe, he still owned land in Suawe Chimbu. This he offered to the new believers to build a church shelter and a house for gospel workers to sleep in when they visited the new congregation.

On Sabbath evening the boys went to another village to bring a big generator so we could show a PowerPoint presentation. We started that evening’s program with a message on health and continued with a gospel sermon. Praise the Lord—He brought all the villagers to that program. Everyone said they had never heard such a message, that the message of the three angels had given them real hope and true peace—blessings they had not found in their war-torn lives.

Generator used in the meetings.

Though short, our evangelistic meetings ended with good results. Souls embraced the truth, knowing that God had saved their lives during the years of fighting. They knew God was calling them to Himself, and they responded.

When the time came for us to depart, we left a tearful village behind. To show their gratitude and their love for the everlasting gospel they had received, they each contributed a few coins and came up with enough for us to pay our bus fare once we reached the main road. With sad hearts, we left them, promising to keep in touch and to return when we could to nurture the church and help them build a good worship shelter.

Our blessed hope is in Christ’s second coming. Let us work to win souls to Christ and prepare ourselves to meet Him!


Michael Loko
Brother Michael is a gospel worker in Papua New Guinea.




How You Can Help

Pray for the believers in Papua New Guinea to be united by their love for Christ and His appearing.

Pray for the new converts to keep their eyes on Christ so they can share His peace in their strife-filled villages.

Pray for more workers to go to spiritually impoverished areas and proclaim God’s last-day message of warning and hope.

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11/05/2016: Daybreak on Guie Island

Daybreak on Guie Island

Papua New Guinea

The cry of souls in darkness had reached our hearts, and my partner in ministry and I knew we must take another journey around New Britain Island, the long island directly east of New Guinea. Although we had no money for travel, both Manjo and I felt we must go forward in faith.

Setting out for the town of Kimbe, we hoped to catch a dinghy bound for our destination. God inspired some of the church sisters in Kimbe to provide our fare, but now we faced another problem: All the dinghies were owned by Catholics who seemed intent on stopping our evangelistic work by refusing to give us passage. Still, Satan’s efforts couldn’t stop God. Although we had to take separate dinghies and indirect routes, Manjo and I both made it to Rhangi, where we conducted evangelistic meetings. The Lord blessed!

After the meetings, we decided to visit a small island where Brother Paul, one of the laymen, had been working. Guie Island is a stronghold of the Catholic Church with no other churches on the island. At first it was very hard working there because the chief would not allow people of other denominations to hold religious programs. Yet God has His ways of breaking down barriers. Brother Paul knew how to do medical missionary work, visiting the sick and sharing the health principles that would help them recover. The chief himself went to Brother Paul for treatment for a kidney stone, so he was happy to permit Brother Paul to keep up his medical work. In time, God used this inroad to bring daybreak to Guie Island in the conversion of two families—including the chief’s own brother Justin, with his wife and children. Once they took their stand, they helped open the way for us to proclaim the everlasting gospel in that village.

To get to Guie Island, we had to carry our cargo down to the river and load it into a moan (canoe). We then paddled down to the sea and all the way out to the island. More than 5,000 people live on this small island, and there is no more space to build houses on land. Instead, the newly married families must build their houses on stilts over the sea.

At Guie, we stayed in Justin’s house for two nights. Each evening the people gathered underneath Justin’s stilted house to hear a short gospel message followed by a health presentation. Little children, young men and women and the elderly crowded in to hear the message. As hungry souls they grasped at the spiritual food, yet could not be satisfied in two short days. They implored us to come back and stay longer—which we hope to do!

While in Guie, we heard the conversion story of Brother Justin and his wife. Justin is a native to Guie Island, but while working as a builder on New Guinea Island, he met Monica, a Morobean girl. Justin, of course, had been brought up Catholic, but Monica came from a Lutheran background. After they got married, both tried to convert the other, but it never worked. Justin sometimes attended the Lutheran Church to observe, but Monica never went to the Catholic Church because she didn’t want to worship an idol. This went on for many years.

In 2011, Justin and Monica moved back to Guie Island, and in 2014 Brother Paul began distributing the newsprint booklet Planet in Rebellion. Justin and Monica’s firstborn son, now age 23, got one of the booklets and started to read. In so doing he found the truth about the Sabbath.

When Justin’s son shared this new light with his parents, they opposed him; but when he gave them proof from the Bible, Justin decided to read the texts for himself. In the Bible, he discovered that his son had been right. He told his wife, “Monica, we must keep the Sabbath.”

One day Brother Paul went to Guie to give treatments to someone who was sick. Afterwards, he stopped by Justin’s house and began to talk to him about healthful living. Seeing Justin’s interest, Paul told him, “If you want to hear more about health, I invite you to come to my church on Sabbath. We will worship together and you will hear more health messages.”

“Praise God!” Justin jumped to his feet. “Paul, we recently discovered the true day of worship, the Sabbath. Now we will make our stand with you.” He beamed. “Thank God for bringing you here to harvest us into the Kingdom of God!”

