Tragedy and Triumph

Tragedy and Triumph

The death of a believer opens the door to truth.

“There is swelling and bleeding in his brain,” the doctor shook his head. “We can do nothing more to save his life.”

The accident had happened very quickly. A faithful church member named Freddy was riding in the back of a truck when the vehicle brakes failed. The pick-up slammed into a rock wall. The impact threw Freddy, and he suffered severe head injuries. An ambulance rushed him to a hospital, but he passed away just as the Sabbath hours began. 

Freddy’s widow, Danelia, knew that he would want a funeral service consistent with his Adventist beliefs, but Freddy’s father adhered to Catholicism and insisted on taking the body. 

After Sabbath worship, members from La Zona headed to San Manuel where the body had been carried. When they arrived, they realized that Freddy’s parents had organized a mass funeral service in the Catholic church there. They slipped into the Catholic building, not wanting to stir up trouble. But as the service proceeded, righteous indignation rose up among the Adventists.

“Freddy was a good member and leader of our Catholic church,” the priest rambled. “He taught catechism classes to the youth…” 

A sudden commotion in the front row interrupted the service. It was Tana, a brave woman currently taking Bible studies from us. She boldly but respectfully rebuked the priest. “Freddy belonged to the Catholic church at one point,” she explained, “but once he learned Bible truth, he left this church. He had attended out of ignorance.” Hundreds of people looked on in amazement and disbelief as she continued. “Freddy was baptized into the Seventh-day Adventist church, keeping God’s true Sabbath day holy.” Quotes supporting the Sabbath truth began flowing from Tana’s mouth. 

Utter silence reigned over the crowd. No one could contest Tana’s Scripture verses. The awkwardly-interrupted funeral service ended, and the crowd dispersed to the burial site—but God was not finished yet.  

The La Zona church members felt a mixture of emotion as they followed the others. They felt grief-stricken to be laying one of their brethren in the ground. But they also saw the hundreds of souls around them, and realized that it was time to appeal to those still living.

Danelia rose up to share. “I give thanks to God for being my strength,” she said calmly. She testified to what God had done in Freddy’s life, and then asked a question. “What day is it today?”

“Sábado!” everyone answered in unison. 

Danelia nodded. “My husband is now resting in the Lord on His Sabbath day, a day He asks us to keep holy. I appeal to you all: be obedient to God’s Ten Commandments, and seek Him instead of the things of this world.”  

Freddy’s death was a tragic and unexpected event, but we see how God used his funeral as an appeal to hundreds of souls. For this, we give thanks.  


Joseph and Elsa Willis are the directors of Maranatha Relief Organization, which helps provide medical help for the poor and the outcast in Honduras.

How You Can Help
Pray that God will draw near to Freddy’s family, especially Danelia and that God will use this tragic event to bring many to the truth! 

Donate. Funds are needed to enable Maranatha Relief Organization to continue ministering to the people in Honduras. Contributions can be sent via PayPal to, or mailed to:

Maranatha Relief Organization 
12433 Dessau Rd. # 4109 
Austin, TX 78754 

Thank you!
Maranatha Relief Organization thanks you in advance for your prayers and support!

Our Miracles 

Our Miracles 

God sends money just in time.

The Lord worked amazing miracles to get Redemption Radio back on the air in Honduras. Just when we thought we had received all the donations we would receive, from all the people who might give, and just when all the momentum seemed to halt—just when we didn’t see what else to do or where else to turn, we still had only half the money for the transmitter—just then I received an email. It said: “I will write a check for $25,000.00 to Spanish Herald.” My mind raced. The Lord had done it! He had worked a miracle for us! 

Of course, we know He works miracles all the time. But why would He work miracles for little people like us? Well, He does work miracles for little people—for those who are doing a small work for Him in a hidden corner of our obscure planet. He does care for each one of us. We can only say, “Praise His name!” I think part of our Creator’s greatness is His condescendence and tender care for the most insignificant of us.

Even after the transmitter had been paid for, problems with customs prevented us from bringing it home for several months. Yet we saw the Lord’s hand helping us in this situation, also. For some unexplained reason, we didn’t have to pay the huge amount we expected to get the transmitter out of storage. Even the customs agent expressed his amazement that the fee was so low. Our Lord works in wonderful ways!

