The Sabbath Cure

A woman in Togo breaks family tradition to become a Christian.

My name is Adjoua. I grew up in a rural village in northern Togo, West Africa, where my home was typical of most African ones. My family believed that our ancestors went on living after they died, and that we could continue communicating with them through the juju or witchdoctor who seemingly possessed magical powers.

Ours was an unbelieving home. My father was often drunk from the homemade grain alcohol prepared in the village, and he beat my mother and his children if they got in his way. The only remedy for our troubles was for the witchdoctor to communicate with the “spirits” of our dead grandparents and to seek their advice for our family problems. My parents would sacrifice a chicken or some other creature and pour its blood out on the ground in front of our mud hut, thinking that this would cure their difficulties and protect us from the evil spirits that plagued our home. Of course, the witchdoctor would require a payment of some kind for his services, yet no change would come to our house.

As an adult, I walked in the steps of the generation before me until I met Sylvain—a Bible worker who came to introduce my people to Jesus. Desperate to keep the juju happy, the villagers did their best to persuade Sylvain to leave, but Sylvain was not like most people who lived in the village. He was kind and gentle, even to those who treated him rudely. I began to wonder how he endured his trials so patiently, and if the God he served was just as kind.

One day, Sylvain appeared at my grass-roofed hut to give me a book about Christ’s love. I read it and quickly began to see myself as a sinner in need of Christ.

When Sylvain returned and asked if I would be interested in taking Bible studies, I responded with a definite “yes.” In the following weeks, we dug deeper into the Bible and its prophecies. I accepted the truths Sylvain presented, but struggled with the Sabbath commandment. Why would I keep the seventh day of the week holy when so many other denominations worshipped on the first day? Besides, Sabbath keeping would cost me. My relatives would disown me, and I would lose revenue by not taking my merchandise to the market on Saturday. Would God provide for us with this sudden loss of income?  I decided to keep the Sabbath regardless of the consequences.

With my acceptance of the Sabbath, my life changed. God provided for my family, and many blessings came to our home as a result of my obedience. When I started to follow the laws of health in the Bible, my illnesses disappeared. My husband stopped drinking alcohol, and greater happiness came to our home. Today, instead of seeking out the village juju, we seek the Lord.  


Pastor Agamah Balakibawi, narrated by Adjouna. Pastor Agamah is a district pastor in the northern region of Togo.

How You Can Help
Pray for Adjouna’s family as they begin their new journey in Christ! 

Donate to the work in Togo by sending your gifts to: 

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Return of the Prodigal

An ex-Adventist receives a vision with a heavenly message.

A few weeks ago, I visited the Darara-Lasha church in southern Ethiopia. After two hours of travel, I arrived to meet an aged gentleman. He kindly welcomed me and introduced himself as Mr. Tesema Asaro. As we walked together, he shared his story.

A little more than twenty years ago, Mr. Tesema Asaro was a Seventh-day Adventist. Sadly, he left the church and became a loyal Sunday keeper. He became very active in his new church and traveled 30 minutes to and from the Unta Kalehiywot church at least four times every week. If this was not enough, he built a church for the same denomination on his own land and donated twenty coffee trees to supply it with financial support. He had worshipped there for the last five years.

Meanwhile, a new Adventist congregation formed close to his home: the Darara-Lasha Seventh-day Adventist church. Tesema could not entirely forget his Adventist roots, especially when a local evangelist knocked on his door. He was also impressed and touched when he attended an Adventist member’s funeral in the area and listened to the pastor’s message.

One would think that a man so invested in his Sunday keeping faith would never change his course. However, a sudden miracle changed his life. One day, Tesema saw a vision which proclaimed that the Seventh-day Adventist church is God’s true church. The man was astonished and troubled, but he didn’t hesitate or wait for the approval of his family before making his choice: he decided to return to the faith of his younger years. As a result, he visited the Darara-Lasha church and shared the details of the vision with the congregation there, vowing before witnesses that he would join the church. He was welcomed back as if he were a lost son. 

