Letter from Mike: Year in Review – December 2019

As we approach the close of another year, my thoughts are drawn to the end of this world’s history. Soon we will see our Savior coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory. Jesus will soon “say to the reapers, gather ye together first the tares, and bind them in bundles to burn them: but gather the wheat into my barn.” Matthew 13:30. Nations, political parties and individuals everywhere are being bound into bundles to be burned. God wants us to gather as many lost souls as possible into His barn, or church, before the end. I pray that we can be laboring for lost souls before it is too late.

As I look back on our labors of this past year, my heart overflows with praise to God! This year, faithful workers overseas have conducted dozens of successful public campaigns. Hundreds have come to acknowledge Jesus as their personal Savior and are now gathered into God’s barn of safety. Pastor Ongasa and his team of seventy Bible workers in the Democratic Republic of Congo are penetrating areas where there are no Seventh-day Adventist churches for dozens of miles. They have planted more than twenty new churches just this year! Dr. Lunghano in Malawi has established a medical missionary training school to equip young workers to reach the Muslims in this country. The radio station that the Jimenez family is operating in Honduras is now broadcasting the Three Angels’ Messages all over this Spanish-speaking country. Daniel and Kelly Miranda in Colombia are planting churches in areas where the gospel has never been heard. Spirit of Prophecy books are being translated into the Vietnamese language by Pastor Khoi’s team of workers.

Golden Lapani in Malawi has conducted three evangelistic series this year in the predominately Catholic and Muslim areas of this country. During his last set of meetings in northern Malawi, he saw several hundred people attending every night, eagerly listening to the everlasting gospel. As a result, two churches have been established in this region—one in the north and one further south, because the people had been traveling long distances from all directions to attend the meetings. There are now more than two hundred newly baptized souls in each of these churches!

As I reflect on the scores of workers around the world being supported through your donations; as I consider the medical missionary work being done to prepare hearts to receive the gospel; as I remember how many evangelistic series you have helped support; as I recount the scores of baptisms that have resulted from these efforts; as I think of the churches that are rejoicing for the roof you placed over their heads—I praise the Lord for what He is doing and I thank you all for your prayers and support. You made all these efforts possible! Without your help, none of this could have taken place. Thank you for partnering with Mission Projects International to hasten Christ’s coming! May the Lord strengthen us as we push the gospel to the ends of the earth.

Yours in Christ!

Letter from Mike: Congo – November 2019

“Every true disciple is born into the kingdom of God as a missionary.” Desire of Ages, 195.

Two demoniacs rush at Jesus, as if to do Him harm—then suddenly fall at Jesus’ feet. Jesus commands the demons to come out. Unable to resist Him, the demons enter a herd of swine. Now in their right minds, the formerly possessed men desire to follow their Deliverer. Jesus refuses to let them follow Him, but directs them to tell others what God has done for them. Although lacking an education, these men became very successful missionaries for the Lord!

Emmanuel, who has only a fourth-grade education, came to know Jesus in 2016. Today he is working as a missionary in the Western part of the Democratic Republic of Congo. After his conversion, Emmanuel attended a two-month Bible worker training session and then returned to his hometown of Kenge. Within a year, he had started two churches of ninety persons each. The local mission wanted to see if Emmanuel would be a successful soul-winner in other places besides his hometown, so they sent him to another district named Kimona. There he started two more vibrant churches with scores of members. Walking dozens of miles every week, Emmanuel branched out and started another two churches in Lufu and Mukoki. Through the Holy Spirit, Emmanuel has started six large, lively churches—in just four years!

While Emmanuel was at Kenge, Jesse Kashita, the district chief of 36 villages, fell ill. His wife tried to nurse him back to health, but he only grew sicker. Instead of calling on the traditional witchdoctors, Jesse began to call on the God of Heaven to save his life. Just when everything seems hopeless, a young lady whom he had never before seen knocked on Chief Kashita’s door and said she had a message for him. Handing him a Bible, the young lady asked the chief to open it because God wanted to give him a message. Jesse opened the Bible right to Exodus 20 and began to read the Ten Commandments. Before the young lady left, she told him someone would come and explain God’s commandments to him.

