09/26/09: 13th Sabbath Project – Green Pastures Missionary Training School

Green Pastures Home and School has been increasing their vision. After being a successful orphanage and school for many years, they are now looking to train young men and women to be successful missionaries. They have opened the doors to their Missionary Training School, and some of the very children who used to be orphans in their orphanage have now grown into lovely young men and women and are now students of the Missionary Training School.

Missionary students at the Green Pastures School.
Missionary students at the Green Pastures School.

A Missionary Training School is a big endeavor. They are bringing in different teachers and speakers who can teach different aspects of missionary work—medical missionaries, evangelists, Bible instructors and more. This is quite expensive, and the Green Pastures Missionary Training School needs our support in this endeavor so that they can provide excellent instructions and be turning out well-trained missionaries into the country of India.

09/26/09: Reaching the Hard to Reach

Reaching a Backslidden Adventist
I traveled a great distance to visit a backslidden Adventist by the name of Mila Magbanua. Upon entering her village I was directed to Mila’s house by a four-year-old girl who turned out to be her little daughter. As I looked around the house, I noticed that Mila’s mother was standing on a chair with a hammer and nails repairing a broken down portion of the wall – a real chore for an elderly woman. I offered to finish the repairs for her. As I worked, I learned that Mila was sick with fever. I decided to give all my remaining garlic capsules to her right then. A few days later when I returned with Edmar, we gave her a treatment for her lung problem together with an encouraging Bible study.

Then one day as we were away she vomited up about a liter of blood. She cried out to her mother and asked for the Bible to be handed to her. As she clenched the Bible she prayed, “Lord, please extend my life, for I have little children.” Amazingly, she felt stronger by the time the ambulance arrived an hour later. In the hospital the doctors could not find the cause of her vomiting. They discharged her after three days. Mila told me, “I thank God for sending you and brothers Edmar and Joel to share God’s Word with me. I feel that I won the sweepstakes when I came back to the Lord. Indeed! I have peace and joy in my heart. I now have new hope. My problems are gradually being solved.” As Mila testified of her new experience with God, I shared God’s promises with her. She wrote down the verses on a piece of paper. I shared with her how God also saved my life and kept me from suicide before I had faith. I shared how, as I learned to trust Jesus, He turned my trials into blessings. Mila is now attending church. Praise God!

Presently, I am working to reclaim her entire family. On one recent visit, I discovered that Mila was out of town but that her 57-year old mother was there. With a weak countenance, she invited me in to share rice and soup with her and her grandchildren. That was all the food left in their house. Her experience became the theme of our Bible study that very afternoon. I began our study with my experience in times of hardship and trials and how through trials I learned to know my Savior. We then tackled the plan of salvation and how God desperately loves us. By God’s grace, the aged woman confessed to me that she would stop her work as an abortionist. I found out that she was also a backslidden Adventist. I showed how God cannot bless us if we are holding on to even one sin. When we devote our lives wholly, God will fulfill His covenant, “I will never leave thee, nor forsake the.” A tear fell from her eyes. She decided to come to church that Sabbath with Mila and with her grandchildren.

She was not financially able to meet the transportation expense. Presently, our family is assisting them with the cost. After realizing that they had no food to eat ,I decided to give her my last 50 pesos. I told her that God has a thousand ways to provide that we do not know. “Just have faith in God. Trust His love for you by obeying His word,” I said. Before leaving, I shared the story of Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego standing for truth in face of hunger and even death. Even God’s own beloved son, Jesus Christ, died for us that we may have eternal life and have His same spirit. As Christ rose from the grave to eternal life, so we will have the same glory when our Lord comes.

Reaching a Muslim
Two weeks ago a Muslim mother told me that her daughter, 19 years old, had been bedridden for more than two years. More than 30 doctors had treated her, but without progress. They live in Saba Malaysia and had come to the Philippines seeking treatment. Her mother was a Filipina. The young daughter cried every day because of the severe pain in her body. Her illness was complicated, and she had no strength to move. I tried to visit the Muslim village where they lived. I learned that they followed my instructions to have three days of grape juice fasting with earnest prayer to God. But I noticed that they purchased juices from borrowed money only. I asked the mother if they would buy more juice for the third day of treatment. She replied that they did not know where to borrow from again. I gave the lady a slight head and back massage. I shared with them that God healed me after suffering from a disease for nine years. After crying to God my body was completely healed within four days. I shared Jeremiah 33:3 and encouraged them to call upon God for guidance. “God loves you, Jaira,” I said to the young lady. Her eyes glazed over with tears. I found out that they were already bankrupt. And although the Father was a fisherman in Malaysia, their income was not sufficient to provide for their 7 children. At this my heart was extremely touched, and I tried to ask my wife to share our last allowance. With half of our allowance we decided to purchase two liters of grape juice and two liters of apple juice to sustain her treatment. After two days of fasting she experienced a 60% recovery. Last I saw Jaira, the pain was gone and she was standing for the first time in two years. She can already lift some weight. Praise God! She can now walk without assistance. We are continuing prayer for this family. Today I am not able to contact them since Cebuan and Muslim gangsters are warring. Entering the village under these conditions is not safe.

Reaching the World

Briane Palange and family.
Briane Palange and family.

