04/14/2018: An Angry Inmate

An Angry Inmate

A prisoner becomes upset when presented with the truth.

The country of Russia has denied Jehovah’s Witnesses the right to congregate and distribute literature. As Seventh-day Adventists are also considered fundamentalists, we may be subject to similar court orders in the future. 

A statement written by Ellen White could be closer than we think. “Those who honor the Bible Sabbath will be denounced as enemies of law and order…” The Great Controversy, 592. How much time do we have before our ultimate test of loyalty becomes a reality? 

As we send Bibles to the prisons, we feel that time is running out. We have had the privilege of baptizing twenty-one inmates in local facilities so far. Some of these babes in Christ have life sentences, and we admonish them to be faithful witnesses. Thanks to the influence of these converts, we see new faces at our services every week, where all are offered a free Bible and Bible studies. 

We receive requests for Bibles and corresponding study materials from inmates stationed across the country. As inmates send us notes of appreciation, we are reminded that God’s Word will not return unto Him void. (Isaiah 55:11)

“Why was it that Christ went out by the seaside, and into the mountains? He was to give the word of life to the people. They did not see it just that minute. A good many do not see it now, to take their position, but these things are influencing their lives; and when the message goes with a loud voice, they will be ready for it. They will not hesitate long; they will come out and take their position.” Evangelism, 300, 301.

Maybe sooner than we would like to think, some of us could be imprisoned for our faith.

When this does happen, I feel confident that we will find fellow believers sharing the harsh environment of the prisons with us, because God’s Word was taken to them beforehand by this ministry. To God be the glory! 

About two years ago, I ministered to those in a particular facility with my friend Brian. An inmate became very upset over what we were teaching from the Bible. Rising to his feet, he loudly declared that our doctrine was faulty, and vowed that he would prove this. He had a strong personality and wielded a lot of influence over the other inmates. For this reason, we were concerned that his attitude would negatively affect our services. 

We prayed often about the situation. Around two months later, the same inmate not only humbly apologized, but he stood in front of the congregation and testified that while he had studied the Bible to prove us wrong, he had become convicted that we were right.

Since then, he has faithfully attended our services and even leads out on occasion. Recently, he took a stand to follow Christ, and this public declaration stirred another inmate to request baptism. 

This inmate’s story illustrates the process of witnessing in a nutshell. We planted the seed of truth. Weeds in the form of preconceived ideas began to suffocate it, but the water of the Holy Spirit softened the hard ground of the human heart for the seed to grow. 

Our method for reaching souls behind bars with God’s Word is simple, but the Department of Corrections can be difficult to work with. Bibles must be mailed to the prison directly from a publisher or bookstore, so we work with a publisher. Many prisons require inmates to fill out a form requesting the ordered item by name. Inmates wait sometimes 2 or 3 weeks for the Department of Corrections to give them approval, and then mail us the request with the approval document. We can only send the items that are approved, and are not allowed to correspond with inmates on a personal basis because we are considered a supplier. Thus, we pray and trust that God’s Word and His Spirit will do the rest. We will see the whole scope of the harvest someday, but until then we will keep sending and praying. 

Pray that as the inmates read, Jesus will reveal Himself to them. Perhaps they will request more study materials, or sign up for a Bible Study correspondence course. Also pray that the requests we receive will never exceed our funding. If the Holy Spirit impresses you, we will accept your tax-deductible contribution with thanks. 

May God give you strength for today and hope for the future. 

Location: Virginia

Author: Johny Carmouche 
Brother Carmouche is a prison missionary who also gives quality Bibles free of charge to prisoners who ask.

How You Can Help:
Pray for the prisoners reached by this ministry to experience a new life in Christ. 
Donate for the purchase of Bibles at www.bibles4prisoners.com or mail your check to Johny Carmouche, PO Box 972, Locust Grove, VA 22508
Purchase Brother Carmouche’s autobiography and share it with friends who may be struggling! Proceeds will be used to sustain Bible 4 Prisoners. 