A few days later, Emmanuel felt impressed to visit the chief. Jesse told him about the young lady’s visit and asked Emmanuel if he could explain the Ten Commandments to him. Emmanuel proceeded with a Bible study on the Law of God, focusing mainly on the Sabbath. After a few days of contemplation and personal Bible studies, Jesse was completely convinced of the truth of the Sabbath and began attending church. Very soon after this, he began sharing the truth of the Sabbath with other chiefs in his jurisdiction. Three of them also became convinced of the Sabbath, and Emmanuel studied the Three Angels’ Messages with them all. Just recently, all four chiefs were baptized into the church. What God can do with one who is wholly committed to Jesus!

If you would like to help support the faithful Bible workers in Congo, please mark your gifts “Congo Workers.”

Yours in thankfulness for the power of truth! 

Letter from Mike: Malawi – October 2019

“All that has perplexed us in the providences of God will in the world to come be made plain. The things hard to be understood will then find explanation. The mysteries of grace will unfold before us. Where our finite minds discovered only confusion and broken promises, we shall see the most perfect and beautiful harmony. We shall know that infinite love ordered the experiences that seemed most trying. As we realize the tender care of Him who makes all things work together for our good, we shall rejoice with joy unspeakable and full of glory.” Adventist Home, 542.

God is doing a mighty work in the country of Malawi! Recently, Golden Lapani held a public crusade in a predominately Muslim area with very few Christians, and there he saw the providences of God. Many Muslims and a few Christian believers attended. Loudspeakers around the perimeter of the meeting place broadcasted the messages to many more residents who did not want to be seen at the meetings, for fear of reprisal.

After Golden presented the Sabbath, many came to church for the first time on God’s holy day of rest. There they learned that the Sabbath is the seal of the living God. During the presentation on the Three Angels’ Messages, conviction deepened in their hearts. At the end of the meetings, Golden called the people to take a stand for the truth and be baptized, and many came forward. Golden asked if anyone there needed prayer as they made their decisions to follow Jesus and prepare for baptism. As the people came forward, Golden saw a man emerge from the shadows behind a wall. The man was looking over his shoulder as if to see if anyone were following. He came to the center of the circle where Golden was praying and told Golden that he wanted to be baptized.

After the prayer, everyone dispersed to their homes, and Golden and his team began packing the chairs and equipment. Then a man approached them. Golden recognized him as Asaf, the man who had emerged from behind the wall asking for prayer. Asaf told Golden that his parents had watched him as he went forward at the baptismal call, and they were furious. When he had gone home, his parents asked him if he was going to join the Christian church, and he answered with a definite “Yes.” He tried to explain that he had found the truth, and that Islam’s teachings are a lie. Livid, his parents commanded him to gather his belongings and leave forever. As he gathered up his meager possessions, Asaf’s his parents reminded him what a disgrace he was bringing upon them and upon Islam; yet Asaf  purposed in his heart that he would not turn back to following lies. He pledged always to obey and follow Jesus and His truth. Having no home, job or even food, he decided to risk all for the truth’s sake, believing by faith that God would take care of the circumstances he had gotten himself into by obeying the Bible.

As Golden and his team prayed again for Asaf, another man stepped forward from the darkness. Upon hearing of Asaf’s predicament, he offered him a job. A church member opened his home to Asaf until he could get back on his feet. Already, Asaf was learning that although we may have to wait for the Kingdom to understand God’s ways, He will provide if we trust Him!

If you would like to help Golden and his team take the gospel to the millions of Muslims in Malawi who have never heard of Jesus, mark your gifts “Malawi Workers.” If you would like to help provide a church for the new converts to worship in, mark your donations, “Malawi Churches.”