May we have the eyes of faith like Paul the apostle who knew that “to apprehend Christ by faith, to have a spiritual knowledge of him, was more to be desired than a personal acquaintance with him as he appeared on the earth.” And may we enjoy communion with Christ like Paul, “more intimate, more enduring, than a mere earthly and human companionship.” May we labor by faith not by sight like Paul the apostle, who “in that worn, pain stricken face” reflected the image of Christ—this is my prayer for you.
“The end of all things is at hand; and in consideration of the shortness of time, we as a people should watch and pray, and in no ease allow ourselves to be diverted from the solemn work of preparation for the great event before us. Because the time is apparently extended, many have become careless and indifferent in regard to their words and actions. They do not realize their danger, and do not see and understand the mercy of our God in lengthening their probation that they may have time to form characters for the future, immortal life. Every moment is of the highest value. Time is granted them, not to be employed in studying their own ease and becoming dwellers on the earth, but to be used in the work of overcoming every defect in their own characters, and in helping others to see the beauty of holiness by their example and personal effort. But God has a people upon the earth, who in faith and holy hope are tracing down the roll of fast-fulfilling prophecy, and are seeking to purify their souls by obeying the truth, that they may not be found without the wedding garment when Christ shall appear.” Review and Herald, October 20, 1885.

By Brian Palange, Philippines. Donations can be sent to support Brian’s work in the Phillipines, earmarked “Philippine Bible Workers,” to Missions Projects International, PO Box 59656, Renton, WA 98058. Phone: 800-467-4174 Website: www.missionspro.org

09/19/09: Anaji Town Evangelism

“In every generation God has sent His servants to rebuke sin, both in the world and in the church. But the people desire smooth things spoken to them, and the pure, unvarnished truth is not acceptable. Many reformers, in entering upon their work, determined to exercise great prudence in attacking the sins of the church and the nation. They hoped, by the example of a pure Christian life, to lead the people back to the doctrines of the Bible. But the Spirit of God came upon them as it came upon Elijah, moving him to rebuke the sins of a wicked king and an apostate people; they could not refrain from preaching the plain utterances of the Bible—doctrines which they had been reluctant to present. They were impelled to zealously declare the truth and the danger which threatened souls. The words which the Lord gave them they uttered, fearless of consequences, and the people were compelled to hear the warning.” Great Controversy, 606.

Attentive audience at the Anaji Town meetings.
Attentive audience at the Anaji Town meetings.

The time in which we live calls for active warning of the inhabitants of the world since probation will soon close.

Anaji Town is the indigenous people in Takoradi. We have a church located on their soil. Unfortunately, few of our members are from the community as the people do not patronize the Adventist message because of the social, economic and cultural life of the people.

Plans were made last year to visit the community and give them the everlasting gospel, but times and funds were not on our side. Early this year, the church voted to work in the community; but because of my planned activities at Setswi Bekwai and Pokuase Mayera, we had to defer it until 17th of March.

Attendees at a nighttime meeting.
Attendees at a nighttime meeting.

Two weeks before we were to begin, local church members began visiting the people in their homes and opening the Bible with them. Then one week beforehand, the handbills were distributed to the community. During the last six days before the meetings began, I went on the local radio station to arouse the people to our messages.

People waiting for health screening before meetings.
People waiting for health screening before meetings.

One the March 17th, Evangelist Gabriel Brew arrived from Accra to assist with our meetings. The high publicity had worked. Many people were attracted to the meetings because of that and because we were offering medical advice at the meetings. We had a medical team on site for one hour before the meeting was to begin. Some of the team would take blood pressure, weight and height, and write a report and submit it to the health counselor who would educate them on healthful living and refer the more difficult cases to our clinic. The interest in the medical work was great, and we would have to actively suspend the activities each evening so that we could begin the evangelistic meeting. We would get the people’s attention by singing our theme song entitled: “Blessed Assurance, Jesus is Mine.”

The interest in our message was great as we continued to reveal to them hidden truth. One brother exclaimed, “We are lost!” The people could see their sins as we studied deeply each evening.

People fill seats for a daytime meeting.
People fill seats for a daytime meeting.

The night that I presented Revelation 17, “The Woman on the Beast,” I showed that the woman represented a church and that the beast represented Rome. Then I asked which church had ever controlled the kingdom of Rome. To my surprise, some mentioned the Papacy. I continued to reveal what the wine represented—false doctrine. When I concluded, I asked if they now accepted why the Bible refers to that church as Babylon the Great.

When the appeal was made, over thirty-five people signed their names to study with us. We now have Bible studies going in a local classroom with the new converts and interests who are preparing for baptism. With this group we have shared Bibles and some literature.

Pastor Nyanor inviting people over the radio.
Pastor Nyanor inviting people over the radio.

We are badly in need of more Bibles, since many of our hearers need Bibles, and when they are asked to come for a Bible they respond favorably.

Plans are far advanced to move to the northern part of Ghana on the 16th April to help the people in the North. Your prayers, support and materials are most welcomed as the work in the Northern Ghana is difficult because the poverty rate is high and the cultural practices of the people does not encourage them to accept Adventism.

If we refuse to work in this time of liberty, we will work in hardship in the crisis ahead. Let us come together to help finish the work. Soon our Savior will be coming.

By Pastor Benjamin Nyanor, Box MC, 1280, Takoradi, Ghana.

09/12/09: The Time is Now!

Time is coming to a close for this world, and very soon we shall see the King in His glory seated upon His throne and coming in power to gather His faithful ones who have made a covenant with Him by sacrifice.

When this time comes our money will be worthless. God wants us to invest our funds in the bank of Heaven where rust and moth will not corrupt. If we don’t use God’s money wisely, it will be thrown to the moles and the bats just before Jesus comes in power. Isaiah 2:20. The best way to invest in the bank of Heaven is through winning souls.