04/07/2018: From Witchdoctor to Friendship Evangelist

From Witchdoctor to Friendship Evangelist

A former witchdoctor reaches people for Christ.

When I first met Paca at an evangelistic meeting in Togo, West Africa, he was training to be a “powerful witchdoctor” in his local village. Since that day in 2009, he has made an incredible transformation. He now works with Pastor Agamah as a Bible Worker, using the power of the gospel and friendship evangelism to win people to the truth.

One day, as these eager soul-winners distributed literature in their village, they met a man from one of the largest Baptist churches in the area, Pastor Simliwa. He had a keen interest in Bible prophecy, and they began visiting his home, leaving truth-filled material behind. As they got to know him and his family, they soon found themselves fast friends. Not long after, Pastor Simliwa confessed that he had accepted the truth. They were filled with elation, and then deep surprise as he revealed that he was the Senior Pastor, overseeing all the Baptist churches in the northern part of Togo.

Pastor Simliwa carefully weighed his position. He knew if he joined the Seventh-day Adventist church he would lose his handsome salary, his influence, and many friendships. But after much prayer and study, he took his stand for the truth.

When the Baptist church administration realized he would not yield, they knew they faced losing many of their key members. They immediately stripped him of his position and salary, hoping these stern measures would deter others from following his example. But many of Pastor Simliwa’s former church members had noticed the new joy that filled his heart. They began to visit him, asking about his new beliefs, and why he had been cut off from his church. He would then share the material he had studied, and challenge them to search the Bible with him. Soon many of his friends were convinced that he was on the right path.

Do you desire to be a better soul winner? Proverbs gives us specific instruction. “A man who has friends must himself be friendly…” Proverbs 18:24. Every one of us can make friends. Even Jesus made connecting with others a priority so that He could share His message of hope. He accepted invitations to dine with the noble and learned, the poor and afflicted. “He was social in His nature.” Desire of Ages, 150. If we follow His example, we will reap the same results — a vibrant church, and new souls who are much more likely to stay in the church and stay closely connected to the Lord!

“It should ever be manifest that we are reformers, but not bigots. When our laborers enter a new field, they should seek to become acquainted with the pastors of the several churches in the place. Much has been lost by neglecting to do this. If our ministers show themselves friendly and sociable and do not act as if they were ashamed of the message they bear, it will have an excellent effect and may give these pastors and their congregations favorable impressions of the truth. At any rate, it is right to give them a chance to be kind and favorable if they will.” Evangelism, 143

Please pray for Pastor Simliwa, Pastor Amagah, Paca, and others as they minister to remote villages, where the gospel has never been heard.

“In the morning sow your seed, And in the evening do not withhold your hand; For you do not know which will prosper, Either this or that, Or whether both alike will be good.” Ecclesiastes, 11:6.

Mike Bauler
Mike is the director of Mission Projects International.

How You Can Help:
Pray for the Pastors and Bible workers in the small African country of Togo.

Funds are needed to help support the Bible Workers who are faithfully sharing the gospel message. If you would like to donate to this worthy cause mark your donations “Togo Workers.”

03/31/2018: With All My Heart: Gospel Work for Children

With All My Heart: Gospel Work for Children

An experienced gospel worker finds her niche.

I unlatched the gate and pushed it open. My fellow Bible worker and I walked up the path to the Australian home and were soon greeted by a young man we had been studying the Bible with. We had developed a great friendship, and it was a blessing to study God’s Word together.

Our friend invited us to study outside, as it was a sunny day, so we settled down with our Bibles. As we sat there, about to begin, the man’s two girls came and sat nearby, along with a couple of their little neighbor friends. The thought struck me: We should involve the children in the Bible study!

I turned to the girls’ father and asked, “Why don’t we let the children come over and study with us?” He readily agreed, so we invited the children to join our small group.