Yours in spreading the good news! 

Letter from Mike: Uganda – September 2019

“The things of this world are soon to perish. This is not discerned by those who have not been divinely enlightened, who have not kept pace with the work of God. Consecrated men and women must go forth to sound the warning in the highways and the byways. I urge my brethren and sisters not to engage in work that will hinder them from proclaiming the gospel of Christ. You are God’s spokesmen. You are to speak the truth in love to perishing souls. ‘Go out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in, that My house may be filled,’ Christ says. . . . With Christ in his heart he is to go forth into the highways and byways of life, giving the invitation to the marriage supper.” Colporteur Ministry, 24.

John Kaganzi, a district pastor in Uganda, is pushing the gospel of the Three Angels’ Messages into Ugandan cities and villages by focusing on evangelism and personal soul-winning. Earlier this year, Pastor John helped start a church in the city of Byabugimbi. Through your donations, he conducted a very fruitful evangelistic series, with hundreds of people coming to hear what the Bible says about end-time events and true Christian living. Many people came to know Jesus as their Savior and Friend. Many were baptized, and a church was raised up.

Soon the church members, including those newly baptized, began to recognize their need to construct a church building. Every Sabbath, the believers worshipped under mango trees or a makeshift tarp tent. To them, this was not a proper way to worship God. At a business meeting, the church members decided to start making bricks to build their new church. They had no idea how they were going to roof the church, but they moved by faith and began to mold bricks with free resources around them. Every Sunday, they worked to raise the walls until they had laid bricks up to the roofline. Then they began praying that God would provide the means to buy the roofing materials. When they saw their prayers answered, the newly baptized members’ faith was strengthened immensely! The congregation in Byabugimbi will begin worshipping in their new church very soon.

Pastor John is now conducting evangelistic meetings in the town of Bwera. A volunteer lay evangelist named Hosea has been doing the groundwork for the past several months. He has started many Bible studies and distributed scores of tracts. He has conducted medical missionary work, given clothing to the poor and fed the suffering. Dozens of people have come to know Jesus through Hosea’s practical ways of helping them. The area is ripe for harvest!

With evangelistic meetings taking place in Uganda once every quarter, thousands are hearing God’s last warning message to them. If you would like to help the work move forward in this poverty-stricken country, please mark your gifts “Uganda Workers” or “Uganda Churches.”

Yours in reaching the highways and byways,

Letter from Mike: Ethiopia – August 2019

“Of equal importance with public effort is house-to-house work in the homes of the people. As the result of the presentation of truth in large congregations, a spirit of inquiry is awakened, and it is especially important that this interest be followed by personal labor. Those who desire to investigate the truth need to be taught to study diligently the Word of God. Someone must help them to build on a sure foundation. At this critical time in their religious experience, how important it is that wisely directed Bible workers come to their help, and open to their understanding the treasure house of God’s Word!” Evangelism, 429.

This July, I spent my time conducting a prophecy seminar in southern Ethiopia. I arrived with my team at the evangelistic site in pitch darkness, with rain coming down in torrents. A deep red mud came up to our ankles. The church had erected a temporary tarp shelter from the relentless downpour, but the people who were in unfavorable parts of the shelter were drenched by the rain making its way through holes or openings in the tarps. Despite all the inconveniences, 450 people eagerly waited to hear a message from the Word of God.

Bible workers had been on the ground going door-to-door, personally inviting every individual within a four-mile radius. They started Bible studies with those who seemed especially interested, prayed with those who were hurting and suffering, ministered to the depressed and confused. God especially blessed the Bible workers’ efforts with a significant turnout on that first dreary evening and every night thereafter.