Rachael, another resident of Guie, is an educated woman who, because of her desire for Bible truth and revival, left the Catholic Church and joined the Assembly of God Church. For years she faithfully worshipped with the Assembly of God Church on another island until she came down with chronic asthma and could no longer venture off the island so often. 

In 2015 Rachael heard about Paul’s medical missionary work and asked him to come and help her. When she told him her problem, Paul said, “I will help you if you will agree to follow whatever instructions I give you.” Rachael agreed, and Paul put her on a 3-day treatment plan. Thank God, she received complete healing! Next Paul told her, “Come and worship with us on Sabbath, and you will hear more about the health message.”

One Sabbath Rachael took Paul up on his offer. When Paul saw Rachael coming to church, he changed his Bible study topic to the moral and ceremonial laws and the difference between the seventh-day Sabbath and the ceremonial sabbaths. Rachael wrote down every Bible text, and for three weeks afterward she searched the Bible to confirm the truth of Paul’s words. When she was convinced, she took her stand for the Sabbath.

Rachael’s husband Benson, a staunch Catholic, was harder to win. When Rachael and their three sons began attending church on Sabbath, Benson stayed home. Still, the Holy Spirit was working. When I spoke on Guie Island underneath Justin’s house, Benson came to the meetings. The truth pricked his heart and he took his stand to keep the Sabbath with his family.

Now that they and their families have accepted the truth, both Justin and Rachael have become gospel workers. Justin, though still in baptismal classes himself, has started to do street preaching and medical missionary work. He also does his best to share seeds of truth with his relatives, including the chief. Rachael wants to become a medical missionary, and has begun by helping her extended family learn how to live healthfully. Pray that these two families will become bright witnesses for truth on Guie Island!

Finally, please join us in prayer that God will provide us traveling funds for our work and if possible our own dinghy to travel from island to island reaching lost souls. “If we had our own boat, we could move quickly to warn the unsaved before night comes to our world!”

By Michael Loko. New Guinea Islands Lay Members Association, PO Box 173, Bialla, West New Britain, Papua New Guinea; lokomichael9@gmail.com. To donate, contact John A. Wolff at johnw@tsn.cc.

03/19/2016: Shining Lights

Shining Lights

Papua New Guinea


Francis, a brother from the East Sepik province of Papua New Guinea, was brought up in the Assembly of God Church. He was very faithful to the church and served them as a musician. He has a good education and works hard for a big company in the town of Kimbe on New Britain Island.

Not long ago he met a widow named Agnes who lived in Tiauru. Agnes eventually left Tiauru and began living with her older sister in Kimbe. It was there that she met Francis and they married. One day, Daniel, one of our church members, was discussing business with Francis and ended up talking about health. Daniel told Francis about the health message. Francis was convinced and he went home that day and told Agnes about what he heard. They both decided to worship with our brethren in the Gavuvu home church one Sabbath.

That Sabbath was the turning point in their lives. They found the present truth which eventually led them to take their faithful stand with us and uphold the truth. They began worshipping with us in Gavuvu, both learning new truths that they had never known before. They were very blessed. Eventually they left Kimbe and moved back to Tiauru where they both continue to worship with us.

Another testimony comes from young Sophia who lives with her family on the Barema oil palm settlement. Sophia has only one hand because her other hand had to be amputated when she was still a baby. But she is a very strong girl and is able to do her work using only her right hand. She is a very good farmer and plants gardens of cabbage and peanuts, among other produce, in order to support herself and not be dependent on her family.

The Barema laymen church hosted a health evangelistic meeting and invited me to be the guest speaker. It was an open air meeting and many people from different Sunday-keeping churches attended the program. One of them was Sophia. Every night she heard the health message that was presented with pictures in a slide show and was converted to the present truth.

The first Sabbath after the meeting she joined us in worship and found out that the Sabbath is the true day of worship. She left her Sunday-keeping church and fully made her decision to stand on the Lord’s side. She is now in baptismal class, studying more truth in the Barema church. Sophia said that when she is baptized and fully knows the truth, she will go to her village in Hagen and establish the work there. Her whole family worships on Sunday and do not know the saving truth, so she wants to go and bring them over to the safe side. Please pray for young Sophia. She is a faithful young girl and is very serious in her new found faith.

Agatha is a young mother from Chimbu Province. She also lives in the Barema community and had breast cancer. She sought medical treatment, but it didn’t help her. She had to accept that she would die. Finally, she heard about our group of medical missionaries in Barema and came seeking help. By God’s grace, our medical missionaries enrolled her into their treatment program and, with their assistance, she was healed through faith.

After her healing, Agatha knew that the true church of God was teaching the health message, which she had never heard in her Sunday-keeping church. She told her husband, who never attended church, “God has proven His power in my life. I should have died, but God had a plan for me to hear the present truth and be safe in Heaven.” So she took her stand and attended baptismal class. Today she is an active church member and her testimony is a great shining light to the Barema community. She always has a smile on her face because she should have been in the grave, but instead she thanks God that she is alive. She faithfully lives the health principles.

Marry is a mother from Goroka, Eastern Highlands Province. She used to be a Seventh-day Adventist, but does not live a healthy lifestyle and she and her husband face many health problems. One day, she and her husband decided to attend our church in Vilelo. There they discovered the health message, which they never knew before. They also took their stand and were baptized. When they began keeping the health principles they saw great changes in their lives. All of their disorders which had affected them so greatly, are now gone from their bodies.