Our time to do evangelism is now, while we have a little time of peace in our troubled world. If we do not take advantage of the peace we now enjoy, we will have to work under terrible pressure. “The work which the church has failed to do in a time of peace and prosperity, she will have to do in a terrible crisis, under most discouraging, forbidding, circumstances. The warnings that worldly conformity has silenced or withheld must be given under the fiercest opposition from enemies of the faith. And at that time the superficial, conservative class, whose influence has steadily retarded the progress of the work, will renounce the faith, and take their stand with its avowed enemies, toward whom their sympathies have long been tending.” Christian Service, 158.

The Historic Message Church has completed another evangelistic meeting in the Portland area. This was our church’s seventh major evangelistic series in this city of nearly two million people. We are systematically trying to cover the entire metro area of Portland/Vancouver. Gresham, Oregon, was the target city for the Unsealing Revelation Bible Prophecy Seminar evangelistic meetings for 2009.

A part of our ground work was visiting many of the people who had come to our previous meetings and those who had returned a card requesting the book The Great Controversy. The most important activity in which we engaged was prayer and fasting for the Holy Spirit to come into each heart in our church and that He would work in a mighty way in the hearts of those who would be coming to the meetings.

Since we’ve held several similar meetings in the Portland area to this date and knew the percentage of people that have come in the past from the number of fliers that were mailed out, we had chosen a venue that could seat about 50 people classroom style. In previous meetings we mailed between 60,000 and 100,000 fliers and have had 30-70 people attend the first weekend of the meetings, and then the numbers would dwindle from there.

Pastor Mike Bauler delivering a timely message to a full room.
Pastor Mike Bauler delivering a timely message to a full room.

At these meetings we mailed out about 31,000 fliers to the Gresham area and were expecting about 20-30 attendees based on previous meetings but we are always hoping for more. So we expected to have enough seating for church members and the attendees.

The day to start the meetings arrived, and I was there early to make sure that the hotel had set up the room correctly and to have the audio and video ready by the time the first people started to arrive. Most of the past meetings that I have conducted, there are one or two persons that come an hour early and watch you set up. This was the case with these meetings, except we had many people that decided to come early. About 45 minutes before the meeting started, every chair was filled and the church members had to give their seats to the new people. We had a problem on our hands, but it was a good problem. We started to pull chairs out of the closets and set them up wherever we could find space to put them. Soon all 80 chairs had been taken out of the closet and were filled, and we still had people at the door waiting to come in and find a seat. There were many who stood outside the room for awhile but never made it in because the door was blocked with people. There was standing room only throughout the room shortly after I began to preach. Unfortunately, two people even left because there were no available seats. “In the morning sow thy seed, and in the evening withhold not thine hand: for thou knowest not whether shall prosper, either this or that, or whether they both shall be alike good.” Ecclesiastics 11:6. I want to give thanks to the Lord and prais-e Him for how He worked that night. I had never seen anything like it.

The next day we made arraignments with the hotel to set up the room theater style, which would give us about 70 chairs. This was the maximum the room would hold, according to the fire marshal. The next day started out like the first night. Many people started to come about an hour early, and every chair was filled about 30 minutes before the start of the meeting. I believe that we exceeded the fire code the first two weeks of the meetings.

It is amazing how the Lord prepares people ahead of time to receive the truth. There was a lady that attended our meetings who received a flier that had been pinned up in grocery store or was lying around somewhere. She came faithfully every night and always brought 3-5 young people with her to the meetings. After the first weekend of the seminar, I went to visit her to see if she had any questions about what we had been studying. She said that she did not have any questions about the lectures but said, “I have questions about the Sabbath.” At this time I had not spoken about the Sabbath in the meetings but told her that I would be studying the Sabbath in a few days. She told me that she had received the book National Sunday Law outside the Luis Palau meeting, in Portland, a few months before the meetings and read the book and became convicted that she and her family should be keeping the Sabbath but didn’t know where to go. She came all the way through the meetings, accepting all the truth that was presented and is now keeping God’s seventh-day Sabbath and is continuing to study the present truth with me. Our church, along with Adventists from other local churches, passed out thousands of pieces of literature at the Luis Palau event. What a bless¬ing it is to see seed planting bearing fruit and to watch how God guides His children.

We also had a couple that came faithfully every night to the meetings, who God had prepared to accept the truth many years prior to the seminar. They had been in and out of the churches seeking to find the truth but never found it. The husband told me after one of the lectures that one of the churches they were attending turned him away from the Bible and he stopped studying the Bible for a while. A couple of years before the meetings, they started attending the Salvation Army church in Portland, which led them back into studying the Bible. As they studied the Bible they started to wonder why the churches were keeping Sunday as a day worship instead of the Sabbath. They would attend church and hear the pastor speak about persons going to Heaven when they died, and he wondered why this was different than what he had discovered that the Bible teaches about death. As they studied they had many questions. They were so thankful they came to the meetings and heard the truth from God‘s word. They now attend our church and our learning more about the Adventist message. We praise the Lord for those who are now attending church and our weekly Bible study. Several have requested baptism and are studying in preparation for this. The Lord truly blessed our humble efforts to cooperate with Him, and I give all the praise to Him. Please pray for these dear souls, that they will be in the kingdom!

By Pastor Mike Bauler, Historic Message Church, PO Box 130, Colton, OR 97017. E-mail: mike@missionspro.org

09/05/09: Missionaries in Training

Missionary students at the Green Pastures School.
Missionary students at the Green Pastures School.

“Prayer is the key in the hand of faith to unlock heaven’s storehouse.” Steps to Christ, 94.

We have seen wonderful things happening these past few months at Green Pastures (GPHS). After a break of almost three months, we were able to reopen the Missionary Training School on April 10th.