Challenges were in store for Mr. Tesema. His wife and sons were unwilling to follow him into the Adventist faith. His new church family prayed earnestly that his family would become open to hearing the truth, and at the beginning of 2020, they saw a glimmer of hope. Tesema invited the church to his home for a prayer meeting, and his wife and children attended and prayed with them.

There are few Seventh-day Adventist members and churches in the community around Darara-Lasha. Gospel workers are needed in many surrounding areas where there is no Adventist presence. We need churches for people to worship in, and spiritual books to nurture members as there are no such resources in our area. We need your prayers and appreciate your financial support to enable us to preach the Three Angels’ Messages while time remains to the people around Darara-Lasha.


Tesfaye Tadese Hailegnaw is the director of the work in southern Ethiopia.

How You Can Help
Pray that Mr. Tesema Asaro’s conversion will deepen as he learns more about Jesus and His saving power. Pray also for the dedicated Bible workers as they reach out the community of Darara-Lasha. 

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Kindness Wins

Kindness and truth break down prejudices in Malawi, winning many Muslims to Christ.

“The church of Christ is God’s agency for the proclamation of truth; she is empowered by Him to do a special work. . . . If she will be true to her allegiance, there is no power that can stand against her.” Prophets and Kings, 259, 260.

When I met with the chief of the village of Chamatwa to request permission to conduct a public crusade, the Muslim authorities were not pleased. It seemed we would need to spend time here breaking down prejudices before we could proceed. No problem: My team and I had brought food and used clothing to distribute for free. Our gestures of kindness seemed to ease tensions, and soon the chief gave his consent to the crusade. 

Praying that God would open the hearts of the Muslims in this village, we began going from home to home, inviting people to the meetings. At one door, I met Mrs. Zaidi, a 42-year-old Muslim woman whose husband was away. She did not want strangers in her home in his absence, so I had prayer with her, gave her a tract, and promised to come back, hoping that when her husband returned, we could do Bible studies with them both.

When Mrs. Zaidi showed her husband the tract, Mr. Zaidi was upset. He took his wife to the chief, who asked three Muslim leaders to help him judge the case. After their deliberations, the chief told Mrs. Zaidi not to allow me or my team in when we returned. 

When I heard what had happened, I went out and bought more food and used clothing. Then, starting at the Zaidis’ home, my team and I distributed the supplies to the whole village. We didn’t try to give more Bible studies, but simply invited the people to our meetings. As the news spread all over town, the people seemed eager for the meetings to begin.

On opening night, people came by the hundreds. Mr. Zaidi told his wife not to attend, but what he didn’t know was that they would both hear the message through the powerful public-address system, which carried the sound more than half a mile in all directions. Every evening, the Zaidis saw more and more neighbors flocking to our meetings. Friends who had attended visited Mrs. Zaidi and recounted exciting stories about Abraham, the patriarch of the Islamic faith. As they heard the messages from their home, a desire grew in Mr. and Mrs. Zaidi’s hearts to know more about Jesus. They felt unrest and wished for peace. 

The Zaidis made up their minds to attend the meetings—just once. But when they went in person and heard the Word of the God preached in the power of the Holy Spirit, they were hooked. They wanted to hear more of what God said from the Bible; and every night, love for this kind God grew in their hearts.

When they saw that I did not attack Islam and the Quran in my messages, nor speak hurtful words toward them, and as they saw me continue to help the needy and the poor, many Muslim people were touched. When I appealed to the people to follow Jesus and be baptized, Mrs. Zaidi and her husband came forward with many others. The Muslim leaders tried their best to stop them, but to no avail.

The good Lord blessed our meetings with 78 baptisms and the establishment of a new church. May God continue to use us to win more souls and establish more churches in Malawi!  


Golden Lapani is an evangelist in Malawi.

How You Can Help
Pray for Golden and his team as they continue conducting evangelism across Malawi.

Pray for the recent converts, especially the converts from Islam.

Give to allow evangelism in Malawi to continue. Mark your gifts “Malawi,” “Malawi workers,” or “Malawi evangelism” and send to:

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Beautiful Music

When a new church is built in her village, its beautiful music changes her life forever.