Dorothy is from Tolai, Indonesia. She is married to John, who is from Goroka and they live in the Vilelo oil palm settlement in Bialla. In 2014, Dorothy was affected by tuberculosis of the bone which left her paralyzed. She can’t walk but lies on her bed and has to have John clean her and take care of her. She slept for months, mostly on just one side and developed a big sore. Worms started eating her alive. Her husband and family knew that she would die. But they decided to take her to Bialla Health Center so she could be helped by the nurses and doctors.

One of Dorothy and John’s sons also had tuberculosis so they took both Dorothy and eight-year-old son to the hospital. Both were admitted, but the nurses and doctors couldn’t help. Even the medication was useless. The ward in which they slept stank because of Dorothy’s wounds. Flies flew in and out and all the nurses and patients complained about her. When Dorothy knew that she and her son would die, she couldn’t talk because of crying. The doctor decided to send her back home to die.

The next day, while still in the hospital, her son died. What a heartbreak to her and her husband. They wept and Dorothy knew that she would die next. The next day, the doctor sent her and her son’s body home. They buried him and Dorothy stayed at home, waiting to die. It was at this point that our medical missionaries heard about her and visited. They prayed with her and gave her hope that she must accept Jesus before she died. They helped her with simple remedies including herbs and hydrotherapy.

Praise God, she began to be healed. The medical missionaries continued working with her for months and she was finally completely restored to health and started walking again. She can now walk a mile to the Vilelo church to worship on Sabbath. She now comes every Sabbath and is receiving Bible studies and is ready to be baptized. She came to our campmeeting and enjoys feasting on the Word of God. She smiles because she found the truth which she had never known before and would have died but God saved her life from her worse-than-dead body full of worms. She came alive to serve our God. Please pray for Dorothy; her testimony shines out as a light in the community. Many people have decided to come and find out what really healed her and we direct them to the saving truth.

By Pastor Michael Loko. Pacific Lay Members Association, PO Box 103, Glasshouse Mts., Australia 4518. To donate, contact John A. Wolff: johnw@tsn.cc.

04/11/2015: A Dream Come True

A Dream Come True

Papua New Guinea

A Dream of Books in Kokopo

If you stand close to Jacob his face may frighten you. The bones and tissues around his eyes have been damaged and his nose is nearly flat. This is because Jacob used to be a hard core criminal in Kokopo and on many occasions the police beat him with guns, rocks, sticks, and iron. He nearly died, but God had a plan for his life. Today, Jacob has found Jesus and the truth of the Three Angels’ Messages and he is a happy man. He now says he is waiting for that time when the trumpet will sound and his face will change into something glorious. “Beloved, now are we the sons of God, and it doth not yet appear what we shall be: but we know that, when he shall appear, we shall be like him; for we shall see him as he is.”  1 John 3:2.

Jacob gave up his criminal life, accepted the truth, and joined the Seventh-day Adventist church. He took this truth back to his village and has helped to convert some of his family members and build a home church. He worked hard to buy what few tracts, Spirit of Prophecy books, and Bibles he could. One night he had a dream. He saw a ship unload pallets onto the wharf and he opened one. Inside were boxes of Spirit of Prophecy books and other literature. He awoke with tears in his eyes. Jacob thought of that dream and wondered if it would come true. He prayed and told God about his need for the books so he could share the Sabbath truth with his people. He can’t preach to all the thousands of people in Kokopo, but the literature can. He told his family about the dream and said maybe God has some plan for us, let’s just wait and see.

Just a little after Jacob’s dream, a man named Felix Minalom was worried. Pallets of books and other literature had arrived in Kokopo from Australia and he wasn’t sure how he was going to distribute all of it. He called me and I told him to distribute the books to our churches in the East New Britain Province. So Felix awaited for my arrival in Kokopo to assist him.

The following day, Felix and his wife went into the city of Kokopo. They walked the back streets towards the lands office and as they drew near they saw Jacob standing outside the building. Felix knows Jacob very well and he suddenly felt a need to tell Jacob about the pallets, and so he did. At that moment, Jacob cried out and said, “This is my dream! It’s a reality now! Please take me to your house so I can see for myself!” So they took Jacob to their house and when he saw all the boxes of books he fell down on his knees and prayed with tears. He thanked God for blessing him with the opportunity to bless Kokopo with the truth contained in this literature. I arrived and helped Jacob transport all the books to his village. When his family saw the books they were amazed that the dream had come true.

Do you know what? Within two weeks all the boxes of books and literature had been distributed. This all occurred while I was in Kimbe running an evangelistic program. When I returned to Kokopo, and went with Felix to Jacobs’s house, I could see all the books were gone. I asked him how he was able to distribute them in only two weeks. I had thought that some would be left over and we could give them to our churches. But Jacob said, “You’ve gotten shipments of these books many times, but God showed me that this pallet was mine. People from all walks of life, from many different villages, came to me night and day to collect the literature. My home shone out the great light of truth and both Sunday-keepers and Seventh-day Adventist church members came to me, too. Within these two weeks every book was taken.”