Evangelism can be successful only if there is a thorough ground campaign and an aggressive follow-up program. Every morning and each night after the meetings, the Bible workers were out visiting those who had attended the campaign. They answered their questions. They appealed to them to obey what God through the Bible was asking them to do. During our training classes, I was encouraged to hear about the Bible workers’ positive interactions with those who were making decisions. After the message on the mark of the beast, the Bible workers amplified their personal appeals among the people, visiting them at their homes, answering any objections and appealing for them to obey. More than seventy souls decided to keep the Sabbath and turn from their former Sunday churches!

We left several Bible workers to continue the follow-up work and help organize this new congregation for service. Penetrating this predominantly Catholic and Muslim community will be challenging, but God’s truth will prevail!

Mission Projects International would like to hire more Ethiopian Bible workers to enter new fields and establish more congregations. Scattered all over Ethiopia lie thousands of towns and villages where the Three Angels’ Messages have never been heard. We want to help Christ’s followers in Ethiopia fulfill His last commission. More Bible workers are needed to accomplish this immense task. Your donation of only $50 a month can support a Bible worker. If you would like to help the work in Ethiopia, mark your donations “Ethiopian Workers” or “Ethiopia Churches.” May God give us wisdom on how to move forward!

Yours in fulfilling Christ’s last commission,

Taught by a Woman

Taught by a Woman

The object of a man’s prejudice shares the gospel with him.

The Democratic Republic of Congo is the most populated French-speaking country in the world. Home to over 85 million people and more than 250 ethnic groups, Congo has a broad diversity of culture and traditions.

One Congolese culture does not allow women equal social status with men. Women cannot be seen in discussion with men in public. They do not exercise leadership or hold teaching positions over men. When women from this culture are converted to Christianity, they feel compelled to maintain this tradition and never preach or teach in churches.

Kalala lived in the city of Kikwit, 450 miles north of Kinshasa. From his youth, he developed prejudice and vowed that he would never learn anything from a woman. When he embraced this discriminatory culture, it changed his life. If in his school lessons a woman rose to teach, he switched classrooms. Kalala had been raised Roman Catholic, but when he discovered that nuns and parishioners were allowed to read Scriptures before the congregation, he left the church in disgust. Switching to a Pentecostal church in Kikwit, he ran into the same story – women were speaking in church. Offended, he left religion completely. Ultimately, Kalala decided not to marry. He isolated himself and became addicted to drugs and alcohol. 

Then one day, Kalala grew seriously ill. He had no friends to take care of him during this difficult time. 

Esther, a female Bible worker in the community, heard about Kalala’s situation. She prayed for wisdom to reach out to the isolated man, and went to check on him.

“You are the first person to visit me,” Kalala told her in surprise.

The following day, Esther saw the sick man again and carried him a nourishing meal. She brought her husband with her, and they left water for drinking and a hot bath. Esther also found a nurse to take care of Kalala’s medical needs. For two weeks, the woman Bible worker visited as Kalala’s health improved. His diet of vegetables, fruit and water had a healing effect.

Kalala grew curious about his new friend. Hearing that she was an evangelist, he wanted to know more about the faith that made her so kind. “Could I have Bible studies?” he finally asked.

Three months later, Kalala visited the local Adventist church planted by Esther and her husband. Kalala asked for prayers that he could break free from his drug and alcohol addiction. 

God answered the prayers. Today, the man is free from more than just drugs and alcohol: he is no longer prejudiced. He is a baptized Seventh-day Adventist believer, helping Esther to reach more people with the Three Angels’ Messages. 

Democratic Republic of Congo

Narrated by Esther Kamwanya to Pastor Ongasa, who wrote the story.

How You Can Help

Pray for Pastor Ongasa’s team of Bible workers in the Congo.

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Studying in Secret

Studying in Secret

A husband and wife each study the Bible without the other’s knowledge.