Marian Raymundo knelt on the floor with the rest of her congregation, singing old Rizalist hymns. What did it all mean? Her family came to church every Sunday, dressed all in white. They spent most of their time singing, either marching around in a circle or kneeling. Then, at the end of every service, they would line up to kiss the Philippine flag.

Marian had a vague awareness of her parents’ beliefs. In essence, they worshipped their national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal. They believed that God the Father, the Mother God, and God the Son had come down in the form of Dr. Rizal. Although Rizal had been executed by the Spanish government, the Rizalians believed that as an immortal, divine being, Rizal still lived. They had faith that one day he would deliver his followers from oppression and poverty.

But Marian really didn’t understand her religion. The priest would recite Bible verses during their church services, but when she looked at the context in the Bible, it seemed to be saying something different from what the priest had implied. Besides, the priest had many vices. He smoked and he drank, and sometimes he would get so drunk that he could hardly walk. 

When Marian was a teenager, a new church was built near her home. Marian heard beautiful religious music, different from what she was used to. Sometimes she would linger outside the church, just listening. When an elder invited her to attend church services every Sabbath, Marian jumped at the opportunity to learn these songs. Not only that, but she soon accepted Bible studies, and would take home the Light of Truth study guides. 

As Marian studied the Bible, she became so convicted of the Sabbath truth that she refused to participate in school activities on Sabbath, even though it affected her grades. She also refused to work on Sabbath. Instead of washing clothes and doing other household chores, she went to church to worship. 

Marian’s parents tried to pressure her to quit observing the Sabbath, threatening that they would cut off support for her schooling if she persisted in her new faith. But Marian stood firm. She followed God’s Word and continued to worship even though she knew it could cost her education. While she still had the privilege of being in school, Marian took the opportunity to hand out the Light of Truth study guides to the students. Whenever we brought new study guides to her church, Marian would snatch them all up and distribute them.

As her love for God grew, Marian’s parents’ affection towards her decreased. She experienced verbal abuse, threats, and severe scolding. Not only that, but her parents often beat her. Once, her father brandished a long knife at her. Marian ran from their house with her father chasing and shouting at her. 

Marian says, “I knew my family would be angry at me for my decision to follow the Lord, but I’d rather obey God.” Her eyes show the heavy burdens and trials she bears, but they also show her deep conviction that she can do all things through Christ. 

Not long ago, Marian showed her commitment to the Lord through baptism. Please pray for her, that God would intervene in her family situation. Pray that she will have courage to face her trials, and that the Lord will lead her parents to the truth.


Temtem and Yanyan Piedraverde are Bible workers in South Cotabato on Mindanao Island in the Philippines.

How You Can Help
Pray for the evangelistic work that Temtem and Yanyan are doing in Marian’s village.

Pray for Marian’s family to cease persecuting her and to accept the everlasting gospel.

Support Temtem and Yanyan in preaching the gospel by sending your donation marked “Philippine evangelism” to:

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Letter from Mike: Colombia – October 2020

Bible workers

“God’s workers must gain a far deeper experience. If they will surrender all to him, he will work mightily for them. They will plant the standard of truth upon fortresses till then held by Satan, and with shouts of victory take possession of them. They bear the scars of battle, but there comes to them the comforting message that the Lord will lead them on, conquering and to conquer.

“When God’s servants with consecrated zeal co-operate with divine instrumentalities, the state of things that exists in this world will be changed, and soon the earth will with joy receive her King. Then ‘they that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament; and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars forever and ever.’ ” Review and Herald, September 17, 1903.

Back in March, the Colombian government put up very strict regulations in regard to people’s movements around the country. Schools and churches closed, and all public gatherings came to a screeching halt. Yet the cessation of church services did not stop the work from moving forward!

Studying together

Daniel Miranda, the chair of the Bible and Evangelism Department at Fundación Las Delicias, immediately started cultivating plans to reach people via the world wide web. This was one sure way to reach people—but Daniel and his team of Bible workers wanted to accomplish more than online evangelism. They wanted to do something with real human interaction. The evangelism department at Las Delicias started holding special prayer meetings to ask God for guidance on how to reach souls with the gospel without violating regulations.

Through the providences of the Lord, the team was led to the nearby village of Barragán, with a population of six thousand people. In this remote village with no coronavirus cases, the government officials were extremely happy to have Daniel’s team come and minister to the people. The village seemed to be a perfect place to start doing evangelism since it had never had a Seventh-day Adventist within its city limits.

Bible study contacts

Daniel and his team of Bible workers and medical missionaries descended on the town with fresh baked bread, herbal supplements and surveys to assess the people’s needs. Going from door to door, they ministered to the people’s physical, mental and spiritual wants. When every door in the entire town had been knocked on, 34 families had filled out the survey, indicating their desire for more information about health or for personal Bible studies.

Today, a group in Barragán gathers to worship every Sabbath, and during the week they join together for community Bible study. Many in-home Bible studies are also taking place, and decisions are being made for eternity. Will you join Daniel’s team of dedicated workers in prayer for those in the village of Barragán? If you would like to support church planting projects in Colombia, mark your gifts “Colombia Evangelism.”

Yours in planting the banner of truth!

Don’t Get Convicted

A drifting young couple finds their way back to faith through the prayers of friends and family.

As he walked into his first Revelation of Hope seminar, Jon Baker told himself, “Don’t get convicted.” He knew that he and his wife Karissa were not interested in God. But that night, as the couple listened to their old high school friend preach the gospel, something shifted in their hearts. God had grabbed hold of them, and they knew that their lives would need to change.

Jon and Karissa had both grown up in Adventist homes, but without personal relationships with God. In the slums on the west side of Oahu, Jon’s family life had been a lot different than what they portrayed at church. Not until his church had a prophecy seminar did Jon feel on fire for the Lord. He decided to finish high school at Hawaiian Mission Academy.

Karissa grew up in Maui. After being baptized at 12, Karissa succumbed to peer pressure and began smoking and drinking. At the end of her junior year, she realized she needed to change; so Karissa moved to Oahu to attend Hawaiian Mission Academy. That’s where Jon and Karissa met—but just as friends.

After high school, both again slipped away from God. In 2005, they ran into each other at a bar and exchanged numbers. A few months later, they started dating and eventually moved in with each other, continuing their partying, clubbing and gambling. When Jon and Karissa found out they were expecting, they decided to move to Maui and get married. Other than being parents, not much changed. The partying continued.

In 2013, Karissa’s parents told her about an upcoming Revelation seminar to be held by Taj and Wati Pacleb, old friends from high school who had tried to keep in touch over the years. The opening night of the seminar, Karissa asked Jon if he wanted to go, but he was not interested. A few nights later, Karissa told Jon they should go and say “hi” to their friends. Jon agreed to go for dinner if they left before the sermon.

While Jon and Karissa caught up with their classmates, their two daughters slipped away to the children’s program. Now the Bakers had no choice but to stay for the sermon. “Don’t get convicted,” Jon told himself as he eased into a back pew. But after the message and a silent drive home, Jon turned to Karissa and said, “There needs to be a lot of changes.” The next day, they emptied the alcohol pantry and started getting rid of jewelry, clothing, movies, music—anything separating them from God. They began attending church, hosting vespers at their home, and making God the foundation of their family. Six months later, on January 11, 2014, the couple were baptized in a fresh mountain stream.

Today, the Bakers are still serving God on Maui through their own Christian clothing business and through young adult, teen and children’s ministries. Their home is still a popular hang out, but now for missionaries, visitors, and the Adventist young adult group that has grown over the years.

“Allowing God to be the center of our marriage and family was the best decision we ever made,” Jon and Karissa say. “It is amazing to see how God never gave up on us.”

Don’t lose heart in reaching out to your loved ones. Jon and Karissa’s family and friends kept praying and reaching out until Jon and Karissa responded. God is working in your loved one’s life. As soon as they are ready to listen, God will do wonders!


Taj Pacleb is an evangelist and revivalist as well as the co-director of Revelation of Hope Ministries.

How You Can Help
Pray for Jon and Karrisa to remain faithful to the Lord. 

Pray for other formerly Christian young adults who have followed the same destructive path as this couple. 

Give. Revelation of Hope Ministries is a faith-based, non-profit organization committed to preparing others to meet Jesus through revival meetings, sacred music concerts, mission trips, medical missionary work and public evangelistic meetings. For a list of projects needing support, and to donate online, visit Gifts may also be mailed to:

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Redemption Radio Recap

Challenges with radio equipment turn into unexpected blessings.

Redemption Radio is only one tiny ministry in a dark corner of Honduras. Yet somehow, we have been the target of both Satan’s opposition and the Lord’s marvelous interventions! Thinking back to 2019, we can’t help but thank God for turning difficulties into blessings. Here’s a recap of last year’s mission activities.

  • The year started with our station on the air, but only for a few weeks. Listeners began complaining of static and insufficient volume, and some said they could not receive the station at all. When we talked to the engineer who has helped us with our equipment, he said he would need to make a trip to our station, bringing along some special coupling equipment. He also explained some work that would need to be done in the tower before he came. We stopped broadcasting while my husband and a friend went to work on the tower.
  • On March 17, the engineer visited and set up a perfect coupling between the antenna and the transmitter.
  • We went back on the air, only to be stopped a week later because the air conditioning broke. What a battle seemed to be going on! Within a couple of days, however, we fixed the air conditioning and went back on the air. 
  • Just a couple of days later, our audio processor started giving us trouble. The engineer advised us on how to fix the issue, but the problem kept recurring, sometimes several times a day. Finally, by the end of June, we bought and installed a new audio processor. The new processor greatly improved the sound quality.
  • At the beginning of August, lightning damaged our mixer board. God enabled us to replace this piece of equipment as He had the others, and to our joy, the new mixer not only put us back on the air, but also improved the quality and strength of our signal! We praised our Lord who had turned this difficulty into an unexpected blessing.
  • From that time on, our station’s programming has been coming through clear and strong. All told, Redemption Radio broadcasted around 4,324 hours last year. To supply the need for new programming, we kept busy downloading and editing new sermons and other programs. We are eager to do whatever we can to broadcast the truth in our area!

Besides our radio production with its ups and downs, we have continued our hands-on mission activities. We frequently put on Sabbath meetings and children’s Sabbath School programs, help the sick and donate food to the poor and elderly. Last year our Bible worker in Choluteca made 46 missionary visits to mountain villages, gave 1,098 personal Bible studies, distributed 5,108 small tracts and placed 164 Bibles and other books in the hands of interested people.

The Lord has used many of you as His instruments in bringing the work in Honduras this far. Although last year’s technical difficulties kept us from accomplishing as much as we hoped, we know that the Lord worked through it all. We pray that He will make us faithful workers, real instruments that He can use according to His plans. We pray that He will use us to help finish His work!

May the Lord draw us each closer to Him and cleanse our hearts that we may stand joyful on the day of His soon coming.


Teresa Jimenez is a lay worker in Honduras, using radio and print media to spread the gospel in her country.

How You Can Help
Pray for the people who tune in to Redemption Radio to be able to hear and understand the vital truths being broadcast.

Give to maintain the radio equipment and keep Redemption Radio on the air. You can help to spread the Three Angels’ Messages in Honduras by sending your donations marked “Redemption Radio” to: 

Spanish Herald
PO Box 143
Dillard, OR 97432

Thank you!
The Jimenez family would like to give a big “thank you” to all who have had a part in keeping Redemption Radio on the air.

From Rock to the Rock

A young man overcomes his rock music addiction.

“Must you make all that racket?” my mom hollered. I didn’t care. My parents, who were mostly into rock and rave music, had just gotten me a brand-new drum set for my 13th birthday, and I was highly motivated to learn to play it. My new passion was born.

Music consumed my thoughts. By the end of my first year in high school, my numerous hours of practicing every day paid off. I held a membership in two different bands and was well on my way to developing my own beats. My current band’s publicity grew, and we started playing for pubs. I attended more and more parties, during which my band would have jam sessions and smoke marijuana.