I asked him if there had been any feedback from people who had taken literature and Jacob very happily said that the Sunday-keepers have given him a good response. Many of them see the light of the Sabbath truth and are beginning to study more. Many of the poor people from the Seventh-day Adventist churches were very happy to get the blessing of this literature, which costs them nothing. There were some churches that were angry with Jacob for giving out free books, for they were trying to sell books, but Jacob just smiled and said, “God brought these books to me. Whatever you wish to do, you will be doing it to a hard-core criminal. God chose me to do His will, and like Saul who became Paul I am ready to receive your persecution for the Lord’s sake.” Jacob told me, “I am taking my bold stand with you and will support the work of spreading the Three Angels’ Messages. My church and I will be with you as supportive laymen.”

Please pray for Jacob, his church members, and the work in Kokopo.


Lost Sheep Back in the Fold

We have a wonderful nature camp in New Britain which sits on a mountainside and looks over the sea. Nearby is a big river, surrounded by beautiful trees and set to music by many different birds. It’s here where we can rest our minds and let the book of nature teach us important lessons about God. As the wind blows, we feel the coolness that refreshes us from all the burdens of life. This wilderness camp is bringing a true revival to many church members that have been lost for years. Many have repented and we thank God that the lost sheep have been found and returned to the fold.

One sister was a former Seventh-day Adventist. She was lost out in the world for many years, but she developed a very serious illness and was close to death. It was then that she decided to give her life to the Lord. She attended nature campmeeting and was touched by the messages there and made her decision to be baptized. Now she is a happy woman who received both physical and spiritual healing from the Lord.

Many church members make their commitment to the Lord by taking the Lord’s supper. Like the upper room experience, we confess our faults to one another and pray together, looking forward to that great day of the Lord. Who will be able to stand? Only those who have a clean heart will be able to stand and see God coming in great power and glory. Let us all be there!


By Pastor Michael Loko. Mail: Pacific Lay Members Association, PO Box 103, Glasshouse Mts., Australia 4518. Donations: John A. Wolff, ANZ Bank, BSB 014-507, Account No. 5005 88883, Swift Code ANZBAU3M (for overseas use), “Laity Trust Account” (notation).




03/21/2015: Like Paul and Silas

Like Paul and Silas

Papua New Guinea


“Therefore seeing we have this ministry, as we have received mercy, we faint not; But have renounced the hidden things of dishonesty, not walking in craftiness, nor handling the word of God deceitfully; but by manifestation of the truth commending ourselves to every man’s conscience in the sight of God. But if our gospel be hid, it is hid to them that are lost: In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them. For we preach not ourselves, but Christ Jesus the Lord…. For God, who commanded the light to shine out of darkness hath shined in our hearts, to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.” 2 Corinthians 4:1-6.

Brothers Manasa and David and I flew to the town of Vanimo, which is close to the Indonesian border. Vanimo is a very peaceful town with beautiful scenery that attracts many tourists. But for us it is a new mission field where we plan to establish God’s work. Along with three sisters from the area, we developed a plan to share the gospel with the local people. When Manasa, David, and I arrived we were warmly welcomed by these three brave sisters. You see, the sisters met with opposition from those who were against the program, but they stood firm to their decision. They told the Counsellor of Vanimo about the program and he was very happy to hear it. He told them that not only were they welcome to share the gospel, but that they could hold the meetings in front of his own home.

While in Vanimo, we stayed with one of the sisters, a relative of mine named Karolyn. She is married to a Catholic. Her sister is Monica, the head deaconess of the local Seventh-day Adventist church. Their sister Joyce is a single mother. These three sisters stood bravely, without support from the men, and arranged the evangelistic meetings for us.

The town is mainly composed of Sunday-keeping churches, and most of them are Catholic. When the people heard the news about the meetings, the townspeople were excited because nothing like that had ever happened there before. Hundreds of people attended the first meeting. Brother Manasa started it off by sharing the health message. I spoke the main message which was on end-time prophecy. It was a very shocking message to those Sunday-keepers and they couldn’t sleep that night. They discussed the truth they heard and came back very early the next morning to question us. When we answered them and clarified the truth, they accepted it.

One of the interested people was Silas. He is from Jayapura in Indonesia and his father is a very respected man in a high position in the Indonesian government. Because his family is Muslim, Silas asked us to pay a visit to his father and share with him the truth about the true God that we worship. So Manasa, David, and I made a plan to cross the border into Indonesia on Thursday, spend the night in Jayapura, and return on Friday. So we went to the embassy office in Vanimo to short-cut our visa before we crossed the border. We were very excited to go to this Muslim country. But we were like Paul and Silas entering Europe, not knowing that they would end up in jail.

We rode in a taxi for the three-hour drive from Vanimo to Jayapura. Our driver, Sadir, was Muslim and became our friend. He took me to his home to spend the night and while there I shared the truth about the true God with him, his wife, and some of his neighbors. They were very interested in this message and wanted me to go to his village and share the truth with the people there, too. I told him that if it were possible, I would come back on my next trip.

