02/17/2018: Give Glory 2 Him

Give Glory 2 Him

From a small Mother’s day video to a multi-national music ministry—God is bringing people together.

It all began with a plan to create a music video for Mother’s Day. We didn’t have money, but my friend Shane and I simply used the talents and resources we had to make the project happen.

After that first video, messages from around the world began to stream in. People wrote to tell us what this production meant to them, and asked us to make more. We were encouraged to produce new videos and start dreaming bigger.

Our next idea was to start two inspirational episode series with beautiful music and stunning nature scenes. This initially seemed like an impossible dream, but God has faithfully provided. We have been able to film ten videos, both in the US and internationally.

After seeing the need for fresh and new music, we decided to embark on the project of composing original songs for an entire album called Perfect Peace. We recently finished with this album. It is one that can bless you and be a wonderful music gift to share with friends, to reduce stress, inspire, and refresh.

Churches, schools, camp meetings, and even private homes in the US and abroad have requested for us to come and share our videos with them, as an innovative music evangelism. It has been a blessing to everyone involved.

Give Glory 2 Him Productions is a movement of young people who desire to use their talents to bring glory to God and make an eternal impact. God crossed our paths with others from all around the world. We are privileged to collaborate with musicians, singers, graphic designers, audio engineers, and other talented people from over five different countries. As we interact with young people, we often find many who express a strong interest in being part of this vision.

Alyona, a young lady from Russia, is our main graphic designer. She was born in Siberia, and when she was still a little girl, developed a love for drawing. At first, her parents didn’t have the finances to develop her young talent, but when Alyona was eight years old, an American lady invested some money to send her to art school. After this, her parents were able to support her further for an additional seven years. Over the years, she learned many different techniques such as working with clay, pencil sketching, watercolor, composition, and many others. She participated in art competitions and won several awards.

Alyona loved art school so much that she decided to go on to study sculpture or interior design. However, much of the pre-exam to be accepted into university went against her values. Part of this exam included drawing the naked bodies of men. Because of this, Alyona decided not to pursue this path. Instead, she chose to go to America and study media production. While in the US, Alyona met Shane, one of the co-founders of Give Glory 2 Him. They became friends, and Shane invited Alyona to work with the ministry.

This is Alyona’s experience: “I believe that if God sees the potential in a person and has lent them skills to use for His glory, He will also give them an opportunity to use them in a different way. I never got along very well with computers, and was behind in my development with technology compared with other classmates, but studying media ministry in America revealed to me God’s purpose in giving me an opportunity to study in art school. Everything that I’ve learned—concepts, techniques, etc.—I’m using right now in graphic design and photography. I’m amazed at how God can take my skills to a different level, combining art and media, and He has shown me how powerful it can be when used for His glory!”

Each person involved with Give Glory 2 Him has a story. Some have left behind all of their worldly opportunities and have chosen instead to use their talents to uplift and empower other young people to dedicate their lives to God. Every step in our journey of creating Give Glory 2 Him Productions has been achieved with a lot of personal sacrifice, hard work, and many volunteers, but to us, the reward of making a difference and giving people hope is greater than all that we could give. We invite you to join us with your prayers and support in becoming part of this vision and worldwide family, so that together we can bring hope and relief to suffering humanity. Let’s continue to be faithful in remembering to give glory to Him!

To learn more, visit www.giveglory2him.org.



Christian Paul

Christian is a composer, violinist, singer, and cofounder of Give Glory 2 Him Productions.




Pray for the whole team at Give Glory 2 Him! Making a living in music ministry is tough. Your prayers will help them!

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