All of our students arrived after a grueling three-day journey from the northeast of India, a few hours before the Sabbath. We could see the hand of God at work, when two teachers from Norway, Daniel and Silvia Pel, accepted God’s invitation to serve at Green Pastures. Their stay was short but truly sweet. We are in that time frame when God’s children are traveling from place to place (Daniel 12:4) proclaiming God’s Three Angel’s Message with great power and authority. There is no more time for years of study, but in a short time the Lord will equip His children to give the trumpet call and prepare themselves and their families for Jesus’ second coming.

Students receiving instruction.

It is a humbling experience to know that our Father in Heaven is willing to use even the weakest of vessels with all our frailties and waywardness. He so much wants to save us for His Kingdom and is longing for us to unite with Him in service for erring mankind. His heart of infinite love yearns to draw us back to Himself.

As a mark of His approval and acceptance, He sent to Green Pastures students from the past, some of whom have studied here for ten and twelve years, from the school’s very beginnings. Lydia (Rajeshwari) along with her sister Saranya took part in the Sabbath services by testifying of God’s redeeming love and grace. Lydia helped with translation along with another brother from the North. Ravichander (David), another young man of Green Pastures, promised to come back in May to attend Brian Beavers’ meetings. Other students from the past were supportive of the program and pledged to come back from time to time to assist us.

“The youngest child that loves and fears God is greater in His sight than the most talented and learned man who neglects the great salvation. The youth who consecrate their hearts and lives to God have, in so doing, placed themselves in connection with the Fountain of all wisdom and excellence.” Adventist Home, 279.

The Missionary Training School commenced with Daniel dedicating the students and praying for them. Brother Daniel dealt with how to study the Bible, while Sister Silvia taught the eight laws of health and restoration.

The students who enrolled for the Bible training course at GPHS arrived here after many hardships and oppositions and even estrangement from their homes and members of their families. Some of them are just babes in the faith and soak up God’s Word and truth eagerly. Despite communication barriers, they are keen on working to bridge the gaps caused by the many different languages spoken. The challenges are big, yet the spirit of wanting to learn is high, and this is heartening.

Though many of the students have wonderful testimo¬nies, we have space for that of only one student who has been currently studying at GPHS and has been with us for five years. Kaarthika left school in December, along with her brother and sister, when we informed them that we might not be able to operate the elementary school due to the lack of dedicated teachers. The children’s mother left resignedly, not knowing what she was going to do with the children. Having to feed and care for three, plus one other younger sister who lived with her, was very daunting.

Group Study.
Group Study.

One day we received a cry for help from the eldest girl, Kaarthika, who called to say that she would like to come back. The reason she wanted to return was that the elders in the family were contemplating marriage as an option to deal with financial problems. Of course, Kaarthika was not favorably inclined as she is just in her early teens. We were able to talk to the grandmother and convince her that it was not a good idea to force her into marriage and that we were more than willing to have her back at the school. We also offered to help the other two students to pursue their studies at a neighboring Baptist school while boarding with us. We knew that the mother would send the children to work to support themselves and ruin all chances of their going to school. When we thought that the problem was solved, one of the uncles was enraged to learn that the children were coming back to our school. So, in one of his drunken brawls, he waved his knife menacingly at Kaarthika’s grandparents for aiding and abetting to get the children back in school. This scene frightened Kaarthika, and she was very afraid to stay at home. When I invited her to come here as soon as possible, she did. Well, the Lord knows that she is still young for college, being just fourteen years old, but at that juncture there was only one option. She is now the youngest aspirant, and is a help to me and the other students — a great blessing and precious in God’s sight.

Daniel and Silvia Pel teaching.
Daniel and Silvia Pel teaching.

There are other marked signs of God’s love upon His chosen ones. We have had recurrent problems with power shortages and lack of skilled personnel to correct the malfunctioning of water pumps, generator, etc. Most of the equipment is quite old and almost at breakdown point. Our Lord is sustaining His work and helping us cope with day to day problems. Our young men students have done a wonderful job by helping us in the nick of time to dig a trench about 400 feet, where underground cables are going to be laid to restore the electricity supply, enabling us to pump water to the hostel building on the big property. Aerial wires have been stolen more than a couple of times, so this is what called for such a major operation.

As in days of old students helped to do all the work, we believe in these last days, when skilled help is hard to come by, God’s children will step in and do the needful work. We are reminded by our Lord’s admonition to idlers when He said, “Why stand ye idle?” The Lord has a work for each of us who are willing to go to work in His vineyard; and, of course, each of us have been gifted with talents of one kind or another. He is counting on us to fulfill the Gospel commission, in different ways of service.

All cannot teach or preach or strain every nerve and muscle, but we can do what we know will help others to give God’s Three Angel’s Messages by contributing our tithes and offerings. God is waiting on us, and we want Him to come soon.

By Anita Tharasingh, Green Pastures Project, India. Donations can be sent to Pacific Leadership Center, 374 SE Highland Park Dr., College Place, WA 99324. Please mark for SALUTE Ministries School.

08/29/09: Redemption Radio – Strong & Clear

Redemption Radio was now on the air with the new transmitter and 3,000 watts of power. It sounded very clear and strong. I asked about the reflected power: “How is it?”

Brother Roy answered: “You can’t read it… there’s no reflected power!”

“Oh!” I answered, “Praise the Lord!”

“That’s right”, he said. “Praise the Lord!”

What else can we say, friends? It’s the Lord’s doing, for the glory of His name, and for the furthering of His work on this earth.

The buildings where Redemption Radio is housed.
The buildings where Redemption Radio is housed.