On Friday, the three of us were ready to travel back to Vanimo, so we went to the Papua New Guinea embassy to get Manasa and David their visas. But we were sadly told that the manager who distributed the visas was out of town and wouldn’t be back until next Tuesday. Our flight out of Vanimo was scheduled for Monday. Oh, what to do? We tried our best to find a way to get the visa, but the office just told us to wait until Tuesday. Because it was Friday, the holy day for Muslims, every office and shop began to close.

I asked my friend Sadir to take us back to the border, so he drove us back and when we arrived Manasa and David were arrested and taken back to Indonesia and put in jail. With a broken heart, I alone returned to Vanimo. The sisters and all the new interests were waiting for us. When they saw I was alone the sisters started crying and hugged me. I told them we must pray to God because He alone can make it possible for the brothers to be released from jail and their visas sorted out before Monday. If we missed our flight, it would be very expensive. So we all prayed.

Thank the Lord, He answered our prayers immediately! That Sabbath I returned to the border and the police released the brothers. We were given the cell phone number of the visa manager. So we returned to Jayapura and finished the Sabbath there. I called the visa manager and explained the situation. He was cooperative, praise the Lord! He said he would fly over and sign the visa because, “You are the servant of God and I must obey His voice and release the brothers, so you can all go out to do His work.”

Praise God! What a mighty God we serve who can touch the heart of a man in a high authoritative position and lead him to spend his own money to come help simple servants of God. It’s a great testimony for us and we will not forget it.

“Though enemies may thrust them into prison, yet dungeon walls cannot cut off the communication between their souls and Christ. One who sees their every weakness, who is acquainted with every trial, is above all earthly powers; and angels will come to them in lonely cells, bringing light and peace from heaven. The prison will be as a palace; for the rich in faith dwell there, and the gloomy walls will be lighted up with heavenly light as when Paul and Silas prayed and sang praises at midnight in the Philippian dungeon.” The Great Controversy, 627.

After the week-long series, with day and night sessions in Vanimo, the three brave sisters have learned the truth of medical missionary work and the Three Angels’ Messages for themselves. They now take a bold stand with us and are ready to go into the mission field. They have called and told me that the work is now on fire. A Seventh-day Adventist man in the area has offered his truck to transport us to the villages around Vanimo to do the Lord’s work and some of those who were against us in the beginning are now coming to us to learn more. A home church has been established by two women near the border of Indonesia.

We are thankful to God for opening up the mission fields of Vanimo and Jayapura. Seeds have been sown and a few souls have taken their stand for the Lord. Manasa, David, and I also want to thank the donors from overseas who funded our trip. We are witnessing souls taking their stand for the truth all over Papua New Guinea as a direct result of your donations that help support workers and their travel.

We are appealing for more funds to help us move the work into the Muslim country of Indonesia and establish a church there so a light can shine out for millions of Muslim souls to come to the true God and serve Him before probation closes and the work is over.


By Pastor Michael Loko. Mail: Pacific Lay Members Association, PO Box 103, Glasshouse Mts., Australia 4518. Donations: John A. Wolff, ANZ Bank, BSB 014-507, Account No. 5005 88883, Swift Code ANZBAU3M (for overseas use), “Laity Trust Account” (notation).

03/16/2013: The Three Angels Flying

The Three Angels Flying

in Papua New Guinea


Papua New Guinea is a country not well known in the United States, and if we know anything about Papua New Guinea, it is too often a false idea gained from the pictures of heathen tribal life with painted faces and primitive dances. What is not well known about Papua New Guinea is that life is civilized (although definitely still in the “developing country” category), the people are very friendly, and there is an abundance of fruits and vegetables. Also, many of the people know a little English to communicate. While this is a pleasant surprise, the country itself (anywhere outside the capital of Port Moresby) is very isolated from the rest of the world. Internet service is almost nonexistent. Cell phones, while abundant, work only within the country. To give you an idea of the isolation, I could not even find a post card to buy, not even at the post office in Kimbe, the largest town on the island of New Britain.


Brother Gideon on the left and Brother Samuel Taugai .

Within this country is a well-organized company of independent Seventh-day Adventist believers known as the Lay Members Association. Each region has its own autonomous association, over which is a larger grouping of delegates from each of these associations, coordinating activities for the association as a whole. John and Dianne Wolff from the Brisbane, Australia, area help to keep these companies of believers supplied with literature. Last year, working with 3 Angels Publishing in Tennessee, they financed the printing of 33,000 Steps to Christ in the Pidgin English language, which have been distributed to various ports in Papua New Guinea for the members and evangelistic work. (Earlier, 14,000 Steps to Christ in English had already been purchased from 3 Angels Publishing and distributed.)

John Wolff also provides funds to send a worker from Australia, New Zealand or the United States from time to time, to teach and preach for the Lay Members Association. In May and June of 2012, it was my privilege to be sent on such a mission trip to the village of Buvussi on the island of New Britain, where a school was being held for Bible workers mainly from the island, but also from three other parts of Papua New Guinea. There were about 25 students. I taught subjects on the Godhead, Daniel and Revelation, the gospel and other Bible doctrines in the second phase of their school. Earlier, Brother Manasseh from Fiji had come for the first phase of the training school and taught nutritional cooking, anatomy and physiology and medical missionary work. The Lord blessed the classes, which will help to keep His people in the unity of present truth. The evenings were spent viewing a PowerPoint program that often reviewed the lessons of the day.

I reaped the great benefits of Brother Manasseh’s tutelage in the excellent meals that I enjoyed there. Food items included three varieties of taro, plantain, bananas, pit pit (the edible stalk of a wild cane), cassava, greens (four varieties, including ferns), papaya, rice, potatoes and a nice tomato and garlic sauce. Fresh water for bathing and drinking was gained from a three-mile walk to and from a local gushing spring.

Chalk board notes and illustrations on Daniel 7.

I visited five other church companies on the island—Tamba, Isali, Tiaru, Vilelo and Barema, where I presented either a PowerPoint program or talk illustrated on chalk board about the history of the three angels’ messages—showing how God defined the three angels’ messages in history. The people were very grateful to learn how God had led in the origin of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Because so many Lay Members have come directly from the Sunday-keeping churches into the lay members Association, they were happy and surprised to learn that the Seventh-day Adventist pioneers had come from many Sunday-keeping churches and did not keep the Sabbath as a movement until 1848.

My emphasis in the school and churches was that 1) the Seventh-day Adventist Church was raised up by God for one purpose—to give the three angels’ messages; 2) that the Lay Members Association was raised up for the same purpose; and 3) that the true Seventh-day Adventist Church (no matter what its name) is the church that is believing and giving the three angels’ messages of Revelation 14:6-12. The three angels’ messages are to go to every nation, kindred, tongue and people, and the Lay Members Association, in a land of 980 different languages, has been positioned by God to lead out in the world to give the loud cry—a repeat of the three angels’ messages globally with great power.

Students in one of the classes.

The final week of the trip was a journey to the island of Normanby, where eight Seventh-day Adventist churches had become independent and joined in the work of Laymen Ministries Association under the guidance of Samuel Taugai. We had four days of meetings, which helped to strengthen the members’ decision to stand for the truth and the three angels’ messages. Brother Samuel has also helped to lead four other Pentecostal churches in his area to take a stand on the Sabbath truth!

The Bible workers and members of the Lay Members Association of Papua New Guinea greatly need your prayers and financial support. Donations can reach them through John Wolff, 2701 Old Gympie Road, Beerwah, Queensland, Australia 4518. He can be contacted by phone at 617-5484-6547 and by email at johnw@tsn.cc.

The 3 Angels Publishing ministry is in need of investors for the second printing of Steps to Christ, and the first printing of The Great Controversy (illustrated). You can contact the ministry by phone: 931-692-1844 or by email at pjones4@hotmail.com for more details.


By Patrick Jones, 3 Angels Publishing Ministry.

08/25/2012: Touched by Literature and Personal Labor

Touched by Literature and Personal Labor

Prison in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

Steps to Christ in the Pidgin language will soon arrive in Papua New Guinea via ship.

Eighty cartons of literature were delivered to Port Moresby and put in the Bond Store. Places were being sought to store this literature until it was distributed. No place could be found. Finally a man who worked at the main prison suggested that the literature be stored at the prison. It did not seem like a good place to store literature because the place was full of thieves. But would it be such a bad idea? If the literature got stolen, it would be in the hands of the prisoners! We finally made arrangements to store the literature at the prison. There was one condition to renting this space. Each new prisoner would get a copy of Steps to Christ. God had a wonderful way to solve a problem of storage and to have each prisoner have precious literature in their possession.



Prisoner’s Testimony from New Castle, 
Indiana, USA

My name is Alan. On December 2, 2011 I began serving a jail sentence. In jail I was given Steps to Christ, and I have read it. It has been a blessing.

I would like to tell you a little about myself. I was a strong member of a church, and in 2007 my wife was killed in a car accident. I stood on the road and told God that I hated Him. I said that if He was in front of me I would kill Him. The next four years of my life were a nightmare. I never found what I was looking for. I tried many different things, but could not find love.

One day I realized that I was broke—I had no money. I had had several surgeries, so I had many pain pills. Even though I took these pills and the pain in my body went away, the pain in my heart did not. Since I had no money, I decided to sell these pills to earn money. That is the reason that I am in jail. In jail I have found my faith again through Steps to Christ. I seek to help the inmates get along with each other

and share the faith of Jesus with them. They call me “Reverend.” I tried to teach Bible truth to them but I had no Bible. I am thankful for the Bible that I received and the other books. Now I can work for the Lord where I am.

“When church members realize the importance of the circulation of our literature, they will devote more time to this work. Papers, tracts, and books will be placed in the homes of the people, to preach the gospel in their several lines…. The church must give her attention to the canvassing work. This is one way in which she is to shine in the world. Then will she go forth ‘fair as the moon, clear as the sun, and terrible as an army with banners.’”—Manuscript 113, 1901.


Exciting News for Papua New Guinea

For the first time ever, a Spirit of Prophecy book has been translated into the common language, Pidgin. Presently, 33,000 copies have been printed and are on the ship. When the brethren receive these books, namely, I Go Klostu Long Krais (Steps to Christ), they will smile all day.