At last, Redemption Radio went on the air again. The engineer had to make two trips to get everything going, but with his help, the first rebroadcasting of our program came through strong and clear. But later, something started to happen. The volume decreased and the signal wasn’t clear anymore. As we talked back and forth with the engineer, we pinpointed the audio processor as the source of the trouble. The engineer told us something we could do to repair it, but it proved to be only a temporary fix. We needed a good audio processor to replace the old one. 

The engineer sent us his recommendation: a $2,000 machine. I hadn’t expected it to be so expensive, so I asked for a quotation from another store. Their cheapest option was $4,000. That made the original offer seem like a great deal! I checked the money we had available for the purchase. We had just sold an electrical transformer we didn’t need anymore, but even so, the account barely reached $1,000. I tried to negotiate a better price, but the seller could only come down to $1,813. We were still hundreds of dollars short.

Hoping against hope, I sent an email to the accountant for the Spanish Herald. “By any chance have you received any special donations for the radio station?” He said “no.” Meanwhile, I messaged the seller and asked if they could hold the offer for us in case the Lord sent the money. That evening, I received another email from the accountant. He said: “I just went to the post office and there was a check from Mission Projects International for $900.” Oh, praise our Lord again! A few days later the equipment was ready for pickup.

Yes, we have something to tell about what the Lord has done for us. The Lord works in so many ways, and we are so thankful. Thank you all for being part of these miracles. May He find us all faithful to the end!


Teresa Jimenez de Muñoz and her family broadcast Redemption Radio, a station proclaiming the Three Angels’ Messages in Central America.

How You Can Help

Pray for God to continue to sustain Redemption Radio, that it may reach many rural Hondurans with the good news of Christ’s soon coming.

Give. If you would like to help support Redemption Radio, send your check marked “Redemption Radio” to:

Spanish Herald
PO Box 143
Dillard, OR 97432-0143

Donations sent through Mission Projects International will also be forwarded.

Thank You!
The timely $900 donation came from small gifts from Mission Projects readers. Teresa says, “Thank you for supporting this small ministry in Honduras. Thank you for being instruments in the Lord’s hand to make this purchase possible. May our Lord bless you much more abundantly!”

Tragedy & Transformation

Tragedy & Transformation

A young man’s life is changed when God’s grace reaches him through tragedy.

Froilan grew up in La Zona, a small mountain village in Honduras. As a young boy, he came to church every once in a while, but he never seemed serious about following the Lord. When he became a teenager, Froilan started drinking, and later on began using illicit drugs. Soon indulging his addictions became a daily routine. Somehow, though, Froilan managed to hold down a job. He met a nice young lady and they settled down together, but substance abuse marred their relationship.

Whenever I saw Froilan, I would pray for him and greet him warmly. No matter what their lives might be like, we must learn to look at people the way God does, not seeing who they are so much as who they can become through His grace. God’s grace worked in Froilan’s life through tragedy. He lost his firstborn son at birth, and in his sorrow began to call on God. We took the opportunity to be a support for Froilan and his girlfriend, Ocelis, visiting them and encouraging them.

Later, God blessed Froilan and Ocelis with a little girl, Marian, whom they loved dearly. Even with this new little incentive, however, Froilan still could not quit his vices. During one of h

is drinking binges, Froilan broke his leg in a motorcycle accident, which left him incapacitated for weeks. This was God’s opportunity. While he was laid up, we visited him regularly, offering him help with a juicing cleanse and Bible studies.

Once healed of his injuries, Froilan began attending church. “I always knew that the Seventh-day Adventist Church had the truth,” he remarked. Froilan didn’t miss a church service. He listened attentively to every message, gleaning important truths and applying them to his life. One by one, he became convicted of changes he needed to make, like marrying Ocelis and keeping the Sabbath. One of Froilan’s hardest decisions was giving up his job of eight years so that he could keep the Sabbath. Friends and family thought he was crazy, but he stood firm. Step by step, he learned to trust God and be obedient to His call.

About this time, an evangelistic series was announced for the nearby town of Santa Barbara. I was so excited that I began planning how to get the whole village down to Santa Barbara to hear God’s present truth. The invitations went out, and all the members of the La Zona and Piedra Hancha congregations made plans to attend. Families from the nearby village of San Manuel, where we are giving Bible studies, left their homes for a week in order to attend the meetings. The response was so great that we had to rent a bus and four pickup trucks to transport all the people!