I first heard the Adventist message three years ago when I visited Kampala, but, afraid to be different from my boozing comrades, I ignored it. Then the message followed me to my home village of Bushenyi, when one of my drinking friends—the man who sold me my liquor, in fact—suddenly converted to Christianity. After his baptism, Patrick Kafobeero began visiting my house with the lay evangelist who had been instrumental in his conversion. As they opened the Bible with me, the new truths I learned convicted my heart. I felt Jesus calling me to be baptized, but I was nervous about how my wife might react. A strong-willed woman, she had always spoken negatively of Adventism. I put off baptism, not wanting to risk straining my family ties. 

The convicting voice grew stronger every day until I decided to open up to my wife. I showed her the “Discover” lessons I had been studying, hoping that she would be interested. To my disappointment, she refused to read them. “I know enough about God,” she told me. 

I decided that instead of talking to my wife about the Bible studies again, I would pray for her. I also left the lessons out on the table, available for anyone in my family to read. I hoped that somehow, my wife would get curious enough to look at them.

One afternoon, I made a quick trip home to pick up my mobile phone, which I had forgotten that morning. As I drew the curtain, I saw my wife reading one of the Bible lessons. When she saw me, she struggled to throw the paper down, a look of shock and panic on her face. I pretended not to have seen anything as I went into the house. “God, touch her heart!” I silently prayed. 

Soon the truth came out. Every afternoon, my wife had been reading the Discover lessons, one by one. Then, to keep her studies a secret, she arranged the lessons on the table just the way I had left them. Since I didn’t normally return home until evening, she had thought that I would never know. 

Within a few weeks, my wife no longer wanted to hide her newfound desire for God. To learn more about the Bible, she joined the Branch Sabbath School in Kashanda, Kakanju. Later, she got baptized with our oldest daughter. My heart delighted to see them baptized. My new faith would not be splitting our family, after all! Soon I followed my wife and daughter in baptism, and now our home is Jesus’ throne. 

Patrick Kafobeero’s conversion ignited a gospel fire that is spreading from person to person, family to family and community to community. The Sabbath School fellowship where my family worships now has 25 members plus 30 children. Our group is growing all the time, yet we do not have a permanent place of worship. Land is expensive in our area, but we have a plan to save for the land purchase gradually. Each family brings their coins each week, and we try to save $10 as a church every Sabbath. It will take time, but eventually we will have enough money to buy the land!

Money is tight here. An evangelistic effort we planned for July had to be postponed until October due to insufficient funds. Many people are ready for the message, and we need to bring them into Jesus’ fold through evangelism. Pray that God will open the way for us to continue spreading the gospel message in our area!

Narration told by Kasei and written by Pastor John Kaganzi.


Pastor John Kaganzi is a district pastor in the Ruhandagazi area in Uganda.

How You Can Help

Pray Kasei asks for prayers to break free from an addiction he is still struggling with, and that his family would be grounded in the faith.

Pray for the Sabbath School group in Kashanda to be able to raise the money they need for their evangelistic projects and for land to build a church on.

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Spiritual Therapy

Spiritual Therapy

Rehab ministry in Colombia results in baptisms!

“We believe spiritual therapy is what these guys need to be completely free of drugs,” the rehab center coordinator told us. “We welcome the presentation of the gospel in this place. Would you be willing to share with our residents three days a week?” How could we decline an offer like that? God had opened a door of ministry we had not even been looking for!

My first day visiting the rehab center, I did not know what to expect. Never before had I worked with drug addicts, and I didn’t know how to talk with them or whether they would even be open to Bible study. To my surprise, in the center I found fervent men eager to know truth—more eager and fervent than some of our church brethren! They told us that they loved our Bible study methods. “You keep us awake searching through the Scriptures, with questions and answers,” they said. I had never seen people so hungry for Bible truth. I had also never met people so earnest in their desire to own a Bible. When we gave the men Bibles, they acted like little boys receiving a coveted toy!

Besides giving Bible studies, we have been helping the residents through mental health coaching and lifestyle counseling to help with their physical needs. It sometimes feels difficult to give them our best advice, because in the center, the residents do not have complete liberty to follow a healthy, religious lifestyle. Still, I believe God accepts their sincere efforts to please Him within their sphere.