We are receiving reports from distant cities and towns. They are able to get the station strong and clear. Brothers and sisters that years ago donated for this project are so happy now to be able to hear the radio station in their homes. We are all happy to see this cherished dream finally come true. We thank you, also, for your prayers and support.
Here is my dad’s account on this project:

The 22nd of February we started the work of installation of the new 10,000 watt transmitter. And the 9th of March, at 3:30 p.m., Redemption Radio started crossing the air with 3,000 watts, which is the power that was authorized for us by the National Comission of Telecomunications (CONATEL).

Brother Roy Steck, from the state of Tennessee, was in charge of this installation work, along with our local technician, Roberto Maldonado. Both of them were led by the Lord so that this new transmission equipment was able to operate with 100% efficiency.

The radio tower and power station.
The radio tower and power station.

Something particular, I want to mention, that once again showed us that God’s powerful hand was leading this project, is that the tuning unit we had since the year 2000 to couple the 1kw RCA transmitter had always worked with a high rate of reflected power. When Brother Steck and our local technician tested the power of the 1kw transmitter, it showed 700 watts broadcasting power and 200 watts reflected power, which meant that our effective power was only 500 watts. This also meant the Nautel solid-state transmitter, being more sensitive to these problems, would not be able to work.

We prayed for the Lord to work the same miracles He had worked in the past in behalf of this radio station. We then started to do as much as we could to make the tuning unit work better: cleaning, painting, replacing the parts we could and adding the only extra capacitor we had. The wonderful thing is that, at the end of the work, the reflected power had completely disappeared; and immediately we connected the Nautel transmitter, and it was able to broadcast with the effective 3000 watts power, with zero reflected power. p1020080Before that, we had thought we would probably not be able to install the new transmitter, and that we would possibly need a new tuning unit; but we serve a wonderful God, Who makes possible the things that for men are impossible.

The next day, 10th of March, we started receiving reports from many places. They said the radio station could be heard very clearly at a distance of about 100 kilometers.
We received reports from three important cities we were not reaching before, and we are reaching much better the rural and mountain areas.

The radio tower and power station.
The radio tower and power station.

With all this, and important as it is to have a new, more powerful transmitter working, there is something more relevant yet that is keeping this transmitter in the air 16 hours a day. This involves higher power consumption because, in order for this transmitter to work, we had to install air conditioning equipment. On the other hand, we must provide regular maintenance service in order for the transmitter to work with utmost efficiency.

We thank our God for providing the resources for the purchase and installation of this new transmitter. Along with this, He gives us the promise: “My God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:19. And because of that promise we fully trust that the Lord will provide to keep this radio station on the air month after month, and not only that — we believe the Lord wants this radio work to expand to other parts of Honduras, and more! All things are possible for Him!

My dad is presently operating the radio station manually during a few hours in the day, doing the live broadcasts our listeners so much love. For the rest of the day, he uses discs with several hours of programming in order to be able to do visitation and other work. Elsy is working on the programming, getting new material and putting together the discs for daily programming with messages of present truth and sacred music.

Friends, as we do what the Lord has appointed for us to do today in His work, and as we seek His guidance in order to advance His work, please, remember us in prayer.

By Teresa Jiménez and Noel Jiménez. Donations for this work can be sent to The Spanish Herald, P.O. BOX 4326, Spanaway, WA 98387 and earmarked “Honduras Radio Station”

08/22/09: Missionary, Husband, Father and Bread-Winner

It was in 1998 when I became a Seventh-day Adventist, while I was a college student. I can remember the day clearly that I started searching for this precious truth. I knelt down alone in my room and for the first time in my life I burst into tears and carried my supplication to the Lord. In my prayer I confessed all the wrongs that I had committed and asked for forgiveness, and in my closing sentence I pled, “Lord, lead me to a people who believe and teach the Word of truth.” That was on Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. As I arose from my knees, I decided to pay a visit to a fellow college mate. When I reached his room, I knocked on the door and pushed it open, and there I found five young men studying. One was holding a white book entitled National Sunday Law, and another had a blue colored book entitled The Great Controversy. I had heard about these books before, but I had never seen nor read them. You can guess what followed: I joined the group and turned into a serious, diligent student of the Bible; and before the end of that year, I quit college and went into fulltime missionary work.

I first became a full-time colporteur selling Spirit of Prophecy books and Bibles, and then later I was ordained to the work of the ministry. My assignment as a minister was to go out into unchurched areas and establish churches. During this time I came to a deep understanding of the book of Acts, as well as Paul’s other books. Many of the experiences that I had reminded me of the apostle’s experiences, such as imprisonment, hunger, dangers along the journey, sleeping out on verandas, being hosted in a stranger’s house, betrayal by brothers, being sent away by the churches I helped to establish, etc. All this did not deter the missionary spirit in me; instead, I became more determined to work for the Lord, and in all of these incidents I saw the Lord’s hand at unexpected ends.

Today in 2009, I am a father to a precious three-year-old boy and a husband to Susan. I thank the Lord that I am proud of how the Lord has worked in our family. My wife is very supportive in my work in that every time I arrive home she welcomes me with a word of prayer to the Lord, saying, “Lord, thank you for the work my husband has been able to accomplish today. We believe that even tomorrow another soul will be harvested for the eternal kingdom.”

“There is a great work to be done in our world. Men and women are to be converted, not by the gift of tongues nor by the working of miracles, but by the preaching of Christ crucified. Why delay the effort to make the world better? Why wait for some wonderful thing to be done, some costly apparatus to be provided? Into all that we do, whether our work be in the shop, on the farm, or in the office, we are to bring the endeavor to save souls.” My Life Today, 219.

Apart from the missionary work I do, I also run errands for a nursery school as a way of earning a living to sustain the daily needs of my young growing family, such as food, medical expenses, etc.