Sporting long hair and wearing mostly black attire, I added technical and heavy death metal rock music to my repertoire. When the time came to begin college, I realized that I wasn’t good at much beside drumming. Frustrated, I moved out of my parent’s home at age 18 to pursue audio engineering, which seemed to be my best chance at making drumming a lasting career. I stayed for a time with my grandmother, unaware that she had become a Seventh-day Adventist.

I was deep into New Age, Hinduism and meditation—searching for truth that seemed impossible to find. The Lord guided me through my grandmother. She taught me about the Law of God and the ongoing war between Christ and Satan. I realized how much Christ loves me and that He gave His life for me. I felt broken inside. My grandmother comforted me by talking about God’s forgiveness. “Please forgive me, because I can see that my life is so full of sin,” I prayed.

Unfortunately, sin still had a hold on my life. My marijuana addiction often clouded my mind and I couldn’t understand what I was reading when I opened God’s Word.

One day, I found a book called Inside Rock Music by Vance Ferrell. Reading it changed my perceptions about my behavior, and my new-found knowledge compelled me to try and change.  Tension arose at our band practice sessions when I introduced a new “church” style to our music. I changed our timing to a marching cadence.

Eventually I was kicked out because I no longer fit in, but rock music still had a stronghold. “Lord, I submit this to you,” I prayed. “Please take this addiction to rock music away.” That night I remember feeling a real sense of peace. I gave up rock music, and no longer felt the urge to take drugs or swear. I went from playing for drunken people in a pub and manipulating their senses, to singing sweet songs in church for God’s glory.

I understand now that rock music and Christian music are polar opposites and cannot co-exist. Christian music is godly and exemplifies Christ, while rock music is about self and glorifies Satan. I praise God for pulling me away from the darkness and into His marvelous light.

New Zealand

Kahn Elmers is from New Zealand and is now working at NEW START Children Home in Zimbabwe.

How You Can Help
Pray for Kahn to stay faithful to the truth and win many people to the Lord!

Cell Phone Thief

A group of boys search for answers when valuables go missing.

My husband Elisha and I returned from furlough in Europe to find the school campus in an upheaval. Money and watches belonging to the students had disappeared. Knives, bread and batteries from the school cafeteria were gone without a trace. Even the radio Elisha had placed out in the field to chase the monkeys away was missing.

We arrived just in time for the “icing” on the cake—the dean’s brand-new, expensive cell phone had been stolen. The boy’s dormitory became an upheaval of perplexity and frustration. “All the boys suspect each other of being the culprit,” a teacher told us. “There is no trust among them.”

We called a meeting and begged the thief to confess, even conducting a surprise search of the boys’ belongings—but found nothing. The clock was ticking: it was Tuesday, and in three days all students would return to their homes on school break. It would be very difficult to recover the stolen items at that point.

Sorely feeling the loss of their valuables, some of the boys decided to fast and pray all day on Wednesday. We gathered the students together and talked about the consequences of thievery. I personally asked each student about the stolen items, and gave the thief the option to discreetly return everything previously taken. But Thursday morning dawned, and nothing was returned. We earnestly prayed that the Lord would do something to dissuade our thief from his ways.

We decided to conduct one more search—this time, at the bus as students prepared to leave for break.  We searched and found the thief—with the dean’s expensive phone in his pocket, and Elisha’s monkey-chasing radio in his bag. It was Edgar.

At first, he denied stealing anything more than the phone and radio. But eventually, he confessed and all the stolen goods were recovered. We took the student aside, wanting to give him another chance. “We are forgiving you,” I said. “And you may continue your classes until the end of the year if you would like.”

Edgar looked miserable. I wished with all my heart that he would come back, but he never returned to our school after the break. We live in a culture of shame, and he did not want to face the students he had stolen from. “Oh, Lord, may you keep Your protective hand upon him until he gives his heart to You,” I prayed.

The rest of the students looked relieved as they reclaimed their stolen items and settled back into regular life again. In fact, I overheard them talking amongst themselves. “Now I know that there is a God in heaven Who answers prayers,” one said. “We were ready to turn to the witch doctor to find out who the thief was, but God intervened at the right time.”

As heartbreaking as the incident was, I could see how God answered the boys’ prayers—and showed our cell phone thief a glimpse of His great love and forgiveness.


Nadege Vande Voort and her husband Elisha operate Eden Valley Foster Care Mission, a trade school for underprivileged youth in Tanzania. You can reach them by emailing Their address is Box 17, Mafinga, Iringa, Tanzania.

How You Can Help
Pray that Edgar would give his heart to Christ and return to learn more of Christ’s love and forgiveness. 

Pray that God would use Elisha and Nadege as they lead these young people to the Lord!  

Give to Elisha and Nadege’s mission in Tanzania by marking your donation “Eden Valley Foster Care Mission” and sending it to:

Outpost Centers International
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Share this story and ask others to pray and give, too!

Ongasa and the Robbers

A man in disguise saves a Congolese pastor’s life.

As the sun set over Congo’s jungle, a car pulled up to Thomas Ongasa’s country home. To his envious, watchful neighbors, the Congolese pastor appeared wealthy. He had connections in America, after all, and knew donors across the sea who sent large containers of Bibles. He had the blessing of the government to put on free health clinics, and from time to time, he entertained European visitors in his humble home.

Yes, Ongasa’s neighbors were sure that he was rich. In actuality, however, the pastor and his family lived on a stipend, stretching it to accommodate his active role in ministry. His small salary was the reason he lived in a simple country dwelling instead of a more expensive home in a secure community, where help would be only a call away.

Unfortunately, Pastor Ongasa’s Western connections caught attention from others besides the harmless locals. Cruel and unscrupulous robbers roamed the countryside, striking terror to many hearts. Ongasa and his family understood the risks of living where they did; but while some families lay awake at night in fear, Ongasa and his family slept peacefully. With hearts surrendered to the will of God, they trusted their lives to Him.

One night while Ongasa and his wife slept, robbers broke into their home. Machetes gleamed in the moonlight as masked men invaded the bedroom. As Ongasa sat up in bed, he felt a sharp blade slash his arms.

“Don’t move.” The ringleader’s voice sounded cold as steel. He motioned to the other men. “Let’s kill him and take everything he has.”

Ongasa was not afraid to die, yet he prayed fervently for Heaven’s intervention. Then another voice interrupted the murderous plans.

“You will not touch him.” A tall man in a mask stepped to the front. “Do not kill him.” He stood head and shoulders above the rest of the bandits, and his voice commanded respect.

“We have killed many others. We should do the same to him,” the ringleader spat out. Just then, another robber lunged toward the bed, brandishing his machete.

The tall stranger shoved the would-be murderer out of the way. “You will not touch him,” he asserted again.

As Ongasa watched the argument unfold, his thoughts lifted to God in prayer. Are these men my neighbors? he wondered. Have I met any of them before?

The tall stranger continued to defend Ongasa’s life until the ringleader’s shoulders slumped in defeat. One by one, the robbers slunk from the room, followed at last by the tall man in disguise. While the bandits did ransack the house, not a one touched Ongasa or his family.

Today, Pastor Ongasa’s family lives in a safer area. He still bears the scars from the robber’s machete—the cuts he received before the tall “robber” appeared on the scene. But he doubts that man was actually a robber.

“He was taller and bigger than any of the other average Congolese who stood in my room,” the pastor recalls. “He didn’t act like a robber, and he wasn’t afraid to defy the others.” A little smile crosses the kind man’s face as he recounts it. “I suspect that he was an angel, sent from Heaven to preserve my life. And as long as I am granted life on this Earth, I will be God’s witness.”

Democratic Republic of Congo

Abigail Duman was a missionary in the DRC for Congo Frontline Missions.

How You Can Help
Pray for the Train Them 2 Fish team as they train Bible workers to penetrate the dark regions of the Congo.

Pray for Pastor Ongasa as he leads his team in planting churches all over his country. 

Give. If you would like to help reach souls in dark areas, mark your donation “Congo” and send it to: 

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