After each meeting, as we drove back to our mountain village, we would sing songs of praise and thanksgiving to the Lord. As the villagers debarked and walked slowly up the mountain road to their homes, some continued to sing softly, others discussed newly learned Bible truths, and others simply meditated on the many blessings received.

As the crusade ended, we kept busy with visitations and Bible studies—and we began to see the results of the accumulated efforts. A special joy came from watching Froilan, Ocelis and even little Marian growing in grace and making changes. At the end of the crusade, Froilan and Ocelis were baptized. I know that Heaven rejoiced, because a soul had been rescued from the chains of sin!


Joseph Willis is the director of Maranatha Relief Organization, which helps provide medical help for the poor and the outcast in Honduras.

How You Can Help
Pray for Froilan and Ocelis to continue to do the will of the Lord and stand firm in their faith.

Donate. Funds are needed to enable Maranatha Relief Organization to continue ministering to the people in Honduras. Contributions can be sent via PayPal to, or mailed to:

Maranatha Relief Organization
12433 Dessau Rd. # 4109
Austin, TX 78754

Thank you!
MRO thanks you in advance for your prayers and support!

Back on the Air

Back on the Air

After prolonged technical difficulties, the gospel is once again being aired in a critical access area.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow! By His grace and through His many instruments, a miracle has happened before our eyes. After a year and a half of technical difficulties, Redemption Radio is back on the air!

It took an engineer from Panama to come and install the new transmitter purchased with the sacrifices of God’s people. The following Thursday, we started up a trial broadcast, but faced some challenges with our studio equipment. We solved most of these difficulties within the next few days. Our first full day back on the air, we asked those who were listening to get in touch with us and report that they could hear the radio program.

With the station being offline for so long, it may take some time for people to become aware that the radio station is back on the air. It will also take time to find out how far the signal now reaches—but we will get there, by God’s grace. To increase the station’s immediate effectiveness, we hope to hire some temporary workers to visit the nearby villages and tell them about the radio station. We have some posters of the Ten Commandments that people here really like to hang on their walls, so the plan is to send the workers out to distribute the posters and have them tell the people where they can tune in to listen to our programming.

Keeping a radio station live takes a lot of work. Although we are broadcasting, the work at the station site is not yet finished. With our new transmitter, we believe that our radio signal should be reaching farther than it seems to be at present. The engineer told us that he thinks the problem is in the design of the antenna system. As he explained to us the problem, I thought: Oh no, another big expense! Just then he said, “I will do this work for you for the cost of my travel expenses; I will not charge you for the labor. I feel like I am among family here, and I want to take part in your efforts.” We are so thankful for his kind offer, and we hope that when the work is finished, we will be able to reach places we have not penetrated before. We need your prayers that the Lord will accomplish this, for His message must be spread throughout this country.

While we are waiting for the engineer to make time in his schedule for our repairs, we will do all we can to promote awareness of the radio station in the nearby villages and get as many new listeners as possible. After over 19 months off the air, it’s a real miracle that the Lord has given us a brand new transmitter. He must have an important purpose for the station in these last days! Our next project may be to purchase a laser color copier that we can use to print small tracts to share as autumn leaves. People these days don’t care much about reading, and will usually put aside a magazine or a large tract—but we have found that many people will gladly read something small and colorful. That’s why we want to make our own small tracts and give them to lay workers around the country to distribute.

Thank you so much for being part of the miracle of restoring Redemption Radio to the airwaves!


Teresa Jimenez is a lay worker in Honduras, using radio and print media to spread the gospel in her country.

How You Can Help
Pray for the listeners who tune in to Redemption Radio. Pray that the repairs to the antenna system will enable the signal to reach much farther than ever before.

Give. Funds are needed to maintain radio equipment and continue airing Redemption Radio. If you would like to help spread the Three Angels’ Messages in Honduras by radio, send your donations marked “Redemption Radio” to:

Spanish Herald
PO Box 143
Dillard, OR 97432

Thank you!
The Jimenez family would like to give a big “thank you” to all who helped get Redemption Radio back on the air.

The Girl at the Dump

The Girl at the Dump

A young girl flourishes under the care of her new friends.

At first, we thought the children were playing. Then we realized they had business here at the dump. Little children rummaged through the trash heaps looking for anything edible or wearable. As they sifted through the rubbish, they had to fight off dogs and buzzards also scavenging for food.

One young girl stood off by herself, battered, ragged and skinny, her stomach distended. Stopping our truck, we went over to talk to her. She told us that she lived close by with her mother, and that she came to the dump every day. Looking at her forlorn face, we knew that God had brought us here to befriend little Hilda. We had been given a new mission: to visit the dump several times a week to help Hilda and the other children.

Our visits to the dump soon became a true joy. The children eagerly welcomed us as we brought them clothes, washed their hair, gave them vitamin C drinks, sang to them, and did our best to minister.

After getting to know Hilda better, we asked her if we could visit her home. Hopping in the back of our truck, she directed us to her tiny dwelling, built for her family by donations. Hilda’s mother turned out to be a fine lady, kind and generous despite her struggle with severe poverty. Instead of asking anything from us, she offered us food and drink!

For several years, we visited Hilda often at her home or the dump. When Hilda’s mother had grown to trust us, we invited Hilda to visit us at the clinic. She hesitated, but finally agreed to come later that week. Sure enough, one morning Hilda showed up on our front porch.

It just so happened that my husband was about to start a medical missionary training class, and he asked Hilda if she would like to join. Hilda nodded eagerly, but she shrank back when she saw the other students. We all did our best to make her feel welcome, and she kept coming back. Over time, Hilda learned wound care, I.V. administration, minor surgery, and other basic medical procedures. She often volunteered at our clinic. She caught on so quickly that we could see that Hilda would really benefit from more education!

Hilda’s mother greeted me with a smile when I went to visit. “I have a question for you,” I began. “We can see that Hilda is a very smart girl. May we send her to a Christian school?”

The mother’s eyes pooled up, and tears streamed down her face as she nodded. The following school session, Hilda enrolled at Reach International. Soon our little dump girl became a confident, hardworking, self-sufficient young lady.

Today, Hilda is a grown mother, living and working in Mexico. We lost contact with her for many years, but recently I received an email from her saying that she had been trying to contact us, and that she wanted to come visit. When she came to see me at the restaurant, we just hugged and cried.

We never know the long-range effects of our actions—simple things like reaching out to a child. It will bring us such happiness in Heaven to meet those that God permitted us to minister to! “What rejoicing there will be as these redeemed ones meet and greet those who have had a burden of love and salvation in their behalf!” Review and Herald, January 5, 1905. 

Location: Honduras

Author: Elsa Willis is a missionary with Maranatha Medical Ministries in the mountains of Santa Barbara, Honduras.

How You Can Help

Pray for the multi-faceted work of Maranatha Medical Ministries, with their health clinic, restaurant, elementary school and varied community outreach programs. Pray that the souls they minister to will become subjects of God’s Kingdom!


To support the work of Maranatha Medical Ministries, send your donation to:

Maranatha Medical Ministries
PO Box 390
Keysville, VA 23947




A young girl is in need of daily treatments for her disabling condition.

Ariana is a sweet little girl who lives in Honduras. Sadly, although she is six years old, she is unable to walk. That’s because Ariana was born with hydrocephalus, a condition in which excess cerebrospinal fluid builds up inside the skull, putting pressure on the brain.

Cerebrospinal fluid is normal and necessary when it flows freely through the brain and spinal column. However, when the flow is obstructed or too much fluid is produced, the extra pressure can cause brain damage, resulting in physical and cognitive disabilities. The condition is particularly severe in children who are born with hydrocephalus. Still, surgery and extensive therapy can help mitigate the symptoms and restore quality of life to the sufferers.

Since Ariana was born with hydrocephalus, she has intensive treatment needs. Unfortunately, the cost of treatment is too expensive for her poverty-stricken family. Once or twice a year, she receives a grant from a city-wide fundraiser for children with disabilities; but because the funds are divided between many needy children, the actual sum each child receives amounts to very little. Ariana receives therapy once or twice a week when her family can afford to pay, but she really needs daily treatments if she is ever to gain full recovery of her motor skills and brain function. She tries so hard to walk, but the limited therapy she receives is not enough for her to make significant progress.

This is where Maranatha Relief Organization comes in. The purpose of this ministry organization is to reach out to the forgotten poor and minister to their needs, providing health care and education and helping them to know about a God who loves and cares for them. We believe with all our hearts that as Christ’s followers, we “have been redeemed for service. Our Lord teaches that the true object of life is ministry. . . . Not more surely is the place prepared for us in the heavenly mansions than is the special place designated on earth where we are to work for God.” Christ’s Object Lessons, 326, 327. We praise God that over the years, through the love, prayers and gifts of our supporters, this ministry has been able to help many people in need!

Maranatha Relief Organization (MRO) does not ask for financial assistance often—only when we see a dire need. Ariana is one of those cases. Her family can barely provide for themselves, let alone provide for Ariana to receive adequate medical treatments. Yet her medical problem is urgent.

Will providing financial assistance for Ariana’s treatment enable her to recover from her devastating condition? We believe so. While the doctors can give no absolute guarantee, it is actually very likely that if she receives help in time, she will be able to live a relatively normal life. If the Holy Spirit moves upon your heart to help Ariana, please do. Every day that passes without her receiving treatment is a day hindering her recovery. I pray that one day soon, Ariana will be able to walk, go to school and church, and read her Bible!

“I was an hungred,” Christ says, “and ye gave me meat; I was thirsty, and ye gave me drink; I was a stranger, and ye took me in: . . . I was sick, and ye visited me.” Matthew 25:35, 36. Will you help this precious little one in need? 

Location: Honduras

Author: Joseph Willis is the director for Maranatha Relief Organization. They help provide medical help for the poor and the outcast in Honduras.

How You Can Help

Pray for Ariana daily! It is earnest, fervent prayer that moves the hand of God.

Donate. All funds which MRO receives in Ariana’s behalf will be turned over to our missionary contacts in Honduras, and payments will be made directly to the hospital and clinic which provide her care. Contributions can be sent via PayPal to, or mailed to:

Maranatha Relief Organization
12433 Dessau Rd. #4109
Austin, Texas 78754

Thank you. MRO thanks you in advance for your prayers and support!

6/23/18: Redemption Radio

Greetings to you from Redemption Radio. Our ministry has shared God’s truth for many years to thousands throughout Honduras and other Central American countries. When facing challenges as a ministry, we turn to God for help. Although not customary for us to share trials and difficulties with our supporters, we feel convicted to share a recent crisis with you.

It began when our Nautel radio transmitter required repair. The manufacturing company sent us an engineer who retrieved the damaged parts, but did not return
them. After numerous failed attempts to reach him, we were finally notified that he would be unable to solve our problem, and that the one person in the entire
company familiar with our type of transmitter was on the verge of retirement.

Our aging transmitter was among the first manufactured by Nautel. I was told that even if it could be successfully repaired, they could offer no guarantee
that something else would not go wrong again in a few months.

I discussed our options with the company. What if we purchased a new transmitter? The company representative agreed to give me more information. He also mentioned that new transmitters have a 4-year warranty and are cheaper to operate because they are energy savers. Parts are less expensive, and easy to operate. The repairs needed for new transmitters could easily be done by someone with a basic knowledge of electronics. My husband Jorge is very knowledgeable when it comes to construction and electronics, and he could do all repairs needed, but he would be advised to attend a 2-day class in Canada to learn how best to operate and maintain it.

We have been through much expense and frustration over the years because we depended on technicians who were unfortunately dishonest, taking our money
without giving us solutions. The possibility for us to do our own maintenance work thrills me. We are hoping to buy a 5-kilowatt transmitter to get Redemption
Radio back on the air. It will cost us $36,320 at a discounted price. Considering instruction and installation expenses, we are aiming to raise $55,000. If the transmitter is not installed by the end of December, we will be at risk for having our license canceled. I believe that this is an investment we need; an investment God needs. We need your help to continue operating Redemption Radio.

Ministry friends, the expense is overwhelming, but we must continue broadcasting God’s truth to all parts of the earth. Time is short, and God is soon to come. We thank you very much for whatever God places on your heart to give. Please keep our need in prayer and spread awareness of this project to others. Pray also that several properties we have for sale will sell. If they do, we will be able to contribute more to this precious project. May our Lord always bless and
guide you in all things.

Update: During seven months of fundraising, God moved upon hearts to make this work move forward. The funds for our transmitter have been miraculously provided. We praise our God from whom all blessings flow! We thank each one of you who have supported us with prayers and donations.

Location: Honduras

Author: Teresa Jimenez Teresa and her family are operating Redemption Radio in Honduras.

Thank You! Because of your generous support, Mission Projects International was able to send $7,500 for this urgent need.

How You Can Help
for the people in Honduras who are listening to the Redemption Radio programs.

Donate. Funds are still needed for ongoing expenses to run the radio station. If you would like to give to this worthy cause, please mark your donations “Redemption Radio,” and send it to:

Mission Projects International
PO Box 506
Republic, WA 99166-0506

You may also donate here.

02/25/2017: To Every Mountain and Village

To Every Mountain and Village

Five families begin holding Sabbath services as a result of one couple’s desire to share.

It all started when the Lord placed a burden on the hearts of Sister Dolores and her husband Orlando. Dolores had been raised in the faraway village of San Manuel, and she wanted her friends and loved ones to hear the present-truth message she had come to hold dear. She approached the church about her desire, and a little over a year ago the youth began visiting San Manuel to offer blood pressure checks, pray for the sick and organize Vacation Bible Schools and other children’s activities.

Administering wound careFinding the people very open, the La Zona Church sent Brother Douglas Bravo to conduct an evangelistic meeting in the old school building, with several church members going along for support. God gave success! More people attended than we expected, and the community invited us to come back. Now, different church members go every week to share in this beautiful mountain village. We provide health education, natural remedies, baking classes and basic treatments such as wound care. Before launching into Bible study, we always include a five- to ten-minute health capsule, and the people seem to really enjoy the information. They tell us that our teaching is different from what they hear at the local Catholic and Evangelical churches. They say they had never been taught the importance of taking care of their health. As a result of our efforts, five families are receiving Bible studies and holding Sabbath services at the little schoolhouse. Some have mentioned their desire to be baptized!

It’s a wonderful experience to see people accept the gospel of Jesus—to see people’s hearts being touched by the love of God. We go to share the peace, hope and love of Jesus, but we receive so much more in seeing the villagers’ eagerness to learn about this last-hour message.

Bible studentWe hope and pray that we can send a full-time Bible worker to San Manuel both to teach the people and to train a leader from the local community who can help other souls prepare for Christ’s coming. When I meditate on the great need in San Manuel, tears flow from my eyes because these sheep have no shepherd. Until now, they have never been taught about God’s everlasting love. As we share with them, we also plead with God to cause His Holy Spirit to impress their hearts to surrender to our Savior. We know God hears our petitions, because rain or shine people always come out and listen as we share Bible truth. We present the simple gospel truths without criticizing their engraved beliefs. We just want to let people experience Christ’s love as we share of ourselves, our means, our time, our resources and our talents.

Our hearts have been touched by the great need in San Manuel. They have churches, they have religion, but they lack a personal relationship with a personal God. They lack the knowledge of the Scriptures, the power of God’s Word. We want to help them connect and commune with God so they can obtain Christ’s character and prepare for His coming. May God give us more faith to share the present truth 
in every mountain and village within our reach.




Gerbert Hernandez

Brother Hernandez is a
volunteer at Maranatha Medical
Ministries in Honduras.


Pray for the village of San Manuel. Join the La Zona Church in petitioning for a full-time Bible worker to be sent to this village to teach the people and train up a leader for them.

Donate. To support the work in Honduras, send your donation to:

Maranatha Medical
Ministries, PO Box 390,
Keysville, VA 23947.

If you would like your donation to support the work in San Manuel, please send a note indicating your desire.

12/03/2016: Cure of the Clay

Cure of the Clay


In this world of advanced technology, increased health research and heroic medical treatments, you might think that we would no longer need the simple remedies that God has given us in the natural world. Yet I can testify that this is

Mixing up clay.
Mixing up clay.

not so! Day after day, in our work in Honduras, we see the need for the balm of Gilead to soothe a suffering world. We are told, “It is God’s purpose that His gospel shall go to all nations, kindreds, tongues, and peoples. And medical missionary work is the right, helping hand of the gospel, to open doors for the proclamation of the message. . . .

“Women should be educated in medical missionary lines, that as they go forth to heathen countries they may help those of their sisters who need help. In His service the Lord will open doors whereby His word can find entrance. . . .

Elsa Willis explains treatment.
Elsa Willis explains treatment.

“In reading the Word of God, we see that Christ brought medical missionary work into His ministry. Cannot our eyes be opened to discern Christ’s methods? Cannot we understand the commission He gave to His disciples and to all His followers? . . . As the medical missionary works upon the body, God works upon the heart.” Manuscript Releases, vol. 14, 270, 271.

Quotes such as this inspired us to come to Honduras over 15 years ago and continue to inspire us to do all we can to alleviate the needs of the people around us. Many poor and needy families occupy the nearby villages, and when there is a need, they often ask us for help.

Applying clay to Don Quintin’s legs.
Applying clay to Don
Quintin’s legs.

Recently, I had the privilege to be of service to an elderly couple in El Cerro del Toro who live alone and try to support themselves. Word got to me that Don Quintin’s legs had swollen up, causing him so much pain that he could not get around to do the little bit of work he does to survive. The day after I heard it, I went with one of the church members to visit Don Quintin. I could see the pain on his face. He told me that someone had taken him to the hospital but all they did for him there was give him a bag of ibuprofen. He said he had taken the pills for a week, but saw no improvement. In fact, his legs were getting worse.

As I examined him and asked him questions, I prayed for wisdom on how to treat the swelling. The next day I returned with a bag of green clay for his legs and some fresh fruit and vegetables, which I knew the couple couldn’t often afford. As I applied the wet clay to the swollen limbs, I explained its benefits and told of the instances in the Bible when Jesus used clay. I also shared one of my favorite stories to tell when doing treatments: the story of Naaman the leper and the muddy Jordan River. I emphasized the importance of obedience to God’s Word, telling my patient, “If God says seven, He means seven!” Mr. Quintin really enjoyed that story.

Don Quintin told me he felt almost instant relief when I covered his legs with the clay. In three days his legs had returned to normal size, and the pain was relieved. Thank God for natural remedies!

Mrs. Quitin receiving her new shoes.
Mrs. Quitin receiving
her new shoes.

While ministering to Don Quintin, I could not ignore his wife’s needs. On my first visit I noticed her wearing worn-out sandals, so on my next trip I brought her a new pair of shoes. When she put them on, she acted as excited as a little girl!

“The Christian is to be an agent for God, dispensing his blessings to others, and thus laying up for themselves treasure in heaven. His treasure will thus never be lost. . . . In blessing others, they are made glad with the thought that God has not forgotten them, and gratitude springs up in the hearts of those who have been suffering and oppressed.” Signs of the Times, September 12, 1895.

Please pray for us as we continue to minister to the needs of others using God’s natural methods of healing!

By Elsa Willis of Maranatha Medical Ministries. Support for this ministry may be sent to PO Box 390, Keysville, VA 23947.

05/28/2016: Honduras Reports – More Than We Asked For

Honduras Reports – More Than We Asked For

by Elsa Willis


“Now unto Him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us, Unto Him be glory.” Ephesians 3:20, 21.

We believe with all our hearts that Christ is soon to come, and that as God’s people, we should be watching and praying—and so our congregation has recently begun meeting an hour earlier every Sabbath to seek the Lord in supplication. We are asking for the outpouring of God’s Spirit and for opportunities to proclaim His truth for this time.

Our Father has heard our cries and given us more than we could have asked for. We now have more Bible study contacts than we ever had before! God is working in amazing ways.

Prophecy seminar in an evangelical church.

Last month Brother Hernando and Freddy, a recently baptized brother, went to minister in the village of San Manuel. As they waited at the bus stop on their way home, the Lord brought by a childhood friend of Freddy: Pastor Abel, an evangelical. Freddy introduced him to Brother Hernando and told Pastor Abel that Brother Hernando had recently conducted a prophecy seminar at our church.

“A prophecy seminar!” the pastor exclaimed. “We have been praying for someone to come to our church and teach us prophecy. Would you be willing to come?”

Brother Hernando was all too happy to agree, and soon plans had been laid for a 2-week seminar at the San Nicholas Evangelical Church. Although a bit nervous, we could hardly wait to see God’s amazing work unfold.

The first night of the series, we arrived at a full church. Sixty members, with notebooks and pencils, paid full attention to Brother Hernando’s presentation. Even Pastor Abel took notes.

Our whole church prayed for our brethren in the evangelical church. It was so exciting to see their interest and hear their questions. They clearly wanted to understand the Word! We started with Daniel 2, and although the information was new to these believers, they accepted it from the Bible.

The meetings ran from 7 pm to 8 pm, but sometimes we would not actually leave until almost ten. The people would surround Brother Hernando, asking questions and wanting to know more. When we studied Daniel 7 and the little horn power, Pastor Abel himself gave the answer as to whom it represented. As the truths of Daniel and Revelation unfolded, the people could see their fulfillment in the recent papal visit to the United States. God truly has many sheep that are not of this fold—and He is calling them.

On several occasions, Pastor Abel humbly came to the pulpit and admitted to his congregation that he had not known the real truth of the gospel, and that he had only taught them what he had received from other leaders. Now that they were learning new truths, he told them they needed to follow the Bible. He even expressed his desire for his fellow pastors and their churches to hear Brother Hernando’s seminar. He said, “If we are teaching our people error, then we need to become learned, and teach them the truth.” Do pray for Pastor Abel and his congregation to continue to study and follow the truth!


A Memorial for God

by Brother Gerbert


I still remember the first time I heard about a church being built on the mountain of Piedra Hancha. The Willises related how a group of young families had put their monies together to purchase some land. Before they were even baptized, these brethren had started digging and making their own adobe blocks for a church.

One Sunday morning a little over a year ago, my family went with the La Zona Church for the hour-long hike up the mountain, where we helped haul sand, rocks and other materials. Men, women and young children worked together harmoniously. Forming a line, we tossed rocks one to another to lay up materials for the foundation of the small house of prayer.

Moving a boulder.

This was the first of many special experiences with the brethren at Piedra Hancha. By the way, Piedra Hancha means “Wide Rock,” and we literally had to remove a 300-pound boulder from the building site. It took seven or eight men to push it out of the way!

After a few weeks, the foundation was laid and the walls began to go up. The rain slowed down the project, but our brothers persevered, working tirelessly many long days to keep the work going. As the days, weeks, and months rolled by, the walls were completed, the roof installed, and the concrete floor poured. We had to carry many, many shovelfuls of sand and bags of cement to the building site, but the Lord provided the strength, the funds and the laborers. We began in faith and continued in faith; and now that the building is nearly complete, by God’s grace we will finish it in faith.

Sometimes I ask myself if the Lord is calling us to build churches in these end times. Should we be investing time, energy and money in buildings? I get my answer every time I climb to Piedra Hancha to share a Sabbath sermon, and I see the young families with glowing faces singing and worshipping the Lord. I can’t help but rejoice with them, and I tell myself that those backaches were well worth it!

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Church walls being raised.

The hard work of hiking up that mountain, helping move the boulder, and hauling cement for the little church has taught me about the Christian walk. It is not an easy road. We encounter obstacles and often face discouragement when things don’t come out the way we planned. But as we put God first, last and always in our lives, He leads us and provides everything we need for this life and life everlasting.

I thank God with all my heart for the opportunity to work with the church family in La Zona and in Piedra Hancha. Many brethren, neighbors and even young children have given their time, energy and money for God’s work—but most importantly they have given their hearts.

Piedra Hancha congregation.

Now that the Lord’s house of worship is nearly complete, our brethren are holding regular services on Wednesday and Friday evenings and Sabbath mornings, with 25 to 30 people attending on Sabbath. What is needed for God’s memorial to be 100% complete? The church still needs doors and window bars, and the brethren want to build a small room for the children’s Sabbath School. Although we do need funds, above everything else we need your prayers. Pray that the Lord will guide us as we continue to labor for His Kingdom. Time is short, brethren. What we do, we must do quickly and without reserve.


“When an interest is aroused in any town or city, that interest should be followed up. The place should be thoroughly worked until a humble house of worship stands as a sign, a memorial of God’s Sabbath, a light amid the moral darkness. These memorials are to stand in many places as witnesses for the truth.” Testimonies, vol. 6, 100.


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