Currently I am also working with schools where I conduct early morning devotions and Bible studies. My days are very full with all of these responsibilities and missionary endeavors. I spend Mondays through Thursdays morning till night, working at the school as well as the other missionary endeavors. I take off Friday afternoon from my regular activities so that I can prepare for the Sabbath. Sabbath is another busy day as our small group meets to worship and then witness. Then I spend Sunday trying to keep my home in repair as well as study for my presentations for the new week. When there are school holidays, we travel to neighboring churches to bring encouragement to them.

Truly, brothers and sisters, we kindly solicit for your prayers and material support like Bibles, books, prophetic charts and funds to enable us to purchase a vehicle. The needs here never seem to end, but the Lord is ever faithful.

God bless you as you carry the work to a finished end.

By Paul Mites, P.O. Box 2093, Nakuru-20100, Kenya. Telephone: +254722418931 or +254722448380.

Letter from Cody: Brazil – August 2009


Greetings from the southern hemisphere, once again! Although, I left behind the Pacific Northwest summer, the wintery weather of Brazil is actually not much of a difference. I have hardly stayed put in one place for more than a week this whole summer, and the same is true here in Brazil. Having returned from Angola last month, then traveling to a couple different meetings, I had time to pack my bags and be off to the airport again. The Lord is blessing the labors here in Brazil and we praise our gracious Lord for that. The first week here was a campmeeting at the training institution in Taquara (near Rio de Janeiro). It is such a blessing to see brethren hunger and thirsting after truth. The theme of the campmeeting was “religious liberty.” Many wondered how we could spend an entire week studying the theme of religious liberty, but by the time we had finished, most wished there had been more time to dive into this essential subject more deeply. There were three visiting speakers who had sermons and seminars, roundtable discussions and private questions that were asked. We all knew that the Lord had been with us and that there was still much precious truths to learn on this pertinent subject for our time. What a blessing it was, though, to interact with the students there and see an army of dedicated workers being trained. The first graduation of the students took place last November and many of those who graduated are now working in Bible work or assisting in the various needs at the institution. There are around twenty to thirty young people still studying, some of which will graduate in this coming November while others will continue their studies further. Praise the Lord that there are faithful institutions holding high the principles of truth from the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy that are sending out workers into the harvest field!

08-radiomeetingAfter the campmeeting was finished, it was off to the northern city of Fortaleza. It is the first time that I have been here, and the brethren have arranged a week of prayer to revive and strengthen the believers here. The theme is “Examples of Excellence” and the Lord is blessing as we are investigating the lives of seven young men and women from the Bible who nobly resisted the temptations to common today to give us a shining example of excellence of character. It is our prayer that all here, but especially the young people may rise to the occasion that they themselves can become an example of excellence to those around them, as well. Then soon it will be down south again to Saõ Paulo for a busy week of evangelistic messages and visitations from the “Voice of the Last Hour” Radio program. We have been helping to support the airing of the truth to the twenty million of Saõ Paulo for around a year and a half, and the investment is now reaping rich returns. Every week for two hours the truth is proclaimed over one of the most popular Pentecostal radio stations in the city. After people come home from church, if they turn on their radio there is the message of the Three Angels. Thousands of Bible study sets have been mailed out. Hundreds of full message books have been sold. Hundreds of thousands of truth filled tabloids have been distributed with even evangelical pastors helping in the distribution. Monthly seminars are held and dozens gather for weekly group Bible studies in various parts of the city. One of the graduated students is beating the streets, finding, visiting and studying with the contacts from the program. Men and women are now making decisions to unite with God’s remnant people and sealing their commitment to the Lord through baptism. Our God is definitely on the move! Please pray that the Lord will continue to use these simple means to save the honest in heart in His kingdom, and if you would like to be a part of this exciting work, please consider a special donation for “Brazil Evangelism.”

From the harvest fields,


‘In matters of conscience the majority has no power.’ This principle we in our day are firmly to maintain. The banner of truth and religious liberty held aloft by the founders of the gospel church and by God’s witnesses during the centuries that have passed since then, has, in this last conflict, been committed to our hands…. A ‘Thus saith the Lord’ is not to be set aside for a ‘Thus saith the church’ or a ‘Thus saith the state.'” Acts of the Apostles, 68, 69.

08/15/09: Travelling to Argentina and Bolivia

Dear saints of God around the world, Jesus is coming soon! Amen. Heaven’s mission is almost accomplished; angels are swarming constantly in busy activity in behalf of lost mankind, and we have a part in the salvation of other dear souls who need to see in our lives the reflection of Jesus’ love and kindness — may our God help us finish the work in order for Jesus to leave the Most Holy place in Heaven to come down here to take us all up with Him shortly!

As of the writing of this report, Pastor Domingo Núñez and I, along with a few other brethren from Argentina and Bolivia, returned a few days ago from a scouting missionary trip to the highlands of Bolivia. We had to travel more than 6,000 kilometers by bus in the height of summer in order to reach the heart of Bolivia, Cochabamba, Oruro and Sucre. As we started our trip, we passed through San Juan, La Rioja, Catamarca, Tucumán and Salta. Once we had reached the border city of Orán in Salta, we walked across a high river bridge to Bermejo, the border city in Bolivia, and then traveled three hours to a larger city called Tarija, which is the southern entrance portal to Bolivia’s highlands.
Bolivia has many climates within a range of forty miles; one can be in the desert with very high temperatures and travel for half an hour to a highland or mountain zone, where the temperature can drop thirty degrees or more! There are very arid zones, while others are totally tropical, such as Santa Cruz, close to Brazil and Ecuador.

Our destination, where we would be staying during the two weeks in Bolivia, was a place called Columi, a mountain area very cold and high, where we had to constantly wear jackets and extra cotton underclothes in the middle of summer! The scenery was fabulous with rolling mountains, lush trees and vegetation, abundant tropical fruits and vegetables, besides the most kind and loving indigenous Bolivian people, direct descendants of the Inca civilization who owned parts of Perú, Ecuador, Bolivia, northern Chile and the northern areas of Argentina. Their languages are Spanish, Haymará, Quichua and Guaraní.

We had been called to share our knowledge of present truth, Bible prophecy and natural health with a group of Evangelical churches and pastors in the area of Cochabamba. When we arrived and gathered together as a missionary group, these people called us to a meeting in Cochabamba to share our vision and our message with them. The one to call us in to the meeting was Pastor Germán Mamani, one of the organization’s top area administrators, serving one quarter of the national Bolivian area, the eastern portion. The initial meeting went very well, and they asked us to provide them with samples of our printed missionary literature and recorded DVD materials. We gladly provided two or three boxes full of our precious materials. They shared with us that they (all of the national pastors and youth leaders) were scheduled to attend a special pastors’ retreat to be held in La Paz, Bolivia’s capital city, where they, their pastoral leaders, were going to share with all their other colleagues in the ministry our literature and printed materials with present truth. That is what they did, and the results were very positive. Now they want us to go back for the purpose of having a Present Truth Pastoral and Ministerial Training Seminar for all of the pastors — not just a few churches, but a national convention! Could it be true? God knows and will give the direction whether to advance or remain.

Many churches and congregations were visited, and we had the opportunity to share with youth, adults and children, pastors and music directors God’s present truth for the hour; and their receptiveness was inspiring and most encouraging. Many of them told us that they now knew the truth and from now on would follow God and His Commandments to the heavenly city! They asked questions about the Sabbath, Sunday, death, the law, music and much more. We shared boxes and boxes of printed missionary literature and they promised us to share it with many others. We now have to provide or ask God to provide a missionary to stay with them to teach and lead them along the way they should follow, the way of life and truth.

When I arrived back in Argentina, God had many local surprises awaiting. One of those was that one of our missionary brothers called us to share what was happening with two Evangelical Pentecostal congregations in Buenos Aires, who in less than a month have started to keep the Bible Sabbath, are not eating flesh meats or drinking alcoholic beverages and are accepting all of the present truth. Not only that, they are constantly distributing our tabloids and have started a late night radio program which is reaching far beyond their local boundaries. Last night over the phone, I had the privilege of greeting this dear brother in Christ, Pastor Luis Fleitas (ex-Evangelical pas¬tor less than a month ago! Praise the Lord!). Things are starting to move much faster as time moves on. We have to be ready to move along with God’s timing—may Heaven help us. This pastor has been offered, by someone, time on internet broadband radio for his program. Imagine — the stones are crying out with God’s end time message of love! All of these dear new brethren are asking our constant prayers in their behalf.

We see the urgent need to place amongst our new brethren sound and firm missionaries, consecrated servants of the Lord to be able to share and teach all these new groups who God is bringing in to the light of present truth all that we know and have received from God in the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy. These thirsty souls are very, very motivated to learn and practice truth, much more than what we have been used to seeing among our own churches! They are the eleventh hour workers who God has held back in position for this end time. Praise be to His holy name, He knows what He is doing to boost and complete His end time work.

As I was traveling back from Bolivia down to Argentina last Sabbath evening, God’s voice started to convince me that I had to stand right there, in the middle of that bus trip, and tell all of my traveling companions about natural health, the Three Angels’ Message, the Bible Sabbath and Satan’s Sunday; so I shot a prayer up to God and stood up, gathering my remaining missionary Ten Commandment tabloids and a few other Biblical booklets, and shared loudly the reason of our trip into Bolivia. I also shared that God had provided many healthy and delicious natural recipes, and for anyone who would be interested in enjoying them, I still had eight photocopies of recipes left with me. All of the sudden, many, many hands started to go up; all of my traveling companions wanted to have something! To make the story short, I had the opportunity to share and distribute more than 150 pieces of literature, all of what I had left over from our work in Cochabamba and Columi.

The bus then stopped for refueling or something else, and five or six people gathered around me to ask me questions on natural health, specific illnesses and their relationship with their eating habits. Later as we got back onto the bus, they asked me if I could share with them more on natural health, so we had a Bible study on health on board which, after an hour, changed to a talk on Revelation and Bible Prophecy! Praise our wonderful God, Creator and Savior! I still had two Bibles with me, which, of course, were shared freely and given to two of my traveling companions, who both told me: “This is the first time I have received a Bible, the first time I will read this Holy Book, and today is my best and most beautiful day for receiving God’s Holy Book as a gift.” Imagine what a privilege one has to hear and see all these wonderful modern miracles for the salvation of so many souls. The approximate number of people in the meeting on that bus was fifty-four to fifty-six people, precious and dear souls, for which Jesus shed His holy and most precious blood!

Our golden opportunity is now, when we still have liberty to utilize our valuables and money to advance God’s work. May we use God’s money and resources accordingly and in line with heavens plans and will. If you have little, some or much, in God’s hands even a penny becomes millions! Thank you for sharing heaven’s mission, to seek and save that which has been lost! Thousands will thank Jesus and all of us, who, as Abraham, looked for the Celestial City, our heavenly heritage! Amen.

By Billy Paúl.

08/08/09: A Sabbath School in Action

“Like the first is the second commandment – ‘Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.’ Matthew 22:39. The law of love calls for the devotion of body, mind, and soul to the service of God and our fellow men. And this service, while making us a blessing to others, brings the greatest blessing to ourselves. Unselfishness underlies all true development. Through unselfish service we receive the highest culture of every faculty. More and more fully do we become partakers of the divine nature. We are fitted for heaven, for we receive heaven into our hearts.” Education, 16.

Pastor Gary and his wife Janie are the Sabbath School teachers for the primary class of our church in Oklahoma. For the first quarter of 2009, the class lesson study was about Jesus’ life and ministry. Desiring to teach their students the lessons learned in practical ways, the teachers had different things going on to accomplish this end. On an individual basis, the students, Haley who turned nine recently and Gabriel who is seven, were to bring a picture each Sabbath showing how they had been of service during the week. Some of the pictures Haley brought showed her helping her family with dusting, laundry, vacuuming, helping in the kitchen, and helping at her grandma’s house with taking her trash out, cleaning her bathroom and giving her a foot rub. Gabriel’s pictures showed him helping mommy in the kitchen, playing with his little sister, stuffing magazines with lesson cards, and helping to take care of his sick family. Haley and Gabriel were also required to share a blessing with the class every Sabbath.

Grandma Mona with the children
Grandma Mona with the children

As a class project the students were to each bring two food items to be gathered in baskets to share with the needy. Also the plan was to once a month find some needy person who could benefit from free help in a practical way. But only one person was found to need help, though attempts were made to find other people who could use help. So on Sunday, February 1st, Pastor Gary and his students, Gabriel’s mother and little sister and Pastor Gary’s two youngest children went to visit Grandma Mona and to do some yard work for her. Pastor Gary trimmed honeysuckle vines on the south and east sides of her fence in the backyard. She mentioned about wanting to get that done for the past three or four years. The children carried away the cut up vines. Pastor Gary also pruned an apricot tree while the kids carried the branches away. The kids trimmed some canna lilies and weeded her garden bed. Grandma Mona was delighted to have the job done and to see the kids working. She mentioned about finding it hard to hire someone to help her. 006She was even helping with carrying the cut up vines to the pile. While Pastor Gary was in the apricot tree pruning it, she told me that the Lord had sent me because what was being done was good. So I told her about the sermon that Pastor Gary preached the day before and agreed with her statement that all good was from the Lord. She then asked if his sermon leaflets were available, but I told her that what the church offered was his sermon on CD’s which I told her I would bring to her. She has since been listening to his sermons and been enjoying them.

I would like to tell a little bit about how I first met Grandma Mona. It was few years ago when she, a Christian of a different denomination, had mailed in a card. (My guess is she that got hold of the card which was inserted in a book that was distributed in her area.) She requested either the gift book or book and Bible studies. From the first time we met, I noticed her great enthusiasm about children. I asked her about Bible studies and told her, perhaps in answer to one of her questions, that I was a Seventh-day Adventist. Afterward, when I visited her again, she mentioned that she would not be interested in Bible studies. Then in September of 2008, I saw advertised on the local television channel the need of volunteers for the Wheatheart Nutrition Center, which provides meals for the senior citizens. Then shortly after this, at the local fair, the Center had a booth, where I stopped by and talked to the lady who gave me the name of the person to contact. After talking to the lady on the phone and expressing my interest for the kids and me to become volunteers, she said that that would be a good thing as most other volunteers were also senior citizens and that the elderly would be happy to see the children. I decided that this would be a good thing for my children to be involved in, as I have been teaching them to think more of the needs of others, and this was the opportunity to put it into practice. We all started gaining a blessing by delivering the meals, and we quickly made friends with some of the senior folks on our route. At times my husband would go with us and also Mrs. Janie and her youngest children. At times we even sang Scripture songs to the folks we visited.

Haley swinging with Grandma Mona
Haley swinging with Grandma Mona

Grandma Mona is one of the precious ones to whom we deliver the meals. She loves to see the children and even has a room in her house well loaded with toys for the children to play. So most of the time I make her last on the meal delivery route so the children could play and she and I could visit. We would talk about the Great Depression that she lived through and also about the Lord. Our friendship quickly grew, and she became dear to all of us. Grandma Mona just turned 90 years old and is in pretty good shape for her age. She mentioned to me that loneliness is what she suffers from the most. And you could see the immense joy on her face the day that we all went there to do her service — service in not only getting her yard in shape, but service to her lonely soul. It was so sweet to see Haley sitting next to her on the swing, just visiting. Heaven was brought near to her that day.

We have a perfect example of how to live the Christian life, and that is found in the life of our Savior, Who went about doing good. The world needs desperately a fresh revelation of Jesus in the person of His children, especially in these times. We hear of troubles of all kinds on every hand. There is abundant work in the Lord’s vineyard if God’s people of any age want to serve Him. “Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world.” James 1:27. “And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.” Matthew 25:40. 008Sometimes it doesn’t take much to touch someone’s life, and the Lord uses children. “Jesus was interested in children. He did not step into our world a fully matured man. Had He done this, children would not have had His example to copy. Christ was a child; He felt the disappointments and trials that children feel; He knew the temptations of children and youth. But Christ was in His child life and youthful life an example to all children and youth. In childhood His hands were engaged in useful acts.” Counsels on Sabbath School Work, 54. May the children know that a hug, a song with their precious sweet voices, and a smile can do much to brighten someone’s day and break down barriers that will open the way for someone to follow Jesus.
I believe that being a blessing to Grandma Mona in a practical way was more effective in opening the way for her to now hear the truth of our message than our previous efforts.

By Francesca Spillman, Helping Hands Ministry, PO Box 466, Kingfisher OK 73750