From that day on, we always studied with the children—the youngest being 5 years old. Of course, we had to change the way we studied the Bible, and think of ways to make the deep truths easier to understand. It was so refreshing to see young children joining in with such enthusiasm. We sang, we shared stories and illustrations, we talked about deep Bible truths in simple ways, and the children joined in with their small comments and questions. Other children began to participate, and after a while the father even began to livestream the meetings to other kids.

As I helped to teach these children, a strong feeling of purpose welled up in my heart. I realized just how much I loved doing this type of work. Through these experiences, other circumstances, and being led to read the promises in Isaiah 54:1-3, God confirmed my calling to work with young children.

I have since returned to Europe because I was not able to renew my Australian visa, but some of my friends there are following up with this small group. God is still blessing their efforts!

I am amazed at how this experience happened just before I had to make important choices for the next chapter of my life. God has led me to begin a new ministry called “With All My Heart.” My desire is to develop a ministry dedicated to helping children give their heart to Jesus. Along with this, I would love for the ministry to give parents tools and ideas for how to nourish the gospel seed in their children’s hearts on a daily basis (see Malachi 4:5-6).

“What can give greater satisfaction than to be laborers together with God in educating and training the children and youth to love God and keep his commandments? Lead the children whom you are instructing . . . to Jesus. What can give you greater joy than to see children and youth following Christ, the great Shepherd, who calls, and the sheep and lambs hear his voice and follow him? What can spread more sunshine through the soul of the interested, devoted worker than to know that his persevering, patient labor is not in vain in the Lord, and to see his pupils have the sunshine of joy in their souls because Christ has forgiven their sins? What can be more satisfying to the worker together with God, than to see children and youth receiving the impressions of the spirit of God in true nobility of character and in the restoration of the moral image of God—the children seeking the peace coming from the Prince of Peace?” Christian Education, 156.



Stine Gro Struksnæs

Stine lives in Germany and is the founder of With All My Heart Ministry. Formerly she was a Bible worker for Highwood Health Retreat in Australia. stinegro78@hotmail.com




Pray for Stine, her new ministry focus, and the children who will be reached for Jesus.

Like With All My Heart on Facebook.

Share her ministry with families with young children.

Schedule her for a weekend presentation with your church family or retreat. Details are available on the ministry
website: www.withallmyheartministry.org

03/24/2018: Train Them 2 Fish

Train Them 2 Fish

Helping people help themselves spiritually and physically.

The Democratic Republic of Congo is the most populated French speaking country in the world with over 80 million people located in the heart of Africa. This country has been unstable for more than two decades and is also known as one of the poorest countries in the world, but it still has many of opportunities for ministry. The people of the Democratic Republic of Congo are open to the gospel and are hard workers.

Considering the economic and social challenges in Congo where most of people live with less than $1 per day, Train Them 2 Fish was born to educate people how to help themselves spiritually and physically. Train Them 2 Fish has been offering sewing training to single handicapped people able to use their hands, providing sewing machines and material as a seed to them. Train Them 2 Fish is also educating people in microfinance under the supervision of Bank of Africa based in Congo. The bank provides training, and Train Them 2 Fish collects funds from donors to be given as loans through the bank, and the bank collects loans from receivers to be given to new people. Church members as well as non-Adventists have been blessed by this ministry.

Train Them 2 Fish is also involved in training self-supporting church planters. The plan is to provide seed funds for a period of two years. A very inspiring case is the one of Emmanuel. He was trained in 2016 and received a seed fund which was invested in growing carrots while studying the Bible with people at Kenge Village. Working with the bank, Emmanuel has invested money to buy a motor bike. The motor bike will be making $10 per day and Emmanuel will keep producing carrots. As a self-supported evangelist, Emmanuel has planted a new congregation with 58 baptized members. These newly baptized members are in need of a shelter to worship God at Kenge.

Adrien was assigned to work in Kimvulam, where there is a very special group of people – a Black Religion. They don’t believe in the Bible, and they say the Bible is only for white people. They said there were no black people mentioned in the Bible.

One day he asked a few people from the Black Religion if they wanted to hear about the black person in the Bible, and they said yes. Adrien read the story from the Bible about the Ethiopian eunuch and asked them where Ethiopia is. They responded, “In Africa.” Adrien told them that the Ethiopian was reading the Bible, especially the book of Isaiah. When he made a call asking how many wanted to start reading the Bible as their African brother did, three people accepted and began reading Isaiah because of the Ethiopian who  read the Bible. These people wanted to know more. They went to tell the chief of their village about Adrien’s church. Adrien was invited to tell the chief the story of the black man reading the Bible. The chief of the village liked the Seventh-day Adventist message and gave Adrien a place to plant a church, and eight people are meeting there every Sabbath. The chief visited on the first day of the meetings, to be sure the gospel was correct. The Black Religion community at Kimvula wants to know more about Jesus.

Adrien traveled to various places and was in two accidents which were very serious. The devil didn’t want him to enter his territory. One of the accidents took the life of the driver, but Adrien’s life was spared two times. Thank you for your prayers and support to people like Adrien.

Mr. Akongo used to be an evangelist for a local Baptist Church. After attending evangelistic meetings, he decided to be baptized as a Adventist in 2014. The mission didn’t have money to sponsor him until Train Them 2 Fish had a training program for lay pastors in 2016. He was sent to our training center and one month after the training he was sent to Songololo, near the Angola border, where there was no Adventist presence. He started making friends and later gave Bible studies. Within five months, there were 23 worshipers. Six of them are ready to be baptized. Train Them 2 Fish gave him seed funds, and he is progressing to be self-supporting. He purchased a motor cycle and used it to earn $10.60 each day. Within six months he purchased another motor bike and this doubled his income to $21.20 per day. We are praying for Brother Akongo to become a well-grounded tent-maker evangelist and for the small congregation to increase in membership. A One-Day Church is needed for this small congregation.

Thank you for being a part of Train Them 2 Fish through your prayers, giving and talent.


Pastor Thomas Ongasa

Pastor Thomas Ongasa works in the country of Democratic Republic of Congo. Pastor Ongasa was formerly the president of the local conference of Seventh-day Adventists. He believed that God was calling him to start a training school to equip young people to spread the gospel in his country.



Pray for the young people being sent into remote areas of Congo to establish churches.

Donate. Funds are needed to train Bible workers, to build churches, and to equip Bible workers and pastors with Spirit of Prophecy books. Donations are also needed for Bibles. If you are impressed to help spread the Three Angels’ Messages in the Congo, please mark your donation “Congo Workers”  and send it to:

Mission Projects International, PO Box 506, Republic, WA 99166-0506

03/17/2018: The Murdered Chief

The Murdered Chief

A tragic death brings about 90 baptisms for Christ.

A short walk from my home lies the village of Nazombe. In spite of my repeated attempts to make friends in Nazombe, the villagers resisted my efforts to share the gospel with them. Then one day, the village chief disappeared. Rumors spread that I had killed the chief and sold his body. I realized the situation was grave and that without God’s protection the villagers could take my life. My family and I fasted and prayed for 21 days, asking God to reveal the truth of the chief’s disappearance in order that God’s name be honored.

On the twenty-first day, I met a man from Nazombe on the road. He greeted me by saying, “Pastor, your God is a miracle-working God. The man described how the chief’s body had been found in the river, attached to two huge stones weighing almost as much as the chief himself.

The chief’s brother was eventually convicted of the  murder, and I was invited to visit Nazombe. When I arrived, the people welcomed me openly. “Tell us about your God who has saved you,” they begged. I visited each home and prayed with them, shared corn and gave clothes to those in need. Next, I held evangelistic meetings and hundreds of people came to the meetings to hear the three angels’ message. When the meetings were over, I called for the people to give their hearts to Jesus, the Way, the Truth, and the Life. More than 80 people gave their hearts to Christ and were baptized.

The government of Malawi visited me to hear for themselves the story of how the chief’s death had changed the lives of the people. They recorded my testimony and broadcast it over the national radio at least three times. From that time, I have been receiving requests from a number of non-Christian village chiefs to go and teach the people about Jesus Christ.

In 2001, my team and I held an evangelistic meeting for the Paramount Chief Kuntumanji after holding Bible studies with him. He was the only one that I had not visited in the area. The Chief and his guards listened to my preaching and invited me to hold the meetings at his home. He invited all of his junior chiefs to attend daily for 21 days. I introduced Jesus Christ through what happened to Abraham, who was asked by God to offer his only son as a sacrifice to God. When Abraham took his knife to cut the neck of his son, God stopped him and told him not to kill his son but rather the lamb which God provided for him. The son of Abraham represents us, and the lamb represents Jesus Christ. The Chief and his guards plus some 92 people accepted Jesus Christ through baptism. They were baptized together with their wives.

Another meeting I conducted was in Lilongwe Chisapo village. Mr. Muhammad Amin, a former Muslim leader, was listening to my preaching every evening. The tenth day, Mr. Amin came out of his house and wanted to know who was preaching. He told his family to always listen to the gospel. He later came behind the pulpit and whispered to my boy, “Please give me a spiritual book.” I was told and gave him the book Allah’s Healing Ways. He read the book every day, and in the evening he attended the meetings. Later he was baptized together with his wife. He has been joining me during my meetings to give the testimony of his conversion. He is now a head deacon at his church. God is using him to bring more people to His kingdom. This is a non-Christian area where many people have not yet heard the truth.

I just pray to God to win one soul for Him each day. My prayers have been answered, and God has blessed our ministry with many baptisms and new churches established among the unreached people.


Golden O. Lapani

Brother Lapani is a layman with a burden for souls. He conducts evangelistic meetings in predominately Muslim areas of Malawi.




Pray for Brother Lapani as he uses friendship evangelism to reach hearts for Jesus.

Give. The work in Malawi is in need of Bibles, church building and food and clothing for the very poor. If you feel impressed to help this work, you please mark your donation “Malawi” and send it to:

Mission Projects International, PO Box 506, Republic, WA 99166-0506

For electronic options, visit: missionspro.org/donate

03/10/2018: A Salaam Aleikum

A Salaam Aleikum

The work progresses in Senegal with volunteers from England.

Greetings from Senegal! As the medical missionary work here grows and flourishes, and opportunities for sharing God’s love multiply, our hearts overflow with praise. Even amidst many challenges, God is always good.

A little while ago I visited Ita, a young lady suffering from breast cancer. Although she is American born, and grew up Christian, she converted to Islam when she married her Muslim husband. Along with her physical pain, she also deals with much grief. Her mother passed away seven years ago, and shortly afterward her husband also died, leaving her with three young children and another on the way. Even in her sorrow, she faces her illness with courage. When I met her, she had already changed her diet and was eager for any help that we could give. She had tried a “mild treatment” of chemotherapy at the insistence of her in-laws, but when her hair started falling out, she refused to continue.

The large sore on her chest permeated the house with an awful smell. We covered it with charcoal and honey poultices. We also gave her hydrotherapy and massage for her edematous arm. As the days went by, the odor gradually lessened. To our delight, in a few weeks, you could hardly notice it. When we started to work with Ita, her wound was very yellow, but now the tissue has a healthier, redder hue, and we can see small areas of new skin growth near the edges.

When I visit her, I share with her about our heavenly Father’s great love for us, and we pray together. I have given her several Bible verses and Psalms, and she has accepted them gratefully. Please pray for Ita and her family.

Rachel and Praise, two young ladies from England, have come to help us for a few months while they get some hands-on medical missionary training. We are grateful for the medical supplies they brought, and the Great Controversy books, which we have been sharing with our English-speaking friends.

Another vacation camp with the village children is coming up. This time we are adding some health training for the older teens. Boys and girls will learn first aid. Girls will also learn how to make their own cloth menstrual pads. Most girls here can’t afford to buy disposable pads, and just use old pieces of cloth. This often leads to infection. We hope to alleviate this by teaching them to make and care for re-usable cloth pads.

We are also grateful for the renovations that have begun on one of our buildings. We have had many problems with the fibro-cement roof tiles becoming brittle and leaking, so we decided to install a concrete slab roof with help from the team at http://bellroofcompany.com/roofing-redlands/. We hope to divide the building into two dormitory-style rooms – one for men and one for women. We also plan to have two bathrooms, a classroom, and a storage room.

Unfortunately, our donor has had some unexpected financial difficulties, and we do not have enough funds to finish the project. The walls are up, and the reinforcement of the older building is finished, but the electrical wiring, plumbing, roof, stairs, windows, and doors remain. We hope to have the building operational by December, as we need the space for upcoming events. Aside from all this, we are also in need of a video projector.


We appreciate your prayers, and are thankful for any help you can give us. May God continue to bless and keep us all as we work for Him.



Deborah Ndione

Sister Deborah and her family are missionaries in Dakar, Senegal. Deborah uses medical ministry, English tutoring, women’s ministry, children’s ministry and other simple methods to make friends to invite to Christ’s Kingdom.



Pray. Even with the Lord’s blessings, Deborah’s family faces challenges in Senegal. Please continue to pray that the Lord will open the doors for their outreach center.

Donate to Deborah’s work through Mission Projects International. Please mark your donation “Senegal” and send it to:

Mission Projects International, PO Box 506, Republic, WA 99166-0506

For electronic options, visit: missionspro.org/donate

03/03/2018: Rescuing Ayane

Rescuing Ayane

Beaten and given alcohol to drink at three months of age, Ayane was in danger until she found grace and peace in a new home. 

How can this be so complicated?” I turned the small square of cloth over and over. I shook it, sighed, and threw up my hands.

Just a few weeks ago I would never have dreamed that I would be wrestling to put a cloth diaper on a 17-month old baby. When we first heard about the tiny girl, we knew we could not ignore her plight. She lived in a village six hours away, and her mother had lost her mind. As a young girl, she had been horribly mistreated by her own parents. Her father punished her by holding her hands in the fire, causing her to lose one finger and severely deforming two others. Her mother beat her mercilessly and forced her to work in the fields. It was little wonder that she was incapable of caring for her own baby.

She stopped breastfeeding little Sina (which means “she does not have” in Swahili) when she was just three months old. Instead, she fed her whatever happened to be lying around – mostly alcohol. We heard that she even put a rope around the baby’s neck and carried her that way. She drenched her in cold water, and started beating her. The baby’s bibi (grandmother), an alcoholic herself, did nothing. Most of the villagers agreed that the baby was in danger, but no one intervened.

Amazed at the apathy of the villagers, my husband Elisha and I decided we would rescue the little girl ourselves and try to find a stable Tanzanian Christian family to raise her. We called the chief of the village for two days with no success. My worry multiplied and grew. What if we arrived too late?

I scrubbed my dishes a little too vigorously and prayed, “Lord, this baby is Your daughter. We are willing to rescue her. Please, if You will, open the door for us to reach the chief.”

Peace filled my heart and I continued with my day. Not long after, Suzan, our sewing teacher, told me she had talked to the chief and that he would make arrangements with the bibi.

The bibi gave away her granddaughter as if she were nothing more than a bag of dirty laundry. Nobody looked back to say goodbye, to kiss her forehead, or give her one last squeeze. Our friend Kori, who picked up the baby for us, almost cried.

When the tiny girl arrived at our home, she looked around with large, scared eyes. Her tummy stuck out so far, we worried it would pop when she laid on it. Her malnutrition showed in her abnormally light brown and patchy hair. Our hearts broke for her suffering, and we immediately decided to give her a new name – Ayane Salome, which means “grace and peace.”

After only a week, Ayane started laughing and smiling. And boy could she eat! I blended rice and beans and enriched it with ground cashews, coconut cream, avocados, olive oil, etc. I watched with delight as her little legs fattened, her cheeks rounded, and her hair darkened to its original black.

I must admit that I gave up on the cloth diapers. Our life is very different now. We have just as much work as before, and we worry about Ayane. She becomes more attached to us with each passing day, and we have not been able to find a suitable family for her. I do not know what will happen to her. But I do know that she is God’s little princess, and that He will help us as we seek to understand His will for her life.



Nadege Vande Voort

Nadege and her husband Elisha operate Eden Valley Foster Care Mission, a trade school for underprivileged youth in Tanzania. harvester2188@gmail.com; Box 17, Mafinga, Iringa, Tanzania.




Pray for the Vande Voorts’ outreach in Tanzania and for Ayane’s future.

Share this story and ask others to pray, too!

Give to Elisha and Nadege’s mission. Send your check, with  “Eden Valley Foster Care Mission” as the memo to:

Outpost Centers International, 5132 Layton Lane, Apison, TN 37302

For online options, visit:
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02/24/2018: Prayers for Aluisio

Prayers for Aluisio

Missionary, principal, and father suffers medical setback and then healing!

Mom, Papai is calling you! Go quick; he’s throwing up!”

Jumping to my feet, I ran down the hall of Noah’s Ark Christian School to the small room at the end which was our home. I stared in horror at Aluisio, my husband, who lay limp in the hammock, vomit all over the floor. Dazed and confused, he could barely communicate to me. I could feel panic rising in my chest. He had been in perfect health just an hour ago. What was happening?

I had to half-drag my dizzy, confused husband to the car. At the hospital, our nightmare worsened. Everyone who saw him had a different opinion. His blood pressure was slightly elevated, so they gave him medication to lower it. But he did not have the typical symptoms of a stroke or a heart attack, and after a few hours the nurses told us we could leave. Amazed, I flatly refused, as Aluisio could not even walk unassisted. My frustration grew in the morning when a doctor informed us that it was just a urinary infection, and he could go home. At the suggestion of a friend, I insisted that we be authorized to take Aluisio to the larger city of Manaus, to a hospital with a much better neurology department. The doctor begrudgingly wrote the authorization while the head nurse rolled her eyes.

After a long drive through the rainforest, we arrived at the new hospital. They immediately tried to stabilize Aluisio with different medications. When we explained his symptoms to the doctor, they rushed him down the hall for an MRI.

“It’s just an inner ear infection,” the doctor looked up from the results and smiled. “He should be back to normal in a few weeks.”

“But what about the numbness in his arm?” I reminded her.

Her smile vanished, and she called for the neurosurgeon on duty to check the MRI. He discovered what she had missed – a large area of the cerebellum that had been burned by a stroke. With compassion in their voices they explained that with physical therapy he might make a partial recovery, but the prognosis was not good.

My heart dropped. What if he never got better? What would happen to our small school where Aluisio was principal? Tears came to my eyes as I thought of how he loved to greet all the school children every morning with a big smile. He had been healthy and active. How could this happen to him?

Prayers for Aluisio ascended from all over the world. He slept on and off through the night, and each time he woke, he seemed a little more coherent. A constant prayer rose from my own heart as I sat by his side. Aluisio’s brothers, who had been estranged from him for years, came to see him. It was beautiful to see them reconnecting, and to see Aluisio’s concern for their souls through his own pain and discomfort.

In the morning, we moved to the Adventist hospital where Aluisio underwent many more tests.  Our hopes soared when the neurologist gave us a new prognosis: with some physical therapy Aluisio should make a full recovery.

From then on Aluisio’s healing progressed by leaps and bounds. The doctors marveled at the miracle in front of them. When I discovered that we did not even have to pay a cent in hospital bills, I thought my heart would burst with thankfulness.

Now, three months later, Aluisio feels as good as new. Soon he will return to work where all the children who prayed for him are eager to have their beloved principal home. Looking back, I am so thankful for God’s promise. Truly, “the effectual prayers of a righteous man [woman, child] availeth much” (James 5:16).



Sandy DeSenna

Sandy and her family operate Noah’s Ark Christian School in, Amazonas, Brazil.





Pray for the students and staff of Noah’s Ark Christian School. The goal of the school is to educate young people in the Word of God. The staff conduct Bible studies with parents and they also perform local public evangelism. As in any work for God, prayers make a difference.

Give. If you feel impressed to help Noah’s Ark Christian School expand to reach even more children in Amazonas for God’s Kingdom, please mark your donation “Noah’s Ark School” and send it to:

Mission Projects International, PO Box 506, Republic, WA 99166-0506

For electronic options, visit: missionspro.org/donate

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02/10/2018: Educating for Eternity

Educating for Eternity

From a small start in 2008, a school promoting true education has grown into a light to the community.

It was the year 2007. I had just graduated from the University of Eastern Africa, Baraton. I had a wife, three young children, and an earnest desire to serve God. We had also just moved to a rural village, and we soon began to notice a great need in our new community – the need for Seventh-day Adventist education, not only for the village children, but for our own as well.

As we read God’s counsel to the church, our desire grew to start a school that was firmly grounded in the principles of education that God had given to us:

“No work ever undertaken by man requires greater care and skill than the proper training and education of youth and children. There are no influences so potent as those which surround us in our early years…. The nature of man is threefold, and the training enjoined by Solomon comprehends the right development of the physical, intellectual, and moral powers. To perform this work aright, parents and teachers must themselves understand ‘the way the child should go.’ This embraces more than a knowledge of books or the learning of the schools. It comprehends the practice of temperance, brotherly kindness, and godliness; the discharge of our duty to ourselves, to our neighbors, to God….

“The will must be trained to obey the dictates of reason and conscience…. So far as possible, every child should be trained to self-reliance. By calling into exercise the various faculties, he will learn where he is strongest, and in what he is deficient. A wise instructor will give special attention to the development of the weaker traits, that the child may form a well-balanced, harmonious character.” Child Guidance, 39.

Grasping hold of God’s promises, we stepped out in faith, and Kingsway Preparatory School was born in 2008 with one teacher, seven students, and many challenges on the horizon. The facilities were in such terrible condition that parents hesitated to enroll their children. Those who took the risk were poor, and we could not scrape together enough tuition money to meet the expenses of running a school. Finding transportation is still a challenge, and many children have to walk as far as two miles to get to school, in good weather and bad.

Despite all the difficulties we have faced, today Kingsway is a shining light in our community. Our academic standards are high, and we are dedicated to meeting the spiritual needs of our students, staff, and the community. The children are involved in Bible studies, preaching, singing groups, Pathfinder clubs, and Sabbath School programs. We believe that this is the highest form of education that we can give our children and youth.

“In all our churches there should be schools, and teachers in these schools who are missionaries. It is essential that teachers be trained to act well their part in the important work of educating the children of Sabbath keepers, not only in the sciences, but in the Scriptures. These schools, established in different localities and conducted by God-fearing men or women, as the case demands, should be built on the same principles as were the schools of the prophets” Child Guidance, 306.

Over the years God has guided and provided, and we are overjoyed to see that, through our efforts and those of the precious children given into our care, the influence of Kingsway now extends far beyond our campus and deep into the surrounding communities. It is our prayer these children will inspire future generations to walk with God, and to share His love with those around them.


Pastor Daniel Bett

Pastor Bett is an ordained Seventh-day Adventist minister. He is the president and founder of Kingsway Preparatory School.




Pray for the young people who are attending the school at Kingsway school and for the teachers who are leading these young people to the Lord.

Give. Funds are needed to help improve the facilities of Kingsway Preparatory School. If you would like to support this educational work, please mark your donation “Kinsgway Preparatory School” and send it to:

Mission Projects International, PO Box 506, Republic, WA 99166-0506

For electronic options, visit: missionspro.org/donate