Evangelism in Remote Papua New Guinea

My name is Ifanke Obili, and I live in Papua New Guinea. Before I share my story with you, I would like to thank God for His wonderful care for each of us as we have had opportunity to share the gospel with those here in Papua New Guinea.

Many people in our country are perishing without the knowledge of Christ. We need many more missionaries to go from door to door with God’s great light. It is such a joy to do what we can to reach these souls for Christ.

Madang Province could only be reached by canoe.

Middle Ramu District in Madang Province is one of the most remote places in our country. This district can only be reached by canoe. A call came from this area for us to share the everlasting gospel. An elder from the Kainantu church and I decided we would answer the call. We were blessed with two other missionaries joining us. The trip was long. We traveled several days by car to reach the motor canoe. It took another thirteen hours in the canoe until we reached the village. We received a very warm welcome.

Our goal was to run a two-week evangelistic campaign. The meetings were held every night. During the day we started construction on a new church. The Lord blessed, and we had people come by canoe from several areas to attend the meetings. This area has Catholic and Evangelical influence. The members of these churches attended the meetings and grew in truth from God’s Word.

On Fridays we went in a canoe to the market place and preached and shared God’s Word with those selling and buying goods.

A church was built of native materials during the two weeks in Madang Province.

After two weeks the church building was complete. We used native material and a few nails we were able to buy with money that had been given. We were able to have Sabbath worship in this church with all those that had attended the meetings and given their lives to Jesus. A meal was shared with all those that had helped to build the church and those that attended the meetings.


Two of us returned to Kainantu, and the other two missionaries proceeded to another area and held meetings and built another church. There are missionaries who will keep working with the two new churches. We praise the Lord for allowing us to have a small part in this work. Please pray for us in Papua New Guinea.


Inspiration for Personal Effort—Haiti

Marion, though not an Adventist, is an example to us of selfsacrificing service.

Marion, a 67-year-old widow from Florida, was at the edge of retirement. She wanted to do something for others. So she inquired about using her skills as a nutritionist in Haiti working with undernourished children. A few months after retirement, Marion departed to Haiti where she volunteered in a feeding program that served six hundred children a week. By the time her first mission trip had ended she had used her experience to expand the feeding of children to two thousand children per week. Marion died a few years ago at age 86. Between the ages of 67 and 86 she had made forty-four trips to Haiti. In this time period she also had hip and knee replacements and a battle with cancer. She helped establish a school for children in a city outside of Port-au-Prince, which dramatically affected the youth. She also recruited other senior citizens to join her. Her goal was to get her retired colleagues to use their life experience for something greater than winters in Florida.

Let us each seek ways we can help the many needy around us. They can see God’s great love in all our interactions with them.


Compiled by John Wolff. Email: johnw@tsn.cc.




A church was built of native materials during the two weeks in Madang Province.


Marion, though not an Adventist, is an example to us of self-sacrificing service.

03/06/2010: No Time To Waist

No Time to Waste

A Report from the Hevare Family in Papaua New Guinea

Havare Family

It was all smiles for the Hevare family to leave Popondetta to catch a passenger ship and travel back to Kainantu after two months of being away from home. It seems that this family has been on a suicide mission to take the everlasting gospel to the world. They have travelled all over with only a couple of days at home between trips. Here are a few stories from their travels.

In the second week of March of 2009, the Hevare Family Ministry left their home in Kainantu in the Eastern Highlands Province of Papua New Guinea for Popondetta in the Northern Province.

On the way, the family passed through Lae City in Morobe Province. While passing through, the family decided to spend a few days and conduct an evangelistic campaign in the streets in Lae before traveling on to Popondetta.

The family targeted the busy Eruku shopping center for the program for the first week. Child-Evangelist Brett Henry joined them there and preached on the prophecies in Daniel chapter 7 and Revelation chapters 13, 14 and 17. The Havare Family Choir sang beautiful inspirational songs for all of the programs. With God’s blessings, this family had developed a reputation in Lae City as they had visited Lae City to give the final call of mercy. Their music attracted many to come listen.

News of the meetings and the singing spread all over the city. From the very first day, the city folk flocked by the thousands to receive the final warning message. It was amazing to watch. It was like a well-organized evangelistic meeting. A steady crowd of thousands would stand and wait for the family to arrive to conduct the meeting each day. This crowd was not comprised of members of our faith, but they came from all sorts of religious background.

Preparing for street witnessing

After the approximately two-hour presentation, the folks would not be satisfied and would request more. As they said the message presented was “too sweet to be satisfied.”

The power that attends the messages presented here continues to increase. Fellow brethren, the glory of the fourth Angel is already beginning to enlighten the earth. “The solemn, sacred message of warning must be proclaimed in the most difficult fields and in the most sinful cities, in every place where the light of the great threefold gospel message ha

s not yet dawned. Everyone is to hear the last call to the marriage supper of the Lamb. From town to town, from city to city, from country to country, the message of present truth is to be proclaimed, not with outward display, but in the power of the Spirit.” Gospel Workers, 27.

After one week in Eruku suburb, the family moved to Kamkumu market in Lae City for two days before they left for Popondetta.