Some weeks ago, we had the blessing of baptizing sixteen of the rehab residents. These guys are a miracle. I saw them before and after their conversions, and I can testify of the power of the gospel to change lives. Jairo, a man who lost his two legs because of excessive drug use, shared his testimony of how God changed his life after he overdosed and was found in the street. “When I woke up, I was surprised to find out that I had been in a coma for one month, but it was more terrible when I tried to stand up and didn’t have legs. I had two options: to fall into depression and go crazy or to accept Jesus. I did the latter and now I am the happiest person.”

Jonathan, another young man, told me, “I have not used drugs since I have been here, and I would like to be a missionary like you.” He is considering attending Las Delicias to be trained to serve God.

We praise God for the church He has raised in this dark place, where week after week about forty people struggling with drugs meet for “spiritual therapy”—simply studying the Bible. We have had challenges, for the enemy is furious with this work. At one time, I thought that our work at the center would be put to a stop, but God intervened as only He can. Please continue to pray for the rehab residents, that God will strengthen them in the inner man to face their daily temptations. Pray also for the ones who have already left the center having received the gospel, that they may stay steadfast in the light of Jesus Christ. Finally, pray for us, that God may continue to give us strength, means and grace to continue with this work.


Daniel Miranda is the chair of the Evangelism and Bible Department of Fundacion Las Delicias, a self-supporting ministry equipping youth for ministry in Bible work, health and agriculture.

How You Can Help

Pray for Daniel and his team as they reach out to the rehab residents.

Pray for the residents to embrace the power of God to give them freedom from addictions and sin.

Give. If you would like to help grow the church in Colombia, send your donations marked “Colombia Evangelism” or “Colombia Churches” to:

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Thank You
Your donations enable MPI to provide regular support to the workers in Colombia. We are excited to see God expanding their work through your gifts!

Our Miracles 

Our Miracles 

God sends money just in time.

The Lord worked amazing miracles to get Redemption Radio back on the air in Honduras. Just when we thought we had received all the donations we would receive, from all the people who might give, and just when all the momentum seemed to halt—just when we didn’t see what else to do or where else to turn, we still had only half the money for the transmitter—just then I received an email. It said: “I will write a check for $25,000.00 to Spanish Herald.” My mind raced. The Lord had done it! He had worked a miracle for us! 

Of course, we know He works miracles all the time. But why would He work miracles for little people like us? Well, He does work miracles for little people—for those who are doing a small work for Him in a hidden corner of our obscure planet. He does care for each one of us. We can only say, “Praise His name!” I think part of our Creator’s greatness is His condescendence and tender care for the most insignificant of us.

Even after the transmitter had been paid for, problems with customs prevented us from bringing it home for several months. Yet we saw the Lord’s hand helping us in this situation, also. For some unexplained reason, we didn’t have to pay the huge amount we expected to get the transmitter out of storage. Even the customs agent expressed his amazement that the fee was so low. Our Lord works in wonderful ways!

At last, Redemption Radio went on the air again. The engineer had to make two trips to get everything going, but with his help, the first rebroadcasting of our program came through strong and clear. But later, something started to happen. The volume decreased and the signal wasn’t clear anymore. As we talked back and forth with the engineer, we pinpointed the audio processor as the source of the trouble. The engineer told us something we could do to repair it, but it proved to be only a temporary fix. We needed a good audio processor to replace the old one. 

The engineer sent us his recommendation: a $2,000 machine. I hadn’t expected it to be so expensive, so I asked for a quotation from another store. Their cheapest option was $4,000. That made the original offer seem like a great deal! I checked the money we had available for the purchase. We had just sold an electrical transformer we didn’t need anymore, but even so, the account barely reached $1,000. I tried to negotiate a better price, but the seller could only come down to $1,813. We were still hundreds of dollars short.