When the family presented the present truth in Eruku, the people just pressed in on the family as a result of people rushing to occupy a space to sit or stand and receive the message.

What we see happening here is the evidence that it is time for us to go home to our eternal home.

But having said that we should not forget that we have a work to accomplish and also many troublesome times ahead of us to overcome.

As Sister White states, “God’s people should be preparing for what is to break upon the world as an overwhelming surprise.” Child Guidance, 555.

“The ‘time of trouble, such as never was,’ is soon to open upon us; and we shall need an experience which we do not now possess and which many are too indolent to obtain. It is often the case that trouble is greater in anticipation than in reality; but this is not true of the crisis before us. The most vivid presentation cannot reach the magnitude of the ordeal.” Great Controversy, 622. The message for us at this time is that we have no time to waste.

Street evangelism

Once the Hevare family arrived in Popondetta, they immediately set to work. They resided with Brother Francis Kaura for a week and conducted a street evangelistic campaign during the week in the streets of Popondetta.

They began on a Sunday morning. Normally on Sundays the streets of Popondetta are empty as the businesses close on this day. They still were able to attract a large crowd. The folks coming to the market that day stood for quite a while to hear the message.

Among the people who approached the family for further discussions after the program was a young man from Musa region (a remote part of Northern Province, Papua New Guinea). This man, by the name of Cecil, asked the family to travel with him to his village. He said that he wanted this message to go to his people. The Hevares agreed and made arrangements to travel with Brother Cecil to his village after the one-week street evangelistic campaign in Popondetta town.

On Monday, the family moved to the center of Popondetta town and continued to conduct a street evangelistic campaign at this spot for one week. After the first and the second outreach program, the news spread all over the Northern Province and people flocked in to receive the final warning message.

By the end of the program a total of sixteen cartons of tracks had been distributed.  During one of the street outreach campaigns, an old man appeared to be very frustrated with the Hevare family and told the audience “This little child you see preaching—it is his father who is using him like a remote control. I made the people in Chimbu Province to assault this family, but they are continuing with this nonsense.”

This was strange because nobody in Popondetta knows about the persecution the family went through in Chimbu Province three weeks before they traveled to Popondetta. Obviously it was the devil that came in a form of a human being to express his frustration.

One of the other areas that the Hevares visited was the Musa Region. This ended up being one of the most difficult of their recent missionary trips.

Not knowing the difficulties the family would face on the way to Musa region and the achievements that awaited them, the family left Ponpondetta Town with brothers Cecil and Francis Kaura on Wednesday. They got on a Public Motor Vehicle (PMV) and the vehicle dropped them off at Pokani. The team that traveled consisted of brothers Francis Kaura and Cecil (from Popondetta), Henry, Max, Timothy, Brett, Misiriko, Phil and Edward (a family from Kainantu).

Crossing the pokani river

When the PMV dropped the team off at Pokani it was late in the afternoon.

They decided to spend the night there in Pokani.

The next day Francis Kaura became ill and so returned to Popondetta. The rest of the team left early and crossed the Pokani River for Balegi Village, where they planned to spend the night. They didn’t have any food with them. The walk from Pokani to Balegi Village took an entire day. That is a long walk and especially for eight-year-old Edward, who was the first person to have troubles. His legs began to swell and he limped and had to use a walking stick to assist his walking. This happened after completing about the first quarter of the trip. His troubles meant that they would have to decrease their walking rate as well as carry some of Edward’s load. But the Lord worked it out and took care of little Edward. The meetings held in Balegi were again a wonderful blessing, and many, many listened to the importance of choosing to obey Jesus now.

Finally after several weeks spent in several different villages, the family headed back to Popondetta Town. On their way, they passed through a village called Malase. The folks in Malase Village recognized the family as they had seen them conduct the outreach programs in Popondetta Town. The people had already heard stories of this family ministry and they begged the family to stay in their village and conduct a one-week crusade. So again the Hevare family set up their tent, and prepared for another weeklong crusade.

Our good Lord continued to work miracles and the present truth broke through in Malase Village. During the week the pastor of one of the local churches admitted that the message presented by the Hevare family was truth and took his family to the meeting. This family joined the new interests in the village and worshipped God for the first time on the Sabbath day.

During the week, the chief of Malase Village made many good comments and said that the message presented by the family is truth and he encouraged his tribe’s men to accept the message.

The folks in Malase have accepted present truth and are now worshiping and keeping the Sabbath. The people are planning to build a new church in this village.

Our brothers in Malase come from Sunday worshiping backgrounds and they urgently need a full-time missionary. Thank God—Moyo Usake who is a lay missionary in Omaura district in Eastern Highlands Province has made himself available for this call.

The folks in Malase also urgently need Bibles and Spirit of Prophecy books. We need your support with this important literature to equip these precious souls in Malase with the truth.

After a month in the remote part of Northern Province the Hevare family finally left for Popondetta town being satisfied with their achievements. They have established four home churches (with a fifth one in the works) in four weeks. The harvest truly is ready.

By Henry Hevare. Papua New Guinea.

Hiking to Vilili
People who decided for Jesus in Vilili