Hoping against hope, I sent an email to the accountant for the Spanish Herald. “By any chance have you received any special donations for the radio station?” He said “no.” Meanwhile, I messaged the seller and asked if they could hold the offer for us in case the Lord sent the money. That evening, I received another email from the accountant. He said: “I just went to the post office and there was a check from Mission Projects International for $900.” Oh, praise our Lord again! A few days later the equipment was ready for pickup.

Yes, we have something to tell about what the Lord has done for us. The Lord works in so many ways, and we are so thankful. Thank you all for being part of these miracles. May He find us all faithful to the end!


Teresa Jimenez de Muñoz and her family broadcast Redemption Radio, a station proclaiming the Three Angels’ Messages in Central America.

How You Can Help

Pray for God to continue to sustain Redemption Radio, that it may reach many rural Hondurans with the good news of Christ’s soon coming.

Give. If you would like to help support Redemption Radio, send your check marked “Redemption Radio” to:

Spanish Herald
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Donations sent through Mission Projects International will also be forwarded.

Thank You!
The timely $900 donation came from small gifts from Mission Projects readers. Teresa says, “Thank you for supporting this small ministry in Honduras. Thank you for being instruments in the Lord’s hand to make this purchase possible. May our Lord bless you much more abundantly!”

Open Doors

Open Doors

A missionary receives surprising opportunities in Turkey.

I arrived in Turkey with high hopes, but felt discouraged as the week progressed. Through a connection with the government ruling party, my translator Asif and I were invited to share our message about Muslims in Bible prophecy. We arrived at the convention center, only to realize that we were not included in the speaking schedule. The meeting lasted over two hours. All eleven speakers talked about Said Nursi, a promoter of back-to-Islamic rule who died in 1960. 

The following day, we were invited to another meeting. Inside the mosque were a small group of tourists from Europe, and we sat for a lecture on becoming Muslim. This was not at all why I had come to Turkey! In the late afternoon, I was invited to another gathering, but this time I declined. I had had enough Muslim evangelism for the day. Even my young Turkish translator was unhappy with all the running around to meetings without opportunities to share our special message. “The week is yet young,” I tried to encourage my friend. “God can still work in many ways.”

On Wednesday, we received another meeting invitation. Finally, I was truly asked to speak!

I began by telling the story of Ishmael and Hagar, and the double blessings Abraham’s offspring received in Deuteronomy chapter 21. I told how their side of the family received the whole Middle East. All the while, the meeting leaders smiled and nodded. “Islam was called by the God of the Bible,” I explained. “It was your countrymen who responded and answered the call of Revelation 9:12-15 to deliver the young Reformation movement.”

After the close of my talk, a leader turned to us. “Tomorrow I have a newspaper interview arranged for you, and a TV program on Friday.” Once outside, Asif and I praised the Lord for what He had just done!

At the newspaper office, the editor asked me to write a weekly column on what the Bible teaches about end time events and Islam. As we talked, my mind raced. The editor accepted the concept of Jesus and sacrifice. This was an amazing moment. 

On Friday, the television station manager heard about our Adventist beliefs and reviewed the charts. He called three of his friends, and they listened as I repeated the story.

Remember Said Nursi? At every meeting I attended that week, the people told me that he had made a prediction. Near the end of time, there would be a small group of Christians who would visit and teach them about the Second Coming of Jesus from the Bible. As Asif and I showed them the Ottoman Empire in Bible history, the people were convinced that Seventh-day Adventists do have the last message for the Muslim world!

It was a wonderful week of open doors. As I thought about all of the letters and emails I had sent out asking for prayers during my week in Turkey, I knew that God had answered.


Stephen Dickie is the director of a ministry dedicated to ministering to the Muslim people.

Pray that the Lord will continue to open doors for sharing the gospel with the Muslim people.

To find out more about Stephen Dickie’s work among the Muslims or to donate to